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Writing a dissertation is a tremendously demanding task, and it is no wonder that many students feel intimidated or outright terrified by it. There are, however, ways to ease your burden if it feels too heavy – and one of them is to place an order for a dissertation sample with, a highly reliable and trustworthy agency specializing in this kind of heavy-duty academic writing.

What Does Have to Offer You?

Like any other high-quality writing service, we maintain certain standards that guarantee that every text created by our writers is well-written and original. Among other things, we offer:

  • Money-back guarantee. If you believe the quality of your assignment is not what it should be, or the order is delivered too late, of something else is amiss with your text, you are entitled to a full or partial refund depending on the situation;
  • The absence of plagiarism. Every assignment is checked using highly sophisticated anti-plagiarism software to ensure it is written from scratch and doesn’t contain any borrowings, even accidental;
  • Contact with your writer. At any time, you are free to contact your writer and discuss the details.

What Makes Different from Other Similar Services?

The main feature that sets aside from the majority of academic writing services is a heavy emphasis on its Personal M feature. When you place an order, a Personal Manager is assigned to it. He is going to make sure the assignment is completed on time and strictly according to your instructions. In a way, you don’t have to do anything after that – simply provide as detailed a description of what you need to the Manager, and from that moment onward it will be his business to control the progress of your task, make sure the writer is working on it, checking it for factual and formatting mistakes, and so on. You don’t have to worry about anything – everything will be done for you.

If, however, you want to keep an eye on the assignment yourself, you may be interested in Progressive Delivery feature. If you choose it, your Manager will send you chapters of your paper as it is being written (and you pay only for the completed parts as well), and you can check by yourself if everything is to your liking without waiting for the entire dissertation to be completed.

Highly Proficient Writers at Your Service

When you deal with, you don’t have to worry about either quality or timeliness of your order. All people working for us are highly experienced in what they do: most have backgrounds in the areas of knowledge they write about, and the majority of our writers are native speakers with academic degrees. We don’t hire random people – everybody working for us has to pass quite a difficult proficiency test before setting about to work, and we regularly check how a person works so that they cannot start slacking off once they get on board. Don’t worry about anything – once you place an order with, we are going to take care of everything.

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