Essay – Euthanasia Is No Longer Acceptable In The Modern Society. Discuss


“Euthanasia is no longer acceptable in the modern society .” Discuss the solutions to accept this fact. 

Complete the topic within 20 minutes. Write a 200-300 word essay.

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Euthanasia has been a topic of debate for decades. Euthanasia is the process of providing a person or animal the painless death, if the patient is suffering from painful, incurable disease since a long period such as Coma. It is also referred as “Mercy Killing” or “Physician Assisted Suicide” in the modern terminologies.

Euthanasia hampers the religious, ethical as well as legal factors about any country or geographical area. If we look at the dimension from the religious perspective, then taking away someone’s life is seen as a sin. Even if done voluntary, the practice diminishes the human’s natural instinct to survive. The mechanism to fight from any danger or diseases is something human body does automatically to survive. On the ethical note, we have to accept that we do not have any right to declare death for any person. Everyone has the right to fight for their survival which is deep rooted in the psyche of every human.

Also, if the process of Euthanasia is not followed according to the proper terms and regulatory forces, it has its consequences. The paralyzed, physically & mentally disabled or dependent persons may suffer due to the corrupt practices carried on under Euthanasia. There may be a vast possibility that due to less awareness or commercialization, many innocent people have to sacrifice their lives. There is also a possibility that people face the higher discrimination because of their physical and mental situation compared to the current situation.

Hence, as a society, it is necessary to put & treat all individuals on the equality platform, that can be done through non-acceptance of Euthanasia.

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  • The integral aspects of euthanasia is no longer acceptable in the modern society that was critically analysed is now contentious. Its extensive effects have created a large dispute over this development. Over a recent period, several researcher has demystified this subject matter.
    This essay will primarily illustrate the problem and solution of mercy killing before reaching a coherence inference.
    In its very inception there seems to be various perspectives why mercy killing is problematic due to the fact that every individual has their own rights to live their life , no body can decide when is their last date to live by killing them purposefully.For instance, empirical evidence collected during 2005 revealed some prolific indication and rendered that mercy killing detrimental and has greater incitement on peoples who have suffered from serious injury.
    Additionally, this focus also plays an enormous task in the mentality of the relatives of the person who is going to be killed purposefully. Their relatives will become very weak both emotionally and physically by facing all those circumstances.
    However, this essay encloses few issues associated with it but the fact remains the same nonetheless the soundest one routed in the fact that peoples should be more aware of the process of enthanasia and why it is practiced in the society.
    Eventually, this essay provided some decisive information about the underlying theme of the issues.It can be predicted that despite of the pros and cons, euthanasia must be encouraged to be practiced more effectively.

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