How to Write a High School Essay

High School Essays Effective Creation

The writing of the essays is, in fact, a very simple task if you know some helpful tips. We presented here some of the most productive ones to make students’ lives easier.

The creation of high school essay is one of the most basic activities which befall on the shoulders of the students at high school. There are various methods of writing and creating of the essay. Some of them deal with the search for information, while others deal with writing tips and there are surely the methods which include the editing assistance.

Here you will get a set of tips on how to write a high school essay of any format as the methods that are presented here are universally applicable for creating high school essays and also at other places of studying where the creation of investigation texts is required.

How to Write a High School Essay

Grant a Nice Structural Division to Essay

Any essay should be divided into parts: introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion. Otherwise, it would be hard to read the sheet of complete text. Besides, there should be a logical connection between these paragraphs.

  • Introduction. Give a brief outline of what you are going to talk about. Logical flow is also required. The points you are going to describe should be also presented in the same order they will be in the text. Also, stick to the structure: if this is an argumentative essay, then say about it in the introduction.
  • Body paragraphs. This is the core of your research. Here you should give a full investigation of your topic. Describe all points. Don’t omit some only because you don’t like them. As usual at high school, 3-6 sections will be required. Each body paragraph should contribute its idea to the overall text.
  • Conclusion is the other side of introduction. If in the introduction you tell the reader what you are going to research, then, in conclusion, you sum up what you have already investigated.

State the Most Vital Points

  • Logic should be present on all levels not only in the structure of the whole textual material but every separate paragraph. Each section should contain the following components:
  • Statement. Here the main idea should be expressed. What is discussed? What does it mean? Why is it important?
  • Explanation. Explain the statement. Why is it true? Give some more details, background or any other additional info to explain the statement.
  • Example. Give some evidence to confirm your statement. Some example from the real life or some fact from the history.
  • Importance. Bring the core idea of each paragraph to the reader. Explain it to your audience. However, this component is not always necessary. It might be used when applicable.

Every Essay Requires a Plan

To write a good essay one needs to have a plan to follow. This is definitely the thing you should start with. It won’t take much time, but once you have a plan, you will know what to do next.  The plan should coincide with the structure. You can use one or a couple of sentences to describe each of the structural components (introduction, body paragraphs, conclusion).

Having a plan would save you from being lost or worrying what to place in the text next. It can be written as a draft first and then fixed in the process of writing with editing some components to match the goal of the text.

Look Through Several Times

Every written essay should be revised and edited. However, it depends if the essay was written for an ordinary homework or some exam. In the first case, one may check it not so carefully as in the second. It means for homework you may just check grammar and logical structure, while for exam essay you also need to check lexical variety, the authenticity of the information, proper citation, etc.

Another secret is that you need to leave your essay for some time. After a short rest, you will notice the mistakes present in the text, or you will have some bright ideas how to improve the work.

Write Again and Again

Practicing writing the essays may greatly benefit the skills of the student. A lot of students write a small number of essays during the year and only in the case if they have no other chance. This may explain the fact that their writing skills are rather poor.

It’s good to read some essay by other authors to get the idea of how a good essay should be written. Then provide a thorough investigation and try to write a couple of variations of the topic. The good idea is to ask someone to read it and evaluate how good it is. Obviously, it needs some time to practice, although the result is worth trying.

Another option is to ask the teacher to help. A piece of advice from the professional may be really helpful. Besides, teachers usually love when students are eager to learn.

We strongly hope that you will benefit from the utilization of out tips and that you will not have any issues regarding organizing of your thoughts and engraving them on paper in shape of essays. Your writing is first of all valuable for yourself as it contributes your self-improvement a lot.


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