Essay – Study Vs. Employment

Write about the following topic:

Effective learning requires time, comfort and peace, so it is impossible to combine study and employment. Study and employment distract one from another. To what extent do you think the statements are realistic? Support your opinion with examples.

You should spend about 20 minutes on this task. Write at least 250 words.

Study Vs. Employment

Model Answer

Comfort, time and internal peace are required to make learning efficient. Hence, it is not possible to do job and study side by side. Occupation and education disturb one another. I strongly oppose this statement because handling both these together is easily possible with strong willpower. I will elaborate points to support my opinion in the further paragraphs.

Firstly, there are a lot of people in western countries, who do a part-time study and work full-time or vice-versa. It all depends on the preference of the individuals. If they want to bear some hassle and become more productive in their life, they can manage both things side by side. This not only makes them knowledgeable but increase their potential as well. 

Secondly, there are a few parents who cannot bear the expenses of their child’s education. Resultantly, they put their children into some labor so that they can earn money for the family. But it does not mean that the child has to abandon his dream of acquiring education. With firm determination, they can continue their education and work to feed their family as well.

Finally, sometimes people think they have completed their education, but when they get a full-time job, they realize that diploma or degree can increase their chances of promotion. Moreover, some employers select the potential employee from colleges while they are studying and pay for their Masters or Advanced Diplomas because they see their profit in that investment. Hence, studying and working side by side helps candidates to grow professionally.

In conclusion, working and studying is very much possible. It just depends on the dedication and determination of the person. People should do both study and work side by side to make themselves more skilled and capable.


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  • Governments promise continuous economic growth, but it is actually an illusion. Some people think that governments should abandon this. Please talk about the validity and implications.

    I would be grateful if you could help us and provide some idea on the above topic.

  • This is the era of learning and knowledge and everyone want to get higher and higher education in his related field. Some school of contemplations believe that it is very hard for someone to handle both study and job at a time because to become expert in one field, need proper time and atmosphere of learning while other groups of philosophers stress that study becomes more effective if practical work is also done with education. This dissertation will elaborate both points of view with some analysis.

    To become expert in some field, we need to spend time in that area. It is very hard for someone to take both study and employment together because both require time to get success. For example, I was the full-time student and also did some part-time job as well but it is very hard for me to give full attention on my study because sometimes due to the job I missed so many lectures from the university that affect my studies.

    On the other hand, practical experience is essential to understand what we learn through our studies. For example, I have completed my accounting degree but I am unable to apply my studies in practical life because I have no experience. So that’s why some type of part-time job related to your studies give you benefit in your upcoming life.

    This treatise publicized the pros and cons of combine study and employment that how it plays a vital role in our life. In my judgment, It is a good idea that first, we gave a proper time and only focus on our studies and try to get experience after education.

  • Dear Author please review and provide your comments:

    There is always a debate among people on employment during studying. Generally, we encounter people with different perception about anything that we see. Few people believe that studying and employment will have a huge impact on the studies, while the other holds a contrary opinion. Before I conclude my decision, I would like to evaluate on few points in this regard.

    Firstly, working while studying is very much possible and it helps an individual in many ways. Apart from providing a source of income, it teaches a lot of qualities at a very young age. Like managing time, interacting with colleagues and many more, all these contribute to the inter personality skills and later helps them to grow in their careers.

    Secondly, for the students who are not financially solid, part-time jobs come to their rescue. They can earn on their own and helps their parents sending some money in return.

    On the flip side of the story, definitely, there will be some impact on the studies if one manages both at a time. They need to invest time and energy that will take away their precious time and which may lead to some sort of distraction.

    As every coin has two sides, studying and working together has both positives and negatives. In my opinion, there are more advantages than a disadvantage. It can be concluded that one would always better strike a balance what is beneficial and what can be harmful. I strongly feel that studying and working have a lot of positives and that ultimately helps an individual to grow further in their endeavors.

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