Essay – Large Shopping Malls Are Replacing Small Shops

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Large Shopping Malls Are Replacing Small Shops. Your Opinion? Good Or Bad

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Large Shopping Malls Are Replacing Small Shops

Large Shopping Malls Are Replacing Small Shops

Model Answer 

In several past years, shopping malls popularity has grown rapidly and are transforming urban lifestyle. They are everywhere and are replacing small shops. The subject arouses two different opinions – are large shopping malls are good or bad. Many people are of the opinion that these shopping malls are coming at the cost of small shops while others think that large malls are the need of the hour. I will give my opinion after analyzing both the sides.

The major reason that people are preferring malls is the convenience of getting our daily needs including groceries, clothes, shoes, books etc under one roof along with cinemas and entertainment arcades making it a one-stop solution. The people backing the idea of promoting mall culture supports it with the fact that it not only saves a lot of time of shopping in-fact saves time from bargaining also as things are available at fixed prices.

Regardless of their endless advantages, they do have some disadvantages. The malls are taking away local and small shops thus the decision to promote large shopping malls taking the bread out of the mouths of many people. The shopkeepers are left with no means of earning a living. Only a few customers buy products from small local shops and the practice is greatly affecting the local economy. Moreover, in malls, people are tempted to buy unnecessary things hence burning a hole in their pocket.

To conclude, the large shopping malls do have their advantages, but depletion of small shops causing an imbalance in economy outweighs their advantages and therefore I believe that large shopping malls should not replace small shops.


Model Answer 1:

Nowadays a popular trend in shopping is the establishment of large shopping malls. Because of the popularity of department stores small shops are at a risk of closure. This essay will discuss convenient shopping experience and a cheaper price as advantages of large shopping malls compared to small shops.

Shopping at a department store is a more convenient experience than going to several traditional shops to purchase several types of items. In shopping malls, all of the items available under one roof and ample parking facilities are also provided. The customer is able to load grocery items, vegetables, fish, fruit, stationary or any other products into a shopping cart and pay at the cashier. Since easier shopping mechanism people prefer shopping malls rather than small shops.

Prices of goods in shopping malls are less expensive than other shops. There are various methods which provide financial benefits for customers. For instance, there are discount schemes, reward points and promotions are provided even if you visit any of the branches scattered throughout the country. Hence ultimately customers are able to buy good quality products at a cheaper rate.

This essay discussed convenience and cheaper price as advantages of shopping malls compared to small shops. Hence, in my opinion, I believe replacing small shops with shopping malls is beneficial for customers.

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