Influence Of Media On Society Essay

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Media has a high influence on the way people in a society think. Do you agree with this statement? Provide some reasons to justify your answer.

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Influence Of Media On Society Essay

Influence Of Media On Society Essay

Model Answer:

Media has a strong impact on our day to day life. As the technology is getting more advanced, media’s influence is growing exponentially. From the past several decades, television, radio, internet, and newspapers have become a reliable tool in our modern day life. With the information reaching masses in a blink of an eye, a life without media is near impossible. There is no denial in the fact that it influences our society in both positive and negative ways.

The advantages of media are infinite. From creating awareness among masses to serving as a source of inspiration, media act as a platform to present our ideas to the world. It connects people from around the globe and owing to its reach, a better world of communication opens up for the humankind.

While it has many positive effects on our society but it can lead to the blind following which in turn affects our lives. The advertisements these days target teenagers, in turn, they are becoming more brand conscious. Also, overexposure to s*xual content in advertising, magazines, television shows, and music videos make the children furious and vulnerable to unwanted hormonal changes in their body.

Yes, media has a high influence on the way people think and behave in a society. But I think media is affecting the minds of youngsters more in a negative way than its positive influence. Violence and criminal activities have increased among youngsters. Thus not only does media influence the thinking of a person but it also affects a person’s actions.

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  • Now a day media play a very crucial role in buildup our society. Some group of people believe that media have a more negative effect on society while others give stress on the positive influence of media in present era. This essay will described about the positive as well as negative aspects of media in our daily life.

    Media is powerful source to spread the knowledge through out the world in a blink of eye. We remain up to date with the happenings of all around the world. For example, weather reports alerts us about a particular region of world and we avoid travelling to that side. So media is really important in our life know, we cannot imagine living with out it.

    On the other hand its negative influence on society is worse. Children are the most affected one because they stop playing outside and by watching impropriate material like violence, romance and s*x on different channel; they start adopting those bad habits. Like children try to do the things which they saw in the cartoons. This behavior of media increased the violence in our society.

    This essay elaborated about the negative as well as positive aspects of media that how they are playing their important role in society development. In my opinion, media is playing more roles in destruction of society than building a good one.

  • Media has a strong impact in our day to day life. Media is an important way to pass on information from one place to whole world. Media like TV, internet and news papers has become the most feasible way of communicating the things to whole world. Message is passed in fraction of second through internets and TV.

    Media acts as a useful way to spread knowledge, It helps to connect people from one place to other. With in fraction of seconds information can be passed using media. It has positive as well as negative impact. IT connects the people to whole world. It will increase the awareness of the people. We can learn unknown things from internet with the help of Google.

    It also impacts our younger generations. Because of media the young children stopped playing outdoor games which help in physical fitness. children are more attracted to cartoons, they spend almost most of the time spending in seeing cartoons. They get inspired by the different characters shown in the TV and try to imitate, which leads to them involving in crimes. they will have influence of negative news and on them.

    These days we can find many p*rn sites which are influencing children to involve in bad acts. They get influenced by seeing the celebrities dresses and try to ware such type of dresses due to which there are many incidents of rapes are noticed in recent world.

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