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In this post, I will discuss some tips & tricks to score higher in Repeat Section. “Repeat Sentence” is probably the easiest question of PTE speaking test. In this part, you will be required to listen to a sentence and repeat exactly the same sentence.

In order to excel in Repeat Sentence, try repeating the same words without any major pauses.

Important note: Start speaking instantaneously as there will not be any beep after the main audio ends, you need to start it immediately. You will hear the sentence only once.

Follow these tips to achieve higher score:

Strategy 1 – In order to better memorize the sentences you can use the simple trick of writing down the important keywords. Also if you are well versed with the language it become easy to memorize so make yourself habitual with the language.

Strategy 2 – If you pay attention to the PTE previous audio recordings then you will find that the speaker do follow punctuation and likewise you too can break the sentence into apt phrases. Use commas, pause and stressed out words to break the sentence. This way you can correctly reconstruct the sentence without omitting any word and repeat the content of the recording. Without the use of intonations a sentence will sound monotone which will also make it look boring.

In the above example, break the sentence as:

Unlike applied arts/ (Little pause) /fine arts do not serve a practical function.

Strategy 3 – The 3rd useful tip to help you score higher in PTE exam is clear pronunciation. A candidate should pronounce all consonants and vowels clearly. Make use of sentence stress correctly. The last content word or important words carry more weight-age in English language.

Practice the below exercise and make yourself comfortable with repeat sentences:

Repeat Sentence -1

Repeat Sentence – 2

Repeat Sentence – 3

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    • You get 2 marks out of 3 for content if at least 50% of words in the response from the prompt in the correct

  • Hi,

    If i read all words correctly how much marks i get?
    and if i miss two words or i spell two words wrong or i miss the the singular to plural form….how much marks is deducted? or i dont get any marks for giving 7 words correctly?

    • Here is the scoring criteria:

      3 marks – All words in the response from the prompt in the correct sequence
      2 marks – At least 50% of words in the response from the prompt in the correct
      1 mark – Less than 50% of words in the response from the prompt in the correct
      0 – Almost nothing from the prompt in the response

  • Hi
    How much time(how many seconds) will be there for repeat sentence …if i want to repeat the same sentance twice or thrice are they accept one correct sentence or i should only repeat the sentence once only

  • Hi there,

    If there are 10 words in the sentence and I repeat 7 words correctly and one word wrongly, can I get any points for that task?
    Thanks in advance.

    • Hi,
      You get full marks only when you repeat all the words correctly. You will lose 1 mark if your 1-2 words are wrong

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