Essay – Investing in Science (Real Exam Question 2018)

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Write about the following topic:

The government should invest more money in science education rather than other subjects to develop the country. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?

You should spend about 20 minutes on this task. Write at least 250 words.

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Essay – Investing In Science 

Model Answer:

It is being opinionated that to develop the nation, authorities should spend more money in science education, instead of subjects such as Social Studies, Mathematics, and others. I wholeheartedly agree with this notion, and I will discuss several reasons for investing in Science education in the upcoming paragraphs.

First and foremost reason for investing in Science education is to make people more logical and less superstitious. In countries such as India and Bangladesh, the literacy rate is meager. As the people have not studied subjects such as science in their childhood, they become more superstitious and consider phenomenon like the flickering of the eyebrow to be the sign of good or bad luck. Alternatively, if people will be educated, they will not become superstitious and hence, participate more in the development of not only themselves but their nation as well.

Next, if the government will spend money on science education now, there will be more in-house scientists in the future. More students will become scientists and make new inventions in the field of telecommunication, medicine, astronomy, robotics, manufacturing and other sectors. Resultantly, the authorities will not have to look up to the other countries to help them deal with any issue. Moreover, they will not have to purchase foreign inventions at high prices, if they will have efficient scientists within their nation.

In conclusion, other subjects can be learned through social interaction, but the government should emphasize more on Science education because this is the only subject which results in intellectual as well as national development.


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  • It is being debated that for development of countries government should invest more money in science education as compared to other subjects. Countries with greater investment on science education are more technological advance than other nations. This essay will discuss why investment on science education should take precedence over other subjects to develop the country.

    Modern history tell us that countries who gave priority to science education flourished more as compared to other nations. Investment in creating more science graduates enable countries to establish self dependence on technology, create more jobs and build advance amenities for citizens. Nations with technological advancement like America, Japan, China are able to build better life for citizens. So clearly, we can more technology enable citizens contribute to nations development.

    Even though, technology eases the development path for the countries but only science can not enable citizens happiness. Educating young generation on happiness, physical health and correct usage of technology is equally important. These will enable graduates develop consciousness on correct usage of technology. Citizens in technological advance countries like Japan are leading a robotic life and feel more pressure as a result suicide rate is high there. Also the with right education on happiness and physical health future citizens will be able to live contentedly and happy life.

    In conclusion, the government should decide whether greater investment on science education will be a good path for the nations development. In my opinion , the countries which invest more science education are able to develop at a faster pace.

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