Essay Writing: Should Students Be Required To Stay In School Until They Are 18.



School forms an important part of everyone’s life. In this 21st century, the education system has rapidly changed and now students eagerly wait to learn new things. Not only students but parents too are demanding an education system that works for and with them. So I am of the opinion that students should be required to stay in school until the age of eighteen.

Some studies suggest that our brain absorbs information more readily at a younger age than at older age. By the age of 4, a child’s brain is more than twice as active as an adult’s. For example: If a child learns a new instrument and then remain out of touch with that instrument for 10 years or so. Then also he can play it much better than an adult beginner. This shows how active a child’s mind is then an adult.

During school days we learn new things, new languages and almost all the good things that gonna help us throughout our life. The path to a disciplined life is laid first in the school. Also along with other mates, a child learns much faster and better so to be in school until the age of 18 is a perfect time to lay the foundation for a brighter future and be a good human being.

Secondly, a child learns major lessons of his life in school like self-control, honesty, kindness, duty so it’s very important that he/she is subject to such lessons at an early age. School-life prepares us for the life outside our comfort zone. Not only school makes a child learn the basic skills of reading and writing but also makes him learn basic topics that will be required to absorb specialized skills further in his/her career. For example, arithmetic rules are important to move on to the more complex topic of integration and derivation. A student is required to absorb all the basic information for higher studies until he/she turns eighteen.

Some people might not agree with my stand as they see many flaws in the education system. For the reasons stated above, I feel that students should be required to stay in school until the age of eighteen. [360 words]

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  • All children should be required to study school until the age of eighteen. To what extend do you agree or disagree. Education is the most important thing for the life. Normally, some countries student finished their education until eighteen and some are finish early.
    If you finished the education in the university or high school until the eighteen, have opportunity to learn world rounded education instead knowing the basic knowledge. Also longer more you spend time to study more you learn. However, could be observing the opportunity student leave before eighteen they can select the trade such as carpenter, electrician, plumber and builder. Some student doesn’t like to sitting until age eighteen and they want to connect with the trade and earn money.
    In my opinion, student should be required to study at school until the age eighteen. Because, they are not ready to take responsible of their life too early and also should be desire to learn until the write age rather than putting their life risk situation.

  • Age is a very important factor in your studies and for your upcoming goals in your life. It is really important for everyone to remain in school until the age of 18. This essay will elaborate that why it is important for someone to remain until the age of 18 and what are the benefits in your future life career.

    As you know in developed countries it is the rule that they have a restriction in their schools to give admission to the children of age less than 5 years because they know children are not capable to carry the burden of education before this age. So it is important for students to start their education at proper education so that they learn well and become a good citizen.
    Secondly, when they will reach to the university or in other departments for their higher education they have the ability to take proper decisions about their future. For example, in the selection of proper field, they will be now mature enough to make a decision and easily face the hardship of achieving their goals.
    This essay narrated that why it is essential to living in school until the age of 18 and how it is benefited for a person in his life. In my opinion, it is a better thing to remain in school until the age of 18 because your learning ability become more and you enjoy the study rather than a burden.

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