PTE Reading Practice Test 3-(Multiple-choice, Choose Multiple Answer)

Multiple-choice, Choose Multiple Answer – Read the paragraph and answer the question by selecting all the correct responses. Answers are given at the end.

Reading Test – (Multiple-choice, Choose Multiple Answer)

Read the following passage and answer question 1.

Do you use any of the social networking websites which are so popular these days, the places where you can connect up with friends and relatives and meet people who share the same interests as you? If you’re younger you may use MySpace, young adults are more likely to be found on Facebook and busy professionals may prefer something like LinkedIn. But at least two of these sites have one thing in common: apart from being social spaces where you can meet and chat to people, share photos and other things, they’ve all added new verbs and nouns to the language in the past couple of years.

Let’s take a look at some examples. You can Facebook your holiday photos (upload them to your Facebook page), Facebook someone to see who they are (look him up in Facebook), Facebook someone about a party (contact someone through their Facebook page) and ask permission to Facebook someone (add them as a Facebook friend).

As you can see, ‘Facebook’ is a pretty versatile word, and you could say the same about ‘Myspace’, which you will find being used in much the same way all over the Net. LinkedIn (being a more adult, professional community) has not been used in the same way. While you’re ‘face-booking’ or ‘my spacing’ you may also find yourself ‘commenting’ (writing a comment on someone’s Facebook or MySpace page), as in this example: ‘I commented Mary that she should come to the pub on Saturday and she commented me that she couldn’t because she was going away for the weekend’.

  1. Which of the following statements are true in accordance with the information given in the above passage? 
[A]. People who use Myspace are generally not as old as people who use Facebook.
[B]. Sites like these have given new words such as adverbs and adjectives to the language.
[C]. In this Internet context, ‘to comment’ means to leave a message for someone on their site.
[D]. You need someone’s authorization to add their name to your Facebook page.
[E]. LinkedIn is for people with good jobs.


Read the following passage and answer question 2.

The first English attempts to colonize North America were controlled by individuals rather than companies. Sir Humphrey Gilbert was the first Englishman to send colonists to the New World. His initial expedition, which sailed in 1578 with a patent granted by Queen Elizabeth was defeated by the Spanish. A second attempt ended in disaster in 1583, when Gilbert and his ship were lost in a storm.

In the following year, Gilbert’s half brother, Sir Water Raleigh, having obtained a renewal of the patent, sponsored an expedition that explored the coast of the region that he named “Virginia.” Under Raleigh’s direction efforts were then made to establish a colony on Roanoke island in 1585 and 1587. The survivors of the first settlement on Roanoke returned to England in 1586, but the second group of colonists disappeared without leaving a trace.

The failure of the Gilbert and Raleigh ventures made it clear that the tasks they had undertaken were too big for any one colonizer. Within a short time the trading company had supplanted the individual promoter of colonization.

2. Which of the following statements can be supported from this text?

[A]. The first English settlement on Roanoke Island was established in 1587.
[B]. Sir Humphrey Gilbert never settled in North America.
[C]. Members of the first Roanoke settlement explored the entire coastal region.
[D]. Sir Walter Raleigh’s initial expedition set out for North America in 1584.
[E]. The first English people established colonies in North America because they were requested to do so by Queen Elizabeth.

[B] [D]

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