How To Improve Your PTE Summarize Written Text Score – Tips & Strategies

Summarize Written Text can be a difficult task but if you keep some basic information in mind, you can write a masterpiece. In this post, we will provide you some useful hints and tips on how to construct and write a good summary.

General Tips To Improve Summary Writing

1. Thoroughly read and understand the text carefully. When you read it, you will get the feeling for the author’s style, tone, and mood.

2. Identify main ideas and supporting ideas – You have to summarize only key information, write down all the key points. Words that are repeated several times are likely to be keywords. You just have to include one main idea & at most 2-3 supporting ideas. That’s all. Don’t stuff the summary with unnecessary information.

Let’s check this paragraph and then we will write its summary.

Computers have become a necessity for both small and large businesses today. It takes a computer less than a second to retrieve information that takes a person several hours to obtain. It is for this reason that banks, airlines, and fast food restaurants rely so heavily on them. In addition, computers can store large amounts of data in a relatively small space. Because of this, offices need less storage space equipment such as file cabinets and supply closets.

You need to find to find the main idea and supporting ideas from this paragraph.

Main Idea – Computers have become a necessity for both small and large businesses today.

[Please note: It is not necessary that the first sentence will be your main idea.]

Supporting Idea 1 – Computer less than a second to retrieve information

Supporting Idea 2 – Computers can store large amounts of data in a relatively small space

3. Rewrite using complex sentences As per PTE guidelines, you have to summarize the passage and give your response using one sentence between 5 and 75 words. So it is necessary that you learn to write complex sentences. Use conjunctions and adverbs to combine your notes.

Please keep in mind that ‘Paraphrasing’ is very important. Don’t copy the exact words from the paragraph; always rewrite the information in your own words.

Below is a list of the most commonly used linking words:

while after though because as soon as until
where even though whether whereas wherever when
before if although since unless so that

The short summary for above paragraph would be:

Computers are important for businesses because of their speed in retrieving information and their ability to store large amounts of data in small spaces.

In the summary, you can see that ‘because’ is being used as a connector.

4. Practice – The most important thing now is to practice. Get into the habit of identifying key points and summarizing them in one sentence. We have a large collection of ‘summarize written text’ samples, you can start practicing them.

Scoring Guide

Your score in Summarize Written depends upon 4 thingsContent, Form, Grammar & Vocabulary. But the most important is content. If no response or irrelevant response is given, you will get a zero straight away. If you have provided an acceptable response then your content will be scored on ‘form’. Then after your response will be scored for grammar and vocabulary.

1. Content – You get full marks if you provide a good summary (good summary means that it should cover all relevant aspects). Partial credit, if your summary misses one or two aspects. No marks, if your summary misses the main aspect of the text.

2. Form – Full marks if you write your summary in one sentence. You get zero if you write more than one sentence or your sentence contains fewer than 5 or more than 75 words.

3. Grammar – Full credit if you use correct grammatical structure. Partial credit if your sentence contains grammatical errors but with no hindrance to communication. No marks, if your sentence has a defective grammatical structure which could hinder communication.

4. Vocabulary – Full credit if your sentence has the appropriate choice of words. Partial credit if you sentence has lexical errors but with no hindrance to communication. No credit if your sentence has defective word choice which could hinder communication.

We have provided you the ultimate guide to scoring higher in “summarize written text”.  Subscribe us for free PTE Academic exam preparation materials straight to your inbox. Leave your comment if you have any query related to PTE exam in the comment section below.

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    have covered a lot of the other sources; nonetheless,
    just here, I’ve found valid information with such essential facts to bear in mind.

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  • Hi Author,

    I have scored result as below: S:85, L:67, R: 78, W:66

    I need to get 90 in all sections please advice me how to proceed.


  • Hi Sir,

    I gave PTE twice , however for three marks missed 79 band. Writing section took me off. and I was just on the marks in reading. Please help me with some magic wand which will help me improvising my writing skill specially summarize written text. My mail id is “[email protected]

  • Hi Author,

    Hi Author,

    Could you please help me in scoring 65 in overall? your help is greatly appreciated.

    Thank you!


  • Hi i have just given exam and my scores are
    L 67
    R 67
    W 60
    S 85

    Of 90
    Pr 79
    Sp 20
    Vo 64
    Wd 90

    Please advise i want 65+

    • Hi I just give my PTE, I need 65 in each band and overall
      overall 67
      grammar 88
      oral fluency 90
      pronunciation 57
      spelling 71
      vocabulary 65
      written discourse 59
      Please advice me what I need to do in order to obtain 65 in listening and writting
      Thank you so much

  • Myself velu , i am paling to write a PTE exam , in the before PTE i took IELTS exam two time but i never took my target , First time – S-4.5,R5.5, L5.5, W5.5. – THE second Time , S4.5, R5, W5. L5, Here possible to PTE Exam i will get all section 55 , please give feed back sir ,

  • Hi Sir ,

    I have written 1st attempt mock test.And i am disappointed with my results. Overall 62

    L: 64 R:54 S:67 W: 64

    Enabling skills
    G :67 OF: 87 P:20 S:38 V:66 WD:47

    Can you suggest how i can improve my score to secure 79+ ?

  • I’m preparing for PTE Test as i have tried for 3 times and got less each time.

    Try 1: Overall 64

    L: 65
    R: 67
    S: 59
    W: 71
    G: 84
    O.F: 64
    Prn: 56
    SP: 49
    Voc: 67
    W.D: 51

    Try 2: Overall 63

    L: 59
    R: 57
    S: 61
    W: 63
    G: 64
    O.F: 53
    Prn: 57
    SP: 76
    Voc: 59
    W.D: 79

    Try 2: Overall 62

    L: 59
    R: 60
    S: 67
    W: 61
    G: 81
    O.F: 56
    Prn: 64
    SP: 62
    Voc: 80
    W.D: 55

    Can you tell me how to improve them?

    • Sorry for posting here as i think admin is not interested to reply me even after 2 days until he needs traffic on site.

      Sorry again for wasting space here.


      • I apologize from the bottom of my heart. Lately, we have been receiving a lot of queries but no worries. I will speed up the process. Thank you for your patience

        • L 61
          R 64
          S 60
          W 63
          Enabling skills
          G 55
          OF 56
          P 52
          Sp 49
          Voc 65
          Wd 36
          Author can you let me my weakness please asap

          • My friend, you need to hire a tutor. You are making a lot of mistakes in every skill. The tutor will improve your overall skill

          • L 61
            R 64
            S 60
            W 63
            Enabling skills
            G 55
            OF 56
            P 52
            Sp 49
            Voc 65
            Wd 36
            Author can you let me my weakness please asap

    • The first thing you need to do is to hire a tutor. Like your written discourse is very weak, your tutor can help you improve it. If you want you can send me your sample essays, I can review them.

      You need a speaking partner as well to practice English every day.

      Do these 3 things: 1. Read English newspaper everyday especially editorial section 2. Watch English TV series & get a speaking partner 3. Hire a tutor

  • Hi All

    My score are as below, help me guys please

    Listening 61
    Reading 62
    Speaking 80
    Writing 60

    Grammar 76
    Oral Fluency 90
    Pronunciation 61
    Spelling 47
    Vocabulary 56
    Written Discourse 27

  • Hi Author,

    I have given my pte exam in month of Sep28.Here is my below score.Please could you help me as I need to get 65+ overall in my PTE academic exam and reappearing the exam on Dec 06.

    Reading :57

    Enabling Skills:
    Grammer :37
    Oral fluency:57
    Written disclosure:63

  • Hi,
    I am preparing for PTE exam which is in this November. Can you please suggest/guide me so i can get 79+ in each section?
    Previously, i got
    with E-skills of

    • Your spellings are dragging your writing score. Start reading newspaper & whenever you find a new word, write it down. Further, I think you are mixing American & British English. Learn the difference between them & follow only one of them.

  • Dear Author,
    Good morning.
    I need your help. Could you please send me an email at email address at the below email address.

  • Hello,
    I have given PTE twice. My target score is 65+. But in both the attempts I just missed my target score. Can you please guide me for improving my score.
    Following are my scores details:
    Attempt 1:
    Enabling Skills:
    WD- 76

    Attempt 2:
    Enabling Skills:

    • Writing is certainly your weakest area. I would suggest you to read as much as you can. Check out the editorial section of the newspaper, it will improve your vocabulary, sentence structure, grammar.

      Our portal has repeated questions section, check it out.

  • HI,

    First of all I’m thankful to you for providing such informative materials through your website for PTE Academic exam seekers, where there are less materials found online. I really appreciate your work. I’m writing to you now because I’m seeking a piece of advice from you regarding how should I improve my overall PTE score. I’m appearing for PTE exam on Oct 15th 2017, So I purchased golden kit from I completed one mock test on 30 Sep 17, and these are my scores:-
    Overall score : 54

    Communicative Skills are:-
    Listening: 58
    Reading: 47
    Speaking: 66
    Writing: 50

    Enabling Skills are:-
    Grammar: 28
    Oral Fluency: 61
    Spelling : 38
    Vocabulary: 72
    Written Discourse:47

    I’m really upset with my 1st mock test results, I expected more marks.

    I have to get 79+ inorder to reach my eligible points to get my visa. Kindly please suggest me where and how I need to improve to get 79+ overall score.

    Thanks in advance.

    • Let me tell you a pretty simple technique – Don’t learn English, live it. I mean to say, talk in English, read English, watch English Tv series, Watch Youtube Videos. It will help you to get comfortable with English.

      Reading will solve half your problems. Carefully analyse the sentence structure, vocabulary, grammar.

  • Hi,

    I found your website quite useful and I admire your work regarding PTE’s material. Thanks for doing the good work.

    I have given PTE and following is my score. Please suggest me where I am making mistake. My primary target is to achieve 65+ and planning to give in next few days.

    Communicative Skills
    L 61: R 62: S76: W 61

    Enabling skills
    G 80: OF 67: P 67: S 65: V 78: WD 90

    Thanks and Regards
    Kishor Kumar

    • You only need more practice, I have written posts on repeated SWT & Reorder Paragraphs, practice them. It will help you in exam.

      • First of all thanks for your feedback.

        I received feedback from other ppl that I am making mistakes in content while writing and spelling are the areas of improvement. I also compare my enabling skills with my friend and he had similar ones, he got more than 75 in each but I did not. Anything else you would like to suggest me to improve expect mentioned 2 things.

    • You only need more practice, I have written posts on repeated SWT & Reorder Paragraphs, practice them. It will help you in the exam.

  • Hi Sir,
    I want to score 60 in each . I have exam 15th of Oct . Before I gave Pte twice.
    First Time:
    S: 53
    R: 52
    L: 46
    Q: 47
    Second Time:
    S: 44
    R: 55
    L: 49
    Writting: 50
    But I need 60+ please give me some valuable Tips

  • Hello Sir,

    I want 79+ scores in each module.

    Following is my last test score.

    L: 75, R: 67, S: 83, W: 71

    My next attempt is on 10th October.

    Please help me to achieve desired score.

    Thank you.

  • Hi sir,
    I want 65+ in all bands, could you please help me in writing and reading PTE.
    I had taken IELTS with l-7,R-6,W-5.5,S-6;
    so please suggent me where should i improve how to get 65+ in each module


    • Your weakest part seems to be writing. Start working on it. We have provided a list of repeated essay, start reading them

  • hello sir.
    i have appeared PTE exam first in last week my aim is to score 50+ in all section
    can you plese help me to score 50+ in all sections.

  • Hello Sir,

    I want 79+ scores in each module.

    Following are my respective last 4 attempt scores.
    53 = L: 51, R: 53, S: 59, W: 53
    56 = L: 54, R: 56, S: 60, W: 51
    59 = L: 56, R: 65, S: 55, W: 59
    59 = L: 53, R: 64, S: 75, W: 51

    My next attempt is on 26th Sept.

    Please help me to achieve desired score.

    Thank you.

      • Thank you for you valuable input.

        In 3rd & 4th attempt I had hired Tutor but couldn’t do much in Listening & Writing, though my speaking and enabling skills are improved a lot.

        Can you please suggest some tips, which can help me to improve my writing and listening.


        • Listening is very easy to improve – Listen to different accents on Youtube or on Ted Talks. It will help you get accustomed to the accent.

          While for writing, you have to work hard. To improve writing you have to be a good reader first. Read Newspapers, academic journals and try to improve your vocabulary, grammar & sentence structure.

  • Hi author,
    I need to get 65 in Writing. I obtained 26/30 in TOEFL recently.
    What are my chances of getting 65+ in PTE writing?
    Also, any tips or suggestions?
    Many thanks,

  • Dear Sir,

    Nice to meet you.
    I have an exam on 27th September.
    This is my first exam of PTE.
    I would like to get 50 each areas.

    My IELTS score is Speaking 6.5 Reading 5.5 Listening 5.5 Writing 5.0.

    I’m struggling for PTE now.

    Could you please give me your tips and advice?

    Yours Sincerely,

  • I have done pte in that I got

    speaking 77

    listening 51

    reading 55
    writing 49
    but I need each band 65+
    so can I get that can you please give me best suggestion to get

    • Read more. It will help you increase your vocabulary & understand sentence structure. Our portal has lot of reading and writing material go through them

  • Hi,

    My score is as below.
    Reading: 83
    Speaking: 90
    Listening: 81
    Writing: 75

    I need 79 in each. Please help me in writing.

    • Start reading more. It will help you understand the structure of sentence & it will improve your vocabulary. Our portal has a lot of essays, read them. You can even take the help of templates

  • Hello Sir,
    I want to score 65+ in each section of PTE. I have taken IELTS test on 29th july but didn’t score well in speaking section as i desired L8,R7.5,W6,S5, overall 6.5.
    Based on my IELTS score, could you suggest is it possible to get 65 in all.

    please help me to score well in PTE

  • Hi Sir,
    I am shakeel. i need to get PTE 79 points each please guide me. i have done PTE-A Onces below are my points

    Listening 49
    Reading 62
    Speaking 60
    Writing 52


  • Hello sir

    I struggling to get 65 in each , 3 times i go through PTE exam but my score was like

    Listening 56

    Speaking 47

    Reading 59

    writing 59

    pls help me to get my desired score my next test will be on 14 sept

    Narinder kaur

    • Hi Narinder,

      You need to work hard for every section & you have very less time to prepare.

      Start with the easiest section i.e. listening section & speaking section.

      I have given some tips to Geeta. Check in below given comments

    • Hi Geeta,

      You need to improve a lot.
      1. Start with reading and writing – Read as many essays as you can. It will help you understand the structure of essay & it will improve your vocabulary. Our portal has a lot of essays, read them. You can even take the help of templates

      For reading section, there are no shortcuts. You have to work really hard, again practice is the key. Visit ‘Reading Section’ of the portal, it will help you immensely.

      Listening is the easiest section, go to youtube and start watching videos everyday. Try to take notes while listening. With every passing day, your ability to take notes will improve.You can also visit –

      Read this post on how to improve Speaking –

  • Sir,
    I am preparing for PTE ACADAMIC.
    Kindly help me how to start my preparation and to get good grades.
    Thank you

  • Hi Sir,

    My latest IELTS scores are
    Listening 9
    Reading 9
    Writing 7.5
    Speaking 8
    but for some reasons, I have to take PTE and aim at getting 79 in all four parts.

    I am a bit nervous as the types of questions in PTE are totally different, especially in listening and speaking. I wonder if you can provide me with any hints in summarising spoken text and retelling lecture.

    Thanks a lot!


  • Hi Sir,

    I have appeared PTE exam first time in last week. My aim is to score 50+ in all sections.
    Scored below marks:

    speaking : 33
    Listening : 53
    reading : 52
    Writing : 62

    can you please help me to score 50+ in speaking section. I am struggling in retell lecture, repeat sentence and short answer.

    Appreciate your time. Hope to hear from you soon.

  • Hi Sir:

    My first PTE attempt is
    I also need four 79. I am having the second try on 31st Aug.

    In terms of writing, is it necessary to prepare a template for all topics? I found one standardized template sometimes can not fit in certain topics. However the dilemma is that without using a template, normally there will be no extra 2-3 minutes for me to check the grammar and typo. Moreover, I often hear the suggestions of writing nearly maximum words in SWT, but I think in most cases 25-30 words answer is also workable, how do u think?

    Regarding to listening, seemingly which is my weakest part. I reckon multiple choice questions most hit on me, how to improve this specific section?

    So appreciate your time. Hope to hear from you soon.

    • Hi Kelly,
      I am not a very big fan of templates, they somehow limit your creativity. Read this article –

      If you are able to complete your essay well in time or even if you are not able to complete it – spare some time for proofreading, it will drastically improve your score. Make proof reading a habit.

      As far as Summarize written text is concerned, if your summary is able to communicate the main idea and supporting the idea, words don’t matter.

      FOr listening, go to youtube and listen to various accents. Get yourself used to different accents. Practice hard for your weak section, no other solution.

  • Hi,
    I want to score 79 in all sections and have attempted PTE in the past with following scores:
    Listening – 69
    Reading – 70
    Speaking – 73
    Writing – 75

    Can you please help me with proper guidance to reach desired score?

    • Hi Anubha,

      Your weakest section is listening, I would suggest you – listen to the podcast or youtube videos in different accents. It will help you get accustomed with different speaking styles.

      I have provided a lot of practice tests on the site, you can practice them also. Make a habit of taking notes while listening (try to master art of making flow charts).

      For speaking section, You can use templates, in case you are facing difficulty. It will increase your fluency.

      For reading section, practice a lot. I have provided a lot of reorder paragraphs with explanations, practice them.

  • My exam is on 11th August. I have prepared well for the examination. In my practice many times I am getting good scores whereas my times I am wrong. Suggest me how to improve. I wnt 65 in all. My email I’d is [email protected]. I have scored below sores in IELTS-General:

    Based on my scores could you suggest is it possible to get 65 in all or I may lack in any section..??

    • Hi Saurabh,

      I would suggest you – work on your fluency foremost, it will take your score far beyond 65. Speaking section has some easiest questions like read aloud, repeat sentence, describe image (you could use template), answer short question (often repeated). So Work on your speaking

      • I have practiced a lot on read aloud and describe image. First i was facing a lot of issues when i used to read aloud as my rate of speech was too high. I worked on this stuff and now have a proper rate of speech in read aloud. Also in describe image and retell lectures, i am using templates mentioned in this websites or which i found usable on other youtube videos. So i am quite confident in read aloud and describe image. However i have still have a fear on repeat sentence, as i dont know the exact toughness of this section. Repeat sentence is easy until it is for 5-6 words but if this count increases to 10 or 12 i ruin mostly the second half of the repeat sentence section.

        Please suggest in reading and listening section.

        • In listening section, fill in the blanks & highlight incorrect words are pretty simple, you just have to be an attentive listener. Other parts in listening parts, you have to make a habit of making notes while listening. I would suggest you make the flow chart, then you can later use it to answer your question.

          Listen to podcasts to increase your listening skills.

          For reading section, there are no shortcuts. It is the trickiest part, you have to practice a lot to master it. I have written an article on ” how to ace re-order paragraphs”, read it.

          Last words, practice a lot of re-order paragraphs, MCQs, fill in the blanks.

  • hi sir this is Gurpreet Singh, i given two times test both time i got 50 and 53, i need atleast 58 for Permanent Residency, Can you please guide,this time my score was w-50, r-54, l-52, s-60

  • Dear sir, I gave PTE twice, in which the first time, I got 49 over all. and the second time 47. Now I am also preparing and I need 60 each. Please give me a proper guideline.

  • Sir, I am weak in summarise text of writting section .. plz give advice with tips and also my english base is not so good..

    • Read as much as you can. Then carefully analyze how everyone structures their sentence. It will help

  • Hi sir ,
    I want to score 50 in each . I have exam 27th of July . Before I gave Pte twice , I always got less marks in listening 49 , 47 Please advice me some tips.

  • Dear Author,
    Thanks for excellent tips!
    I am appearing PTE exam in next 2 days. I wrote several mock tests and got evaluated by expect. I have scored more than 60+ in all mock tests. May I request you to provide tips to get 79+ in all modules.
    I look forward to hearing from you.


  • Hello sir i plan to give PTE exam, beacause i give 3 times IELTS exam(6 band) but didnt got the required marks 7 in each , it is possible to get 65 eah in pte

  • Hi sir,
    I am preparing for PTE first time and i want to score 79 each. Please help me to achieve this and also provide me the practice data..

    • Hi Rupinder,
      Find out your weak areas. You should know which areas you need to work hard for. This portal is full of practice material, check them out.

  • Sir I want to book my exam at the end of this month July 2017. I have appeared in the month of may n have got
    Speaking 82
    Reading 70
    Listening 65
    Writing 61
    i want 65 in each..i m helpless as i have given ielts twice n stuck in writing again n speaking as well,
    please help me how do i improve my writing..

    • Hi Amber,
      I recently wrote an article on ” how to improve English speaking”. Check it once.
      For writing, start reading essays, check out the structure of the essay, how the author has presented his idea. The more you will read, the better for you. There are no shortcuts, you have to work hard. You can even send some samples to us, we can review them for you

  • I am taking a test on 13th July to score 50 each, I´m afraid on essay writing section because of my weak grasping power and 20 minutes limited. Reading section also not easy for me because of lack of wide range vocabulary. I´ve seen you are very helpful you replied each and every comments, so I do expect some helpful hints from you thanks, in advance.

    • Hi Vijay,

      one way to improve your essay writing is to read as many essays as you can. We have a very large collection of essays, you can read them. You can even search “PTE Essays Topics” on Google. PTE essays are quite often repeated, read all of them. Try to grasp the essence of essays, pick ideas from them, you don’t need to learn the exact essays. Just read.

      For reading section, there are no shortcuts, you have to practice a lot of questions. Check out our reading section, there are plenty of questions for you to practice.

      Good luck.

  • hello sir ………….I Am weak in speaking part such as describe images and retell lecture … provide some tips for it….thanks…

    • Hi Aman,

      For speaking section, the most important thing is fluency followed by content. So the first thing you can do is to improve your fluency. Visit – and try to repeat the sentences. It will increase your fluency & vocabulary as well.

      For ‘Describe Image’, you visit check out our post “How To Describe Image In PTE Academic” in ‘Tips & Tricks’ section. You are facing difficulty, you can even use template for decribe image & retell lecture. You can search “Retell Lectures Template” on Google.

  • Hi there
    Realy, this is an excellent platform.

    unfortunately, my number 9 exam is tomorrow and all I need is just crossing the boundary of 65 in each element.
    my weakest part is.. reading where I am scoring less than 65 by 2 marks. Any suggestions or helpful tips, please.

    thank you

    • Hi Tamer,

      All the best for your exam. Believe in your preparation & don’t panic while giving exam.

        • From your spelling mistakes, anyone can understand why you lack 65 in each section.
          Try to concentrate on spelling.
          As the answer to the question, please try to get the multiple answer questions correct and reorder paragraph.

  • HI , I am giving my PTE exam on 4th July and I have to get 79+. Please guide me. I am struggling in writing and reading.

    • Hi Sujal,
      There are a lot of essays that are repeated again and again in PTE Academic exam, read them once. It will help.

      You can even read ” Tips To solve Reorder Paragraphs”. it has a lot of good points. Have a look at them once.

  • Hello Author,

    I have exam on 3rd of July and I know that my weak areas are listening & Writing, more specifically summarize spoken text and essays. This is indeed a great platform to practice – no doubt, but still I need some tips or some thing that help me to nail my weak areas. my last attempt of PTE went good and scored overall 65. but couldn’t do good in listening and writing. Please help in these areas.


    • Hi Bilal,
      The more essays you need, the better for you. Reading will not help you improve your vocabulary but it will also help in understanding as how to present your answer. Read as many essays as you can.

      For listening, take the help of youtube videos. While listening, write down the important topics of the conversation.

  • hello………….sir i need your help……i weak in speaking part such as describe images & retell lecture…….please …..can you provide some tips for it………….

  • Hi,

    This site is really helpful. It has got lots of material to practice before taking actual PTE. Can you please forward me some tips and tricks so that I can crack PTE with 79+ in each band.


    • Hi Ashwin,

      You still have a plenty of time. Identify your weak areas. First, take a mock test on Then tell me, we will try to improve your weak areas

    • Hi Raju,
      Stop preparing now, just chill. Avoid last minute preparations. Believe in your skills & just nail the exam.

  • Hello sir I have the exam next week, I need 60 overall please help me. I need help in speaking and listening summaries. First time I am used this website

    • Hi Meenakshi.
      Thanks for using our portal. You still have plenty of time to prepare. We have resources for listening part. You can use the navigation at the top to prepare for listening part.

      For speaking part, most important skill is fluency. Watch youtube videos and try to imitate them. It will help you improve your fluency.

  • Hello,

    I am going through all your posts but please could you help me as I need to get 75+ overall in my PTE academic exam and have only 2 days to prepare.

    Thank you.

    • Hi Neha,
      It’s quite a less time to prepare. I would only suggest you – be confident & believe in whatever you have prepared. Don’t panic while giving the exam. All the best

  • Hi Author,

    I want to get the guide to scoring higher in “summarize written text”, and any tips, tricks and guidance to get higher scores for all of sections
    Thank you

    • Let me tell you my way. Read the paragraph thoroughly, close your eyes, & then think what you have understood from the paragraph. Usually, the thing that comes to your mind is the main idea. After finding the main idea, look for sentences that support your main idea. This way, I find my supporting ideas.

  • Hello Sir,

    I never gave PTE exam. i want to score 79 each. Please help me so, that i can get the good marks. Also send me data at daily basis.


      • your web site and its complete and precise content is such a boon for me that I don’t know how to appreciate… thank you so much.

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