PTE Academic Writing Sample Essay- Advantages & Disadvantages Of Video Games


Computers have become an integral part of our lives and our homes. This has given children an easy access to video games and a lot of them play them all the time.

Discuss Advantages & disadvantages of playing video games and minimizing the bad effects?

Complete the topic within 20 minutes. Write a 200-300 word essay.



In today’s era of technology and advancement, our entertainment means have also seen a shift from outdoor games to video games. Electronics entertainment devices like video games is widespread and is mainly popular among children. Its widespread usage has invited different views from experts. Their views are divided on the positive and negative effect of playing video games.

Some experts are of the opinion that playing video games increases children’s intelligence while other experts are citing its negative impact on children’s health and psychology. Here I am discussing both pros and cons with valid points along with suggestion on minimizing its bad effects in the following paragraphs.

Advantages (Positive Effects)

The researchers have found that playing video games could boost children’s intelligence and increases brain power. Video games serves both purpose of entertainment and educational. Certain types of video games are especially developed to enhance skills, abilities like logical thinking and concentration of user. The virtual platform that the user are transported to while playing games often inspire them to learn new things. Example: Flying a plane in the game encourages child to learn the same in the real life and difficult situations present in the game increases their problem solving ability.

Disadvantages (Negative Effects)

However its cons can’t be overlooked. With cutthroat competition in gaming industry, the developers are constantly adding new features like targets and rewards to make the game more intriguing and engaging for the users. As a result of this children are spending hours playing them.

They have become highly addictive to children resulting in lack of sleep to compromising with other works like doing homework, reading, sports etc. The studies suggest that spending long hours on computer or gaming console give rise to obesity in children.

Most importantly the gaming users are subject to violence in video games which in turn increases aggressive thoughts in children. Example: “Grand Theft Auto” allows its users to beat people, play missions, crash cars and a whole host of other violent things.

Minimizing Bad Effects

To minimize the ill effects of gaming mainly health hazards, a distance should be maintained between the child and gaming console. Ensuring limited time of entertainment and under adult supervision, they can provide not only fun time to the child but also contain huge educational potential. Many companies are also developing fun and learning programs like ‘Knowledge Adventure’ have developed excellent programs for baby and toddlers.

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  • The model essay is very long

    you’ll get zero for over exceeding the word count

    Keep it from 200-300 words as per PTE requirements!!

  • The integral aspect of computer which have become an integral part of our lives ,which was critically analysed is now contentious. Its extensive effects have created a large dispute over this development. Over a recent period, several researchers has demystified this subject matter. This essay will primarily illustrate the advantages and disadvantages of computer through a pragmatic approach.
    In its very inception, there seems to be various perspectives why this the computers is imperative due to the fact that it is very flexible and reliable to use. For instance, empirical evidence collected during 2005 revealed some prolific indication and rendered that computer is beneficial and has greater incitement on children education because children can access to different news and also get education about the world from their room.
    Additionally, this focus also plays an enormous task in refreshing the children’s mind, if the children plays a game which is a kind of refreshment whenever they get bored.
    However, this topic encloses few issues associated with it. The probable impact of computer remains the same nonetheless the soundest one is rooted in that fact that most of the time of students are spent in computer because children being very lazy to study.
    Eventually, the above discussion has provided some decisive information about the underlying theme of the issues. It can be concluded that in spite of the pros and cons, computer most be encouraged to be used more effectively.

  • As we leave in the age of wonder, we face advancement in technologies in our day to day life. Computers are one of those advancements of technology. It plays a vital role in our daily lives. It acts as a means of entertainment in children and youths. One of the main sources of entertainment is playing video games. As a coin has its two sides, playing video games has its advantages as well as disadvantages. Some people believe that playing video games are good for the children, while others think that there are more negative effects than positive. However I believe that anything in excess had bad effect, so everything should be in balance according to its needs. So I will discuss both its advantages and disadvantages in the following paragraphs.

    Focusing on advantages of playing video games, some researchers found that video games enhance children’s intelligence and mental ability to think differently. It also provides educational knowledge in form of fun activity so that children can enjoy while learning. In addition to this, video games conduce children to increase their concentration power and problem solving abilities.

    However, there are also side effects of excessive use of video games. Firstly, it poses the adverse effect on child’s health and mind. Continuously looking on the screen cause severe damage to their eyes. Secondly, now-a-days violent games are outnumbering the educational games, so this makes children’s mind aggressive and coax them to indulge in violence. Thirdly, due to spending more time on playing video games, children ignore their main priorities and become addicted towards it.

    To minimize the bad effects of gaming, children should allocate time to their specific activities, so that they can fulfill their other commitments. Also, proper distance should me maintained between their eyes and screen so that it will not cause harm to the eyes. Parents should make their children aware about which games are good and beneficial to them.

  • Today is 21st century. In this era, technology is very advanced. Therefore, computers have become as an essential part of an individuals. With the enhance
    of technology, our entertainment means have also seen a shift from outdoor games to video games. Due to that reason, some experts claim that it has negative
    impact on children while other experts believe that playing video games increases children’s intelligence. We will discuss both pros and cons as given below.

    On one hand, researchers have found that playing video games could boost children’s intelligence and increase brain power. Most games favor the development
    of logic to solve problems through puzzles and riddles. Cooperative and online games promote sociability, teamwork, ability to solve problems together for
    both children and adults. Video games improves the co-ordination of eye and hands while playing. It also improves the reaction time as well as kills time
    during stress.

    on the other hand, playing video games often consumes more time. Moreover, video games needs high graphic card and extra hardware to play hence more money
    is involved. Constant uses of thumb, wrist and eyes may lead to problems such as stress in eyes etc. Some video games such as “Grand Theif Auto” and Call
    of Duty” for over 18 years, are training children to shoot and kill in a virtual world.

    At the end, a long story in short. I down my pen with encapsulating is that “playing video games should be stop”? No. It simply means that we must know when
    to stop and say that’s it! I am done for today.

  • The dawn of 21st century has opened flood gates for a plethora of opportunities as well as challenges that were totally unheard off, in the times gone by. One such things is video game trends is increasing in children . further, I will pen down my notion in the subsequent of paragraphs.
    There are numerous of pros of video games which help the person to spent their free time with friends . Nowdays very advance games is coming out in the market which giving real feeling of virtual game for example like xbox , playstation etc.
    On the flip side, it also have some cons which effect badly on our body parts such as eyes which reduce the eyes site of the person by using them for long time. Mostly the children stop playing outside in playing grounds which effective on their body to gain overweight. They also reduce their daily activity and study by using them.
    Moreover, there is need to stop minimize use of video games. Firstly it parents responsibility to look after their children activity and promote them to do them some external activity to remain healthy as well as smart by studying .
    In the nutshell, it is said that we cannot support and oppose any side completely, I reckon that it has more drawback which effect the youth to reduce their time to communities with their praents ,friend, society.

  • It is an irrefutable fact that in this contemporary world, most of the video games are playing a vital role in kids life. In this scenario, this essay will examine both the advantageous and disadvantageous with children’s playing video games before giving appropriate conclusion to rubric.

    There are numerous advantages with video games for children. First and foremost, developing analytical knowledge could be a substantial factor to be considered. Generally it is seen that most of the video games made with analytical and logical concepts, which will make children to think and develop their skills. For example, according to recent survey In The Age reveals that 90% of the merit students will spent some times for video games. In addition, video games will play a crucial role in leisure times in children schools for better time pass.

    Despite having a lot of advantageous with video games in children life, there are some disadvantageous, which could not be neglect without careful consideration.
    Firstly, children addict to the video games could be a detrimental factor to be considered. It may defined as most of the students who play the video games are addict to them and neglect their studies and home works. For example, most of the schools prohibited the video games in schools. Moreover, children health also effected by playing the video games could be another noteworthy point to support aforementioned topic.
    In the end, indeed, there are huge advantageous with video games for children; however, need to create awareness to students to mitigate the disadvantageous with video games.

  • Anything in access has bad effect, so everything should be in balance according to its requirement. This is true with video games as well, mostly for children who like them very much.
    There are some good and bad effect of it, I am going to discuss that.

    Firstly, too much of video games can cause less physical activities these can cause serious health issues and mental problems. Out door games make children physically strong and boost growth, which is very important at early stage of life.
    Research data shows that children involved mostly in video gaming are mostly likely to be obese. This effect them in their later part of life with depression.

    Secondly, as per some research video games do help children in learning new skills and increased precision in their brains. specially, simulations can make children learn things which can help them in significant way in reality. Like for example, crossing the traffic lights or flying Planes, can be taught with simulation games.

    In conclusion, their should be a proper check on how much time does children spend on video games and are they giving enough time to their outdoor sports?

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