Essay – Should Parents Be Held Legally Responsible For Children’s Act

Write about the following essay topic:

Parents should be held legally responsible for their children’s acts. What is your opinion? Support it with personal examples.

Complete the topic within 20 minutes. Write a 200-300 word essay.

Parents Responsibility For Children’s Act

Should Parents Be Held Legally Responsible For Children's Act

Model Answer

Raising a child with good ethics and values is a tough task for every parent. Child’s development is mainly affected by the education, he or she receives from parents. Although some people argue that children should be responsible for their acts, in my opinion, I believe parents should take responsibility for their child’s actions.

Some People argue that parent should not be held accountable for their child’s act as every parent make their best effort to teach their child how to live and behave in society but how much he/she absorbs is not in anyone’s hands. Every parent tries to provide the best environment, a good role model and more of attention and care to their children. But regardless of all this, a child can involve in unethical behavior.

Many people are in favor that parents should be held legally responsible for their children’s activities as a parent has full control over the child and if he/she does something wrong, then parents should be charged. They are of the belief that a kid is the mirror image of his/her parents and it is them who has given him life, so a child represents his parents in the society.

If a child succeeds in some competition or does something acknowledgeable, then it’s the parents that take the applause. Likewise, if their child steals something from the neighborhood, it is the responsibility of the parents to teach him a lesson. They should make him understand that stealing/taking things without permission is a crime. Thus, parents should be legally liable for their children’s activities.

This analysis proves that its parents’ duty to exercise reasonable care, supervision, protection, and control over minor children. So in the end, I believe that parents should be held responsible for their child’s behavior.


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  • could you please rate my Essay ?

    Raising a child is a tough task for every parents, child’s development is primarily affected by the education he or she receives from parents. Although many people argue that child’s parents should be solely responsible for child’s act, in my opinion, parents should not be solely responsible for child own act.

    Every parents put their best efforts to raise their child with all ethics and values which need to be followed, however child may have their own views of life. Parents try to inherit the best they have however living environment, surroundings also matters
    a lot in child’s behavior, if we consider only parental education is key for the child behavior or act then a bad parents will always have bad child and good parents will have good children but it does not happen.

    So if you see real life examples, many time good children belongs to bad parents and vice versa because children also learn from surroundings as well, but yes the major role for child’s behavior played by parents only. So parents should be somewhere
    responsible for child’s act but not solely and legally.

    As we all know everyone is different in this world and have somewhat different point of views, parents try their best to provide the moral values and ethics to their child but it can not be forced to child after certain point of time.

    • I have pointed out few mistakes, still, there are many.
      – parents → parent
      The quantifier ‘every’ may not be used properly in this sentence. Consider changing the noun parents to the singular.

      – Repetitive word: however
      The word ‘however’ appears repeatedly in this text. Consider using a synonym in its place. Instead use ‘yet

      – a bad parents → bad parents
      The indefinite article a may not be required with the plural noun parents in this sentence.

    • Beginning with the title “Parents Responsibility For Children’s Act” you’ll see at least one mistake. It might be better reading ” ARE Parents…Children’s ACTIONS”. Act doesn’t make sense. Your essay is very close to the model essay. In fact they read as if they were written by the same person, one essay a modified version of the other. Because of this my comments apply to both.
      Grammatically both are pretty bad. I know of college educated and well educated newspaper editors who use You’ll have the opportunity to learn much as it corrects your writing. The content does not answer the question posed nor does it strongly support the idea of parents being responsible for the actions of their children. I actually agree with the stream of thought but nothing written is compelling enough to make be agree with your position nor do I recall a single personal example in either essay.

  • In second last para, ” the applaud” or ” the applause” ? I just not so sure, as applaud is a verb.
    Looking forward your replay.

  • I read in one of the PTE guide that in essays we should not use Kid(s) as it is an informal way of writing.

    • “Kid” is a young goat. I don’t know what PTE is but I’ll assume they suggest using the word child instead of kid. In today’s American English few would hear the word kid and have to translate in their head, “Oh, he means the offspring of humans not goats.” Kid or kids should be capitalized if it’s the first word of a sentence or a proper noun. explains this.

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