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The only thing that interferes with my learning is my education – Einstein. What does he mean by that? And do you think he is correct?


Education is the biggest barrier in my learning – Einstein. What do you mean by this? And do you think Einstein was correct in saying that

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Education is the biggest barrier in my learning

Education is the biggest barrier in my learning

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Education has now become universal, and it has become the prime requirement for any kid. It is the acquiring of skills, knowledge, habits, and values from teachers. A few years ago, the traditional education system focused on the education which was limited to previously recognized customs and practices. According to me, instead of conventional education system following books, it is essential to focus on overall learning of a child.

Initially, when Einstein made this statement, he mainly experienced that students learn by a formally designed education system limiting their thought process. The formal education that is prevalent today limits the possibilities of creativity and imagination. This education system puts the student into a situation where there is little chance for exploring new ideas. This is because the finest way to learn is to experience it. Hence, students are not motivated to think innovatively and look for a solution themselves.

The rigid education system expects students to provide the same answers that are written in books without any learning or new experience. Hence, the hindrance to learning is education according to Einstein. The example depicts why Einstein supposed that formal education restricts the process of learning.

Recent education systems have experienced a lot of modifications, with the purpose to improve the cognitive ability of pupils. For instance, in Harvard University, a mentor is allocated to some students, who would not hinder in the learning course of the pupils. It benefits the students to enhance their creative skills and to think innovatively. These mentors are only available there to guide and assist them by sharing their experiences.

In conclusion, it is clear that Einstein is undoubtedly correct as he emphasized on learning rather than restricting oneself only by referring to the conventional education system. It would boost the knowledge of students and will make them more talented.

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  • Learning is totally a different process than getting an education because education has a specific coursework and you always work on your course while the learning is an unlimited process. A great scientist “Einstein” said that education is the biggest hurdle in my learning process. This essay will elaborate that how education interferes with learning.
    Nowadays we are getting an education just for a good job because everyone has the desire to get a handsome amount of money to live withstander. For example, if we want to get a job in the accounting field, our all attentions are only towards mathematics. We did not bother to learn other branches that are also really important for example physics, law and literature etc. This behaviour limited our learning ability
    Secondly, we do not try to learn more because our main focus is only to get good marks in exams and our full concentration is only to cover our course while if you want to learn something you need to do an experiment and for that, you have to cross your limits. That’s why this quote is very much true that our learning process is affected by our education structure.
    This essay narrated that how our way of teaching is the biggest problem in our learning way. In my opinion, this statement is very much true that education plays a vital role to limit our learning capacity.

  • Today conventional education system is made of pre-defined knowledge, which lacks acquiring new ideal, innovation, creativity and self-imagination, so Einstein defined the current education system had biggest obstacle of his learning, I firmly believe as Einstein defined statement that, present education system demolishes the learning of being creative and innovative.

    First and foremost, current education system based on per-defined subjects, often Originated from different sources and lacks the realistic value, apparently makes students Learn forcibly, as matter of fact student have to stick content provided in textbooks As a result, student will lose the characteristics self-thinking ability and being creative and innovative And finally they will become a market commodity.
    Secondly, in traditional and primitive education system students were encouraged ask question and Doubts to teacher, in addition education system was designed to involve in new development Moreover, student were able to select they area of interest subjects for instance, if student wants to involve himself in art and music, he always allowed and encouraged to pursue respective career. However, today, scenario student have to finish his formal education before choosing the in his area of interest, therefore, today education system fixed study of conventional subjects, which act as a barrier of learning.
    In conclusion, present day’s education system more emphasis on pre-defined pattern of subject, which often ignores the student learn self-thinking, creativity and innovation and accord with Statement defined by Einstein.

  • Unequivocally, Einstein is a greatest scientist in mankind history and he unveil so many thing in the contribution to the development of world. He faced obstruction during the education time as lot of his finding refused by his department. This essay will discuss how many time he face rejection from his department during education.

    Firstly, Einstein was a intellectual student during the education and he always try to find the solution in better way. He proposed several correct findings but refuse by the education department. For instance, he proposed solid finding in his final year dissertation in early 18th century which was reject by department. He suggested lot of findings that are not writing or even match with the his current studying topics so he feel that his learning are effecting due to education system.

    Importantly, he always try to work smartly toward his interested topic. Unfortunately, his learning or research finding always go beyond the existing education information. For example, he received bad remarks from his teacher on his works but his passion to endeavor his learning never stop him from such obstacles.
    In a nut shell, Einstein is actually a person who think and work beyond the education level of studies. Nowadays, we can understand or even work according to his finding for the development of world. In my opinion, we have to make our education system in such a way that will give space to student to work beyond what they learn during education.

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