PTE Academic Reading Test 3: Fill In The Blanks – Practice Sample

Fill in the Blanks – There is a passage with some missing words. You have a list of words in the blue box that you can use to fill the gaps in the text. There are more words than gaps so you will not use all the words provided. This item type assesses reading skills.

Answer are given at the end.

PTE Reading Fill In The Blanks 

  1. Read the given text and choose words from the box to fill the gaps. 

| devised | formulate | arbitrary | impact | similar | summary | usage | vertical | designed

1. Although not exactly identical, the two books are so _________ to each other that one author must have copied much of his book from the other.

2. The Prime Minister set up a committee of financial experts to help him discuss and ___________ new policies.

3. In 1990, the British researcher Tim Berners-Lee ____________ the first browser, and so paved the way for the development of the World Wide Web.

4. In newspapers, the layout of the columns is ___________, while the rows run across the page horizontally.

5. The rise in the number of deaths from AIDS has had a very significant __________ on people’s sexual behaviour.

6. Students should not try to write down everything they hear in a lecture, but just make a ___________ of the most important points.

2. Read the given text and choose words from the box to fill the gaps. 

| assigned | context | criteria | data | represent | denote | ignored | overlooked

7. We use the term “class” to ____________ groups of people who share the same social and economic backgrounds.

8. The new journalist was _____________ to researching the election promises of the main political parties.

9. Before we can judge a government’s success, we have to decide the ____________, such as unemployment, defence or taxation.

10. One student failed because he completely ___________ the instructions on the paper, although they appeared at the top of every page.

11. Market researchers use ______________ such as people’s spending patterns as well as information about age and occupation to decide on the most effective marketing strategies.

Show Correct Answer

1. similar 2. formulate 3. devised 4. vertical 5. impact 6. summary 7. denote 8. assigned 9. criteria 10. ignored 11. data

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