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Reorder paragraphs is considered a difficult question of PTE Academic Reading. In this post, I will discuss as how you can solve Reorder Paragraphs easily.


In Reorder paragraphs, you will be given jumbled up sentences. You have to rearrange the sentences in the right order.

Here are a few tips to successfully solve Reorder Paragraphs:

  • First of all, you need to quickly skim through all the sentences and get the rough idea of what the topic is all about.
  • Main Idea – Identify the main idea of the paragraph. That will most likely be the opening sentence. One of the features of the opening sentence is that it is not dependent on any other sentences given there. Opening sentence mainly consists of person names, research names, important keywords etc.
  • Pronouns – Pronouns like he, she, his, her, It, them etc. are used when the person they are referring-to has already been mentioned in the earlier sentence.
  • Identify transition words – Transitional words are like signs that helps to shift from one idea to the next. There will be sentences having ‘connectives’ like moreover, similarly, consequently, hence, otherwise, generally, therefore, besides, then, yet, because, consequently etc

These sentences (Point 3 & 4) are almost never the opening ones. They always refer to people or events mentioned in previous sentences.

  • Combining all the sentences with logic – Use logic to decide the sequence of the sentences. Always study the relationship of sentences with each other.

Practice a lot of questions every day. Only practice can make you perfect in reorder paragraphs.

Click here for PTE Academic Re-order paragraph practice samples

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