Essay – The Media Has Become The Essential Part Of Our Lives. Share Your Opinion


Nowadays, the mass media including TV, radio and news paper have become the essential part of our lives. What is your opinion?

Complete the topic within 20 minutes. Write a 200-300 word essay.

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Mass media plays an extremely important role in our day to day lives. From education to news to business, mass media has played a positive role in influencing different sectors. While the disadvantages of mass media have been debated, the advantages have been many. In this essay, I shall explain my point of view by analysing both sides of the argument.

The introduction of radio and newspapers for the first time had changed the discourse of public opinion. It is through radio and print media could people make informed choices and learn about the world, which they were deprived of before. Communication has been made easier and effective due to mass media. Emails, chat apps, telephones and mobile have connected people from different corners of the world.

Not only has information sharing been made extremely easy, it has also facilitated the growth of education sector as well. Online courses and web lectures have provided an opportunity to students from diverse backgrounds to gain skills. Online marketing has opened up opportunities for budding businesses to promote their product in a more lucrative manner which can’t afford advertisements on radio or the television.

Nevertheless, mass media comes with its own set of disadvantages. It is common for some people to spread malicious content and propaganda. Also, the world of mass media has taken over healthy social interactions for many individuals in our society. Moreover, the web is vast and hence, it is difficult to regulate content.

In conclusion, I believe mass media has revolutionised our day to day lives in a positive way. The use of mass media should also be accompanied by healthy discussions about its disadvantages.

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  • In the current era, the different media tools have become a crucial part of our lives and it forms many aspects in the community. Many people think that the media is the most important part in the country even before needs, while others do not think that media still plays vital roles due to renovated technologies. This essay will discuss why media still the main influencing part in the society.
    Media still in the first row which gives the picture of every event in the society. That is simply because it gained the trust of population through decades. For instance, the fastest method to convey new laws in the country is TV. Overall, TV, radio and others remain indispensable among people.
    Some people are still refusing the mass media sources claiming that there are new technologies to convey everything. In fact, they are unaware of the composition that is needed to convey to millions of people. For example, sometimes even the unimportant news conveyed to newspapers to discuss it and make it the current priority. After this huge interest of people towards the TV, it’s inevitable these sources are widely trusted.
    There is no doubt that mass media is provided with strength by the huge number that they are watching it. There is no reason to reduce the importance of these media sources since the new are daily renovated.

  • The implication of media which is fairly debatable has now gain further from numerous arenas. The sizable influence of this subject has generated controversy over the potential impact of this trend. Scholars over a decade have agreed to this phenomenon with some credible resources.
    I agree with the statement of how media has become very essential part of our lives and this will be achieved by creating a pool of empirical evidence before attaining a coherent inferences.
    At the onset, there are diverse approaches why this subject matter is considered as a vital due to the fact that media helps people to know more about the condition and situation about the changes of world through news, internet e.t.c . As an interpretation ,investigation reveals that Australian Media Department provided some productive results in 2006 that this was deemed detrimental. Hence, media have a vital role in above mentioned topic.
    Furthermore ,it also has capacity to connect people throughout the world with various applications like viber, skype, facebook. A current survey mentioned how this could have beneficial implications for the future in 2040 and indicated that media would be playing a keyrole in it.
    According to the above analysis that has been backed up against theoritical knowledge has finally led one to believe that media is required for several purposes and it is highly regarded concept in the world today with effective resources.

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