Deforestation Means Self Destruction. Throw Some Light With Example


Forests provide us the most vital element for our survival. Destruction of forests in the world by human beings means self destruction. Throw some light with example.

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There in no deny in the fact that Forests are of utmost importance to whole of the human kind. Other than maintaining right balance in the environment, they act as habitats and shelters to millions of species. However they are depleting at a much faster rate as we are selflessly utilizing tress for fuel, building houses, paper production and for our endless needs. And it does mean destruction of forests in the world by human beings means self destruction. We will try to support the subject with valid points and examples where ever necessary.

Forests and tress are vital for every living being as its a great source of life and supports future life. Food and shelter are not only vital for us but most of the terrestrial species of animals, plants and insects depend on forest for their survival and rapid cutting of tress is taking away their habitat and making the survival of this magnificent biodiversity difficult.

More than 80% of the world’s species remain in the Tropical Rain-forest and due to their loss of habitat most of the species of animal and plants have already extinct or are in the category of endangered species which potentially pose a greater loss to human kind.

Global warming is known to be a great threat to human kind and trees play a key role in absorbing the greenhouse gases and in carbon storage. Plants utilize carbon-dioxide to make their food and in return provides oxygen. As a result of deforestation carbon-dioxide will remain in the atmosphere. Carbon Dioxide contributes much to the global warming and as a side effect we are already facing extreme weather events including rising of sea level.

In addition, forests acts as vital source of fresh water supply. The researchers have found that cutting down tress dramatically reduces the amount of rain that falls in that area, thus there is decrease in the water supply.

In the 1930s, drought and dust storms greatly damaged the ecology and agriculture of the US and Canadian prairies. The un-anchored soil turned to dust, and blew away with the prevailing winds. During the period, tens of thousands of families were forced to abandon their farms and migrate to other places.

The signals that our Mother Earth is giving is quite visible and is clearly giving us the warning that, rapid depletion of forest is causing major changes in the environment which involves our own self-destruction. If, we do not stop exploiting our ecosystem now, a stage may come where it may become impossible to repair it.


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