Essay – The Need of The Newspaper In The Modern Society. Share Your Opinion


The newspaper is no longer a need in the modern society. What is your opinion?

Complete the topic within 20 minutes. Write a 200-300 word essay.

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More than 300 years have passed since the publication of the first newspaper. The world has changed at a faster pace in these 300 years, but people still use a newspaper. Even today denizens of modern society began their day by reading a newspaper and sipping a cup of tea. Electronic media is becoming popular day by day; still, print media exist simultaneously.

Reading news on the internet is fast and convenient. One just has to take out the mobile and press some news app, thus can remain updated with events occurring around the world. With in no time, the users of the internet can even read the live comments of an incident. Hence, electronic media is fast dominating the print media.

When we talk about the convenience or ease of reading news articles, newspapers stands out in the race. One has to open many pages to read all the news items in detail on the internet. Whereas, one just has to turn the pages with hands and can read expert opinions in newspapers. It will be painful for the reader to look into the screen of computers or mobiles for hours. Such is not true in the case of printed versions where readers can look into it for hours with much ease.

The majority of the people in this world lack access to the internet. So, the newspaper becomes the only medium to provide them with updated news. Many citizens have access to television, and they can get live news from the various news channel. This news channel concentrates on particular events for hours, and the reader can’t sit for hours to wait for next topic. Such is not true in the case of newspapers.

Hence, modern society can’t forget the newspapers. Both electronic media and print media thus move hand in hand in this modern era.

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