Essay – Average Life Expectancy Is Increasing For Men And Women.



In today’s society, both men and women enjoy a great health and live past middle age. Now deaths are highly concentrated at older ages and this could only be possible with advances in medical care. This increase in average life expectancy can be regarded as one of the society’s greatest achievements but some people don’t see it as a positive development.

Some reports suggest that average age of death has been increased from 46.7 in 1990 to 59.3 in 2016. Though the trend is encouraging as now our near and dear ones live longer. The data shows that humans are making right health related decisions and this achievement can be attributed to improvement in public health and medical care. This can be cited as a great achievement for individuals and society but it also means many countries facing an aging population.

With the improvement in life expectancy, there has been 10 fold increase in oldest people that now constitute the fastest growing part of the total population. There are more people of older age throughout the World. This also means the extra financial burden on families having more older people. As human age grows we get more vulnerable to diseases and sickness. The regular health checkups and constant observation of health care experts are usually expensive and it can burn a hole in patient’s family. It’s good that one can stay for long years with his or her family and enjoy happy moments but financial burden can cause conflict within the family.

Furthermore, longer longevity also means less young working force for a country. For a country, lack of young working force could mean less prosperity and growth. We are living on a planet with lesser resources and most of the resources humans are consuming are non-renewable. What will we do with longevity with no resources? Longer longevity puts an extra burden on individuals and society.

For the reasons discussed above I can conclude that an increase in average life expectancy rate can put the burden on environment and society but it can be dealt jointly by individuals and society. After all longer longevity is a symbol of growing civilization and the better life.

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  • The advancement in medical science has increased the average life of both genders. One group of people believe that it is good advancement for human beings while second group of believers believe that it cause problems for individuals and society. This essay will described that how it is a positive development for people and also indicate the issues that are caused by this development.

    The first school of thoughts narrates that due to new medical technology, now the cure of very dangerous diseases are possible that are really impossible in past. Now people enjoy the more moment of their life and the can give their services for this world for a long time. For example there is no cure for cancer disease and so many people are died every years but now due to modern medical science it is curable.

    The second school of thoughts says that it is a great danger for hole society and individual as well because it cause in increasing the population of the world. The population creates a so many problems like, poverty in people, lake of basic facilities and so many other problems. So instead of advantages it becomes a great disadvantage for future life.

    This essay narrated the positive and negative features of advanced medical care in our society. In my opinion, although it is basic right of every human to treat well and live healthy life but we did not ignore the negative side of this development which causing problem in our life.

    • I am pointing few mistakes, still there are lot more. Review it once.
      – – a good or the good
      The noun phrase’ good advancement’ seems to be missing a determiner before it.

      – The intensifier ‘very modifies the weak adjective dangerous. Instead, use ‘hazardous’

      – cause → causes
      It appears that the subject pronoun ‘it’ and the verb cause are not in agreement.

  • In new era due to medical technology advancement, the average life expectancy of both women and men has drastically increased. Most people considered this has led to increase in old age population. There are both positive and negative effects due to advancement in medical care. In this essay I discuss how it becomes a burden to society and government.

    Old age population has increased when compared to younger generations due to technology advancements in medical care. Old age people depends on the younger generation for their livelihood. For example these days both wife and husband are working for livelihood and they have to take some time to take care of old people from their busy schedule.

    On the other side the society has to invest more on the old age people by introducing schemes and paying pensions. The younger generation are burdened to pay the medical bills as the old age people, will have health problems more often.Revolution in medical care led to imbalance of age in population.

    The positive effect due to increase in old age people is that we can learn from their experiences. They take care of children when the husband and wife are off to work. Due to this the younger generation are becoming more disciplined and take giving value to ethics. This will help to form a better society.

    To conclude the increase in life expectancy rates due to the evolution of technology in medical care led to create more burden on the society as well as on younger generation.

  • Old age is inevitable. As people get older they become susceptible to a diverse range of diseases, and they considerably rely on the medical care in order to ameliorate their conditions. However, the advancement in medical care has resulted in diminution in the severity of diseases which could be contracted in old age. In my opinion, people deem this advancement as a positive sign toward the cure of different diseases and making people’s life longer and disease-free to a certain extent.
    The facilities in medical care have improved significantly with the help of technology and this advancement has led women and men to increase their life expectancy. For instance, cancer is a very prevalent disease among old people as they are more prone to it. If cancer is diagnosed in its nascent stage then it can be cured with the chemotherapy technique which is a result of advancement in medical care. However, in the olden days, we were having paucity of such advanced techniques to cure or prevent the deadly diseases. Therefore, undoubtedly, the breakthroughs in medical field have shifted the paradigm and are playing a vital role in precluding people from dying in their early age.
    On the other hand, old people are the most common sufferers of diseases due to myriad of reasons. Firstly, their immunity becomes weaker in compared to their young age which makes them less impervious to diseases. Secondly, impaired eye-sight or inability to walk properly hinders their ability to work and carry out day to day activities, and run errands.
    To conclude, undoubtedly, advancement in medical care has shifted the paradigm in society which resulted in improvement in people’s average life expectancy.

  • We are the generation which is experiencing a peak of medical care and health technologies. Once dreaded, the diseases like polio have been eradicated in a lot of countries including India. The high mortality rates in earlier times have plummeted with the progress in medical and pharmaceutical research. A boom in medical research, hospitals, medical care units, insurance companies, government health care schemes and pharmaceutical companies has resulted into an increase in average life expectancy of individual.

    An increase in average life expectancy is directly proportional to the number of elderly people in a population. For a society, this demands adequate medical and health care investment for this age group of the population. While this age group is no longer productive and logically becomes a burden for the population, it is a moral responsibility of a society as a whole to provide them the care. Government of such population where number of elderly people is overflowing needs to invest amply in old age homes. In Germany for example, the old age homes cannot accommodate its own elderly population due to its sheer number and hence the government is forced to relocate some elderly people to old age homes in the neighboring countries.

    Not only does it have implications for entire society but also it is utterly harmful in Biological terms for an individual. With increase in average life expectancy, there has been an increase in neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Epilepsy, etc. Human brain and metabolic system are not designed to function for such prolonged life. Hence with an increasing age, the brain mechanism fails and eventually results into death of individual. Again, for such diseases, massive investments have been made for medical research and health care.

    Hence, even though there have been decline in mortality rates and an increase in average life expectancy, the society and an individual have paid massive price to achieve it.

  • It is an irrefutable fact that in this contemporary world, advancement of medical science is playing a vital role in human life. In this case, how the medical science is impacting on society either in a positive way or in a negative way is the matter of discussion. Here, I will give my view point with examples before giving appropriate conclusion to the rubric.
    There are many analysis, which is supporting the advancement of medical care. First and foremost, increasing the life expectancy could be a substantial factor to be supported. It is generally seen that most of the people who are suffering with illness are recovering with the advanced medical treatments. For example, average life expectancy is increased to 59% in 2017 compared to only 41% in 1990. In addition, availability of medicine for everyone could be another noteworthy point to be substantiate above mentioned view point.
    Despite having lots of positive view points about advancement of medical care, there are some analysis which is arguing about the disadvantages, which could not be neglected without careful consideration. The increasing ageing population could be a single most detrimental factor to be considered. It may be defined as because of advancement in medical care there are lots of growth in the ageing population, who are effecting on country’s population. For example, the Australian ageing population has increased 30% in 2015 as compared to 1980.
    In the end, according to my viewpoint advancement in medical care having a lot of positive impact on life expectancy of society. However, we should consider the negative impacts of this advancement without neglect.

    (after proof read) changed some articles

  • After the end of 19th century a transformation of medical technology evolved Which has provided new invention of drugs for the most of the diseases. Resulting raising in Life expectancy of human being. Which has both positive and negative side. In this essay we will Explore the both the sides.
    Revolution in advance medical treatment resulted to cure many disease, which is considered. Cannot be treated long back. This made imbalance of ageing population. In some countries It has become elderly population is high and decrease young population one such good example is Japan, where government have to invest to huge money in age old home to take care of them. Socially it is very difficult to take care old person where, both husband and wife employed and it is caused a Burden to family
    Secondly, person may become weaker and is working ability will decrease when he crosses certain age limit and he has to retire some certain stage. Government have to pay pension to them and this has become economic problem for some developed countries.
    As I said above advance in medical treatment certainly lifted average life expectancy. Resulting burden to government and our family system.

  • The effect of increasing life expectancy in both men and women, which was always debatable, has become more controversial. The substantial influence of increasing life expectancy has sparked controversy over the potential impact of this trend. One of the research by the Australian Bureau of Statistics revealed that the ‘Age and Pension care’ will significantly increase the fiscal deficit of the economy and to bail out of out of this vicious debt crisis will be a great challenge. This essay will elaborate on both the pros and cons of the increased life expectancy and thus will lead to a reasoned or logical conclusion.
    At the outset, there are numerous reasons that why the increased life expectancy will have a positive development in the minds of people but the most conspicuous one stems from the fact that better medical facilities help in the early prognosis of the disease. The innovations in medical care provide a new lease of life to many people. As an illustration, the senior citizens now can resort to the knee replacement and can even go in for a heart transplant to prolong their life span.
    Nevertheless, there remain some drawbacks, which can be certainly overwhelming. The potential influence of increased life expectancy is definite but the most alarming one stems from the fact that the incidence of tax on the youth will increase as they have to compensate for the age care facilities and age care pensions for the older age group.
    Eventually, from what has been discussed, it is recommended that better age care facilities should be provided to the older people but they should be encouraged for self-motivated savings in the form of superannuation funds and further, their retirement age should be extended.

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