Essay – Is Toursim Good Or Bad For The Countries? Agree Or Disagree



Many countries in the World rely majorly on the tourism industry as their primary source of income and employment. Some people are of opinion that tourism can source problem too like overpopulation and pollution but I strongly disagree with the point. In my view, tourism is a great way to show off one’s heritage and above all, it brings in money for the host country.

Whether a country is developing or developed, the income from tourism can make up to 5% of GDP. Places like hotels, bars, pubs, restaurants, market, shops often generate a number of employment opportunities for the locals. Tourism not only brings employment for people but generates handsome revenue for these industries too. It also gives the much-needed boost to the economy of the country.The tourist likes to purchase local products which further promote local artists and work. Tourism also brings economic benefits for the government leading to better country prospect.

Whenever a person visits any other country, he/she gets to know a different place and whole together with a different culture. Interchanges between guest & host construct a more fitting cultural understanding.

Though tourism affects region’s natural resources & also adds to the pollution through vehicle emissions, but still I am of the view that the advantages of tourism outweigh its negative points so all countries should put in an effort to attract more number of tourists.

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  • Tourism is the biggest sources of earnings in so many countries and tourism industry paly a vey vital role in their economy. It is assumed for some developed countries that it causes problems for countries instead of benefits while most of people are not agree with this perception. This article will illustrate that how the tourism is benefited for any country.

    Firstly, the tourism industry increased the GDP of country. When tourist came they bring the money, which increase the value of local currency. The tourist industry provides the job to the local people like, on tourist area, hotel, motels, clubs and lots of shops provide the work. Tourist also purchased lots of things that are also help to increase the trade between different countries. For example now days, Bali the famous tourist point are effected because so many tourists are not going there due to volcano eruption and this thing affect the economy of Bali really badly.

    Secondly, tourism also brings the different cultures on one place, which play an important role to create a peace and harmony between the countries. Although, there are some disadvantages of tourism like increased the population on that areas that cause pollution, noise and traffic jam etc. but the advantages are more than disadvantages.

    This essay narrated that how tourist industry is really important for and country and how it play a role to create good relations between different countries. In my opinion, it is very important for any developing or developed country that they gave more attention to increase their tourist industry to bring the prosperity in their country.

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