Essay – “In A War Of Ideas, It Is People Who Get Killed”. Does A Common Man Suffer From A Group’s Ideology?


It is a well known saying and I personally support the statement. Time and again humankind has faced mass destruction owing to the difference in ideas and beliefs. So it is rightly said that group’s ideology can sometimes cause suffering to a common man.

A good example is this regard is September 11, 2001, attack in the US which killed over 2900 people & injured 6000+ people. It caused an infrastructural damage of over $3 trillion. The impact of the attacks affected both society and culture in general. As a result, general public live under constant fear.

The sufferings of common man in such incidences can not be expressed in words. It has been observed that in the clash of opposing ideas, ideologies, or concepts it is the common man who suffers the most. There are many nations or groups who use ‘war of ideas’ as a tool to promote their interests abroad.

The second example in this regard is of government who sometimes roll out policies which are not in favor of the general public. Despite the negative response from people, such projects find its place in government’s agenda. Such decisions are forced onto the public. Such cases form the perfect example of a common man sufferings from a group’s ideology.

Usually, a group’s ideology is followed by the majority of the population, governments, or other groups who find common concerns and interest as of group. Such groups tend to work towards their member’s betterment and gain. For example, National Organization for Women (NOW) mission is to advocate for equality and full societal participation for women.

Many people have lost their lives and will continue to do so owing to the differences in the way of thinking. It is the common man who has always been suppressed and suffered. In future also it will continue if ideas are carried out before knowing its aftermath.

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  • It is a common perspective in all over the world that only few people decided the fortune of rest of society. The most effected people due to this group’s ideology are the common people in country. Some people believe that it is exactly right while other contradict with this statement. This article will discuss that how common man is a direct target of such type of strategies and why the society bear all the difficulties of few people decisions.

    First school of thoughts support the argument by giving evidence that few numbers of people in government decided the polices with other countries and rest of nation are forced to that because they have the authorities. For example the war between Israel and Feldstein is a very clear example of this statement where every day so many civilian are killed due to the few people decision.

    Second group of people says that we ourselves select those members to decide such things but a common man has no power to do any thing else. It is quite right that we select them but it does not mean that the ideology destroy our life. For example, the administered the whole country according to their on rules which make the poor man more like middle east countries politicians.

    This essay gave us the detail about that how all the nation is surrender in front of few people how they paly a vital role in their lives. In my opinion it is absolutely true that a common man is the direct target of group’s ideology.

  • But , as they ask us about our opinion then essay is personal then we can use “I” and ” in my opinion” , in other words when make our intention clear what we are going to write in following passage.

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