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Write about the following topic:

In the 18th century due to industrialization a lot of people migrated to developed countries. This affected lifestyle and increased major problems in developed nations. 

To what extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion?

You should spend about 20 minutes on this task. Write at least 250 words.

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Essay on Migration

Model Answer

In the 18th Century, advancement in technology led to a dramatic boom in the number of migrants to the industrialized parts of the world. This influenced the living style and elevated key hindrances in the developed nations. To some extent, I agree that this trend brought in a lot of problems in affluent countries. I will elaborate my view in the further paragraphs.

To begin with, migration results in the rapid economic growth of any nation. To elaborate, if people move from their country to another, they spend a tremendous amount of money for the entire prerequisites such as language tests, visas, embassy fees etcetera. Moreover, they work in another nation and help in the progress of the state they immigrate. Secondly, by welcoming people from other countries, any country can familiarize its natives with the cultures and traditions of other parts of the world.

On the contrary, allowing too many immigrants can lead to some complications as well. Firstly, it can drastically reduce the number of job opportunities for the local populace of the nation, which allows uncontrolled migration. In the worst case scenario, there can be instances where migrants take up employment at cheaper rates and the natives themselves can fall short of job opportunities. Secondly, brain drain can affect the progress rate of the nation whose public moves to other regions for better living opportunities.

To conclude, undoubtedly, moving to other countries has some advantages but as “excess of everything is bad,” authorities should keep a check on allowing only legitimate people to their countries. Else, it can result in unhappy natives.

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  • Author, please review:

    One of the greatest revolution in 18th century was industrialization and it was much needed in developed countries to promote technologies. I believe industrialization attracts more and more people as employment increases. This also invites migrants from other countries in search for an employment and this also leads to a hindrances for locals.

    As I have mentioned, industrialization boosts employment and supports skilled labors in particular and thus attracts people from outside a state or country too. It will somehow be useful for the host country as immigrants stay in the country and earn and work for the country. Immigrants thus be a part of the growth of the country. They will learn about the local tradition and language and in turn will lead to globalization.

    In contrast, locals feel insecure about their jobs and in some cases they earn less than immigrants. Mostly, few immigrants take some part of money away to their home country. If the country is unable to control the population of immigrants then it will become headache for the locals due to space crunch and ultimately it affects the lifestyle of the country.

    In my opinion, industrialization is not a bad move rather it is better decision in order to make your country stronger and wealthier. However, government of the country should take steps to control the inflow of immigrants in order to keep balance between encouraging new talent and supporting locals economically and mentally.

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