Essay On Motivation: Motivation & Practice Is Better Than Training

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The right amount of motivation and practice can teach one better than the training given to him in classrooms by teachers.

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Essay On Motivation

essay on motivation

Model Answer

Motivation is the thing that has a significant effect between awakening and going again to bed. At the same time, the right amount and right kind of motivation are essential to learning because taking part in learning and engrossing information is a dynamic procedure requiring student’s conscious effort. Even the classroom learning of the students expect motivation to focus on what their instructors are instructing.

Furthermore, the present educational system and framework are principally centered on academic knowledge rather than sports, creativity, and innovation.  Subsequently, aside from academic, there are enormous talents which require hard practice and frequent motivation to reach the desired level. For instance Steve Jobs, previous CEO of Apple Inc. who didn’t finish his graduation, but still he achieved massive success by his determination and by remaining positive in each period of his life.

Bechendari Pal (a first Indian mountaineer to climb Mount Everest), Sachin Tendulkar (The god of cricket), Thomas Edison, and Albert Einstein are a couple of cases which were never frustrated by their failures. They kept on motivated themselves, learned and rectified their mistakes and made a huge come back even more powerfully.

The thirst for knowledge is improved, when empowered with right inspiration and abundant practice. Stephen Hawking is an ideal case to exhibit this, with all his paralyzed body and just the brain working, he is continuously motivated to move towards his next innovation.

Finally, to conclude that any classroom preparation & training, if given with energy and motivation will establish the framework of a solid base on which the student can pick his most loved way and with an adequate measure of training he can outshine in any field.

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  • Practical knowledge versus theoretical knowledge are the two things that has a long rivalry throughout the history of mankind. Some people argue that classroom education is more important for an individual’s overall development while others argue that practice and motivation are the best friends for anyone to succeed. In this essay we will be discussing the positives of classroom learning and motivational work followed by conclusion.

    Education plays a vital part in any child’s life as it teaches them numerous things in life and opens up a new dimension for them to explore the world. For example, a teacher in a classroom closely monitors children and corrects their path and teaches them moral values and respect and points them in the right direction to achieve success in life as a personal mentor.

    Many people in this world looks down on individuals with lesser educational background but forgetting the fact that there are a lot of people in the world achieved top most success without any formal education. The question here being how did they achieve that kind of success? The answer is simple, they had the right frame of mind and had enough motivation on their life goals to achieve them without any doubt. For instance, sports super star like Sachin Tendulkar had barely finished his schooling but till date he was considered as the “God of Cricket” and one of the most spoken about sportsman. Likewise, Bill Gates who was the founder of Microsoft had no formal education background but still ruling the current world of computers with the operating systems he developed.

    To sum up things, Education is just a path way of achieving things but it’s not the whole and sole requirement to be successful whereas, practice and motivation when applied properly can be useful to achieve miracles.

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