[Unsolved] PTE Practice Test 22- Reading (Reorder Paragraphs)

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We have a collection of unsolved Reorder paragraphs, let us all solve and post our solutions.

Reorder Paragraphs requires test takers to be familiar with the organization and cohesion of academic texts and arrange text in a single correct order.

In case you are facing difficulty solving Reorder paragraphs, read our Tips & Tricks on Reorder Paragraphs.

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PTE Academic Reading Reorder Paragraphs

1. Re-order / Rearrange the sentence in such a way that make sense.

[A].  For the artists, it is an entry to the big world.

[B]. “These are like reminders of great conversations over good food–almost akin to buying a souvenir on a holiday,” says A.D. Singh, owner of Olive, a restaurant in Mumbai.

[C]. Put up a painting on the walls, a sculpture or anything interesting and it pushes up the hip factor.

[D]. Restaurants are not just about great food anymore–also crucial is a fresh concept.

[E]. Plus, the restaurateurs insist, their patrons are more likely to pick up a buy in the eatery than in a gallery.

2. Re-order / Rearrange the sentence in such a way that make sense.

[A]. All levels of demand, whether individual, aggregate, local, national or international are subject to change.

[B]. At the same time, science and technology add new dimensions to products, their uses, and the methods used to market them.

[C]. Aggregate demand fluctuates with changes in the level of business activity, GNP and national income.

[D]. The demand of individuals tends to vary with changing needs or rising income.


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