Essay – Protect The Beautiful Building In The Past, Even If It Is Expensive For Owners To Do So


It is important that maintain and protect the beautiful building in the past, even if it is expensive for owners to do so.” what do you think of this statement? Give reasons and examples on your own experience.

Complete the topic within 20 minutes. Write a 200-300 word essay.

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Beautiful architectures and monuments often add to the appearance of the city and improve its aesthetic value. Further, if the site has some significant historic event associated with it then it becomes further imperative to preserve such a landmark. However, it is often observed that time takes its toll on any artefact and this is particularly true with buildings which are often subjected to all moods of the weather. Lives of such important structures can be increased and even the action of natural elements revered if timely repairs and reconstructions are undertaken as soon as the need arises. In my opinion, such beautiful structures that are a part of the city’s heritage should be preserved in order to allow the new generations to connect with the city’s cultural past.

The repairs and preservation come at a cost which grows exponentially year over year. The real question that we need to ask is, who should bear this ever increasing price? Firstly, whatever is good for the society, such as the monuments in question, should be taken care by the people or their representatives. Who represents the people of a particular place better than its elected government? Therefore, the government should direct funds aimed specifically at preserving and uplifting the state of these beautiful historical structures. Secondly, if the building already forms a part of some private property, then the government should direct the funds to the owner of the same. Further, in order to prevent misuse of the funds, the government should appoint a committee to oversee the appropriation of the funds.

In conclusion, the beautiful historical buildings must be preserved in order to safeguard the cultural heritage of our cities and the cost associated with repairs and preservation should come from the government.

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  • Please author check my writing,

    One of the most conspicuous trends of today’s world is the colossal upsurge in preserving historical buildings. There is a widespread worry that this will only lead
    to a myriad of concerns in the society. In my opinion, protecting historical monuments has more negative impacts than the positives on the society.

    On the one hand, critics may point out that, one of the most significant benefits of protecting historical buildings is to improve aesthetic value of cities by
    renewing old buildings and attract tourists. For example, tourists, unlikely in the past, now are more attracted towards ancient forts, buildings and other
    monuments, as they want to know more about the d and t of people in the past and also local community got financial support from tourism industry, thanks to government
    for maintaining ancient monuments.

    On the other hand, there are a number of arguments in favour of my stance. One of the most preponderant one is that, preserving old buildings has negative consequence
    for the people in various ways. Firstly, deduction in country’s educational budget, because half of the national funding is utilized in renovation of cultural
    heritage. According to “Times Magazine December 2017 Edition”, the proportion of national educational budget has dropped from 10 per cents to 30 per cents today.
    Secondly, a large portion of country is suffering from hunger and poor living standards, because of unequal budget system of nation.

    Lastly, in my opinion, the government of India is taking a great initiative to educate its citizens. The government has organized many programs and schemes to improve
    living standards of people.

    In view of the arguments outlined above, one can conclude that despite having some benefits, the drawback of preserving historical buildings are indeed too dire to

  • There are a lot of picturesque buildings with architectural value all over the world. Although it is important to conserve these buildings as monuments for future generations, it is a huge investment. This essay will discuss why these constructions should be maintained while protecting its aesthetic value.

    Old buildings are one aspect that depicts history and past heritage of nations and become tourist attractions for some countries. There are so many constructions that represent various cultures and belong to different historical periods. Old forts, religious institutions such as churches and temples, commercial buildings and houses are some of monuments with grandeur. Having preserved these buildings people can be proud about their past and create a revenue with the development of tourism.

    Preserving ancient buildings while maintaining old aesthetic value is extremely costly. Such renovations require expensive natural building materials and labour which is difficult to afford by general public and financially not sound local authorities. Old buildings were built of rare types of wood such as ebony or iron wood and cheap materials such as asbestos and synthetic materials were not used. Hence the maintenance cost of such buildings is an issue for residents and management.

    This essay discussed why we should protect old buildings and how expensive and difficult the task. In my opinion I believe old constructions should be preserved and if funds are not sufficient money received from the tourism industry should be utilized for such activities.

    • I have pointed out few mistakes, still there are many left. Review it again and make the changes:

      – The word ‘huge’ is often overused. Consider using a more specific synonym to improve the sharpness of your writing.You can use ‘considerable’ instead.
      – The noun phrase ‘history’ seems to be missing a determiner before it. Consider adding an article.
      – The phrase ‘some of monuments’ may require the use of the article ‘the’. Consider inserting ‘the’ before the noun in your sentence
      – It appears that the preposition ‘about’ may be incorrect or unnecessary in this context. Consider changing or removing it. proud about —–> proud of

  • I have been commented on a lot of questions here, unfortunately, no one reply to me at all I don’t understand what is wrong

    • We have been receiving a lot of queries, it’s just taking a bit too long to reply all the comments. Hope you understand.

  • The old building in our cities are a great element of our history as well as our tradition art, so it is a significant issue to maintain our demolished old appealing buildings no matter what does it cost.
    First of all, nations ought to preserve the heritage for the posterity to be evidence and trace of what these nations reached to, someday. The old beautiful buildings are one of the crucial element of our history, that as it clears in Egypt all the world Pharos who had built the Pyramids and the Temples to all the generations who came after as a crystal clear clue of the old civilization. Societies have to tackle the issue of preserving the old comely building for the future.
    Credited to that, saving the trace is national obligation not only the individuals have to conduct this issue but also the government have to rebuild and renew the old building due to its importance to the whole community as we can attract the tourist to the country in order to increase the country’s income, moreover it disperses the beauty all over the cities. To conclude this restoration, the demolished old buildings is significant to both individuals as well as society.
    All in all, beauty is commitment all aspect of the nation has to contribute tackle in rebuild the old building for better future.

    • – Replace ‘are with ‘is’ (singular subject)
      – Replace ‘Tradition’ with ‘Traditional’
      – The essay is well written, good.

  • Author please review:

    Beautiful architecture and monuments make aesthetic change in the city. Some people believe that beautiful old building in the past should be maintained, while others maintain against this notion. I am in a consummate accord with the statement and this essay will discuss benefits and importance of the monuments and the government role for in the maintenance.

    It is an irrefutable fact that beautiful old buildings have many benefits. Firstly, tourists come to see historical places which increase country foreign currency and it also create creates jobs which is good for the country economy. Secondly, archaeologist can study old building architecture which can help to understand old engineering science. Thirdly, old buildings are the symbol of specific cultures and the presence of a building would always helps help new generation to aware about the history. For example, in India, Taj Mahal presence always reminds people about of the old culture and even because of that building people know about old kings. So, the old building is so important for any country and it should be maintained.

    Old building maintenance is so high and the government should help for the building routine repairs. Maintenance cost is exponentially increasing as days are passing.
    For example, in Egypt old building repair cost has been increased three times compared to the last decade. So, the government can play an important role to support building expenses.
    In conclusion, Old buildings are attributes for any country. It should get maintained, repaired with the support of the regime.

    • Articles missing
      – make the aesthetic change (1st line)
      – the archaeologist (3rd line 2nd para)

      I have marked few mistakes in the essay, check it

  • Hi,

    I think the model answer didn’t mention any specific examples from own experience. It should have given an example of a historic building that needs to be maintained and who should fund this maintenance. This could reduce the written discourse score.

      • The old buildings are the symbol of cultural background of any nation. These monuments described about the ancestors that how they lived in this particular land and what are their customs. To protect and repair such historical buildings are really essential, however it is bit expensive for owners to maintain their original shapes. I am in consummate accord with this statement and this essay will elaborate that why it is essential to protect these historic buildings and how government play a vital role in this concern.

        Historical places and monuments demonstrate the ancient way of living of people and these building are really important to understand the culture of old people. This is the main reason to protect these rare places so that our new coming generation now about their forefathers. For example, “The Minare-e- Pakistan” an old tower demonstrate that how our ancestors did the struggle to get independence and to build a new country. Repairing of such rare places is very important to pass the massage message to new generation.

        Although it is a bit expensive to maintain and repair these buildings to attained their original shape but it is the duty of government that they spend money to protect such places. It is also benefited for the government because visitors from other countries came to see such places that are important to run the economy. For example, every year a lot of tourist tourists came to see the tower of independence in Lahore, Pakistan. Government should take the responsibility to maintain such type of places.

        This essay discussed whether it is expensive to handle old historical buildings but it is necessary to protect and maintain them. In my opinion, it is good practices to preserve such monuments for upcoming generation even it is expensive to do such.

        • Articles missing
          – the cultural background (1st line)
          – a bit expensive (3rd line)
          – to the new generation (2nd para last line)
          – The Government (3rd para last line)
          – for the upcoming generation (4th para last line)

          I have marked few mistakes in the essay, check it

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