Pearson English Test 21 – Summarize Written Text

Summarize Written Text In One Sentence – Read the passage below and summarize it using 1 sentence (between 5 and 75 words). Type your response in the box at the bottom of the screen. Your response will be judged on the quality of your writing and on how well your response presents the key points in the passage.

PTE Practice – Summarize Written Text 

  • Read and summarize written text in your words.

The power of the wind has been used for centuries to directly drive various machines to perform such tasks as grinding wheat or pumping water. Recently, however, the wind has joined other natural forces such as water and steam as a viable method of generating electricity.

Traditional means of electricity generation using coal or oil-fueled plants have two major drawbacks; they pollute the environment and the fuels they use are inefficient and non-renewable. In response to growing environmental awareness there have been calls for a greener alternative. Nuclear power, while more efficient and less polluting, is seen by many people as unacceptable, because of the danger of accidents such as those that happened at Chernobyl or Three Mile Island. Wind power, however, is clean, renewable and, with modern advances, surprisingly efficient.

In the 1970s Britain was in the forefront of research into wind power. The interest in wind diminished in the 1980s due to cheap North Sea oil, a strong pro-nuclear lobby and pricing structures that made it uneconomical to set up wind farms. Britain, the windiest country in Europe, had to wait until 1991 for its first wind farm. Located at Delabole in Cornwall, the farm was originally the idea of locals who opposed the construction of a nuclear power plant nearby and decided to set up a private company to generate power for the area using the wind. They had to fight opposition from local government and other local residents, who thought the turbines would be noisy and might interfere with television signals, but eventually, after showing local officials working wind farms in Denmark, they won and now there are 10 huge white wind turbines on the Delabole hills.


PTE Academic Writing – Summarize Written Text Practice Sample #3 

PTE Academic Writing – Summarize Written Text Practice Sample #4

  • Read and summarize written text in your words.

A dowry—the money or property a bride brings to her husband at marriage—was common throughout much of the ancient world, and also flourished in medieval Europe.

In many places around the world, weddings were formal occasions, accompanied by much gift giving and ritual. The practice of dowries apparently originated when a bride’s parents gave her presents. As time went on, the dowry developed various functions. A dowry of household goods often helped the newlyweds set up their own home. A dowry of property or jewelry would help the wife support herself if her husband died. Generally, the husband returned the dowry to his in-laws if he and his wife divorced or if his wife died childless.

Sometimes, the groom’s family paid for the bride, often to compensate her family for the money spent raising her. If the bride had been a valuable worker, her family was sometimes compensated for the loss of her economic support.

Romans, who had complicated traditions governing marriages, had specific dowry laws. Traditional Chinese and Hindu engagements and weddings were also governed by specific rules and considerable ritual.

Today, traditional wedding observances are losing ground all over the world. However, some traditional cultures, including gypsies, many Hindus, and certain African societies, continue to see dowries as a usual part of marriage.

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    • Although, the traditional means of generating electricity using coal or oil-fueled plants pollutes the environment and the fuels they use are inefficient and non-renewable but in response to growing environmental awareness there have been calls for a greener alternative and the wind power is clean, renewable and, with modern advances, surprisingly efficient and will eventually be the replacement.

    • Although, the traditional means of generating electricity using coal or oil-fueled plants pollutes the environment and the fuels used are inefficient because In response to growing environmental awareness there have been calls for a greener alternative and the use of wind power is the solution to the problem but in Britain they had to fight opposition from the government to get wind farm in Delabole hills, Cornwalls.

  • A dowery, which was given by bride’s parents as a gift, sometimes by groom’s family was common in ancient culture and medieval Europe, however, in some culture like Hindu, Afreican, gypsies culture it is still traditional.

  • In traditional time, a dowry was a form of gift received by bride’s family or groom’s family for some sort of economical support and compensation, and this practice still exists in some Hindu, Chinese and African cultures.

  • Traditional methods of electricity generation like coal, oil and nuclear has hazardous impacts on the environment, while wind energy is clean, efficient and renewable alternative which Britain managed to deploy by convincing local residents and oppositions.

  • While there are various inefficient and dangerous methods of generating electricity, the wind energy production has been considered to be safer and more effective, resulting to increase in wind turbines across various places.

  • Dowry plays prominent role in marriage ,we can see groom can give in the form of property,jewelry,if in a case her husband dies then it be will financial support to women:hence we find this culture in Romans,Chinese, Asia,and Africa.

  • .
    Electricity generation in ancient way created a hazardous problem to environment,to overcome this problem Nuclear Power Plants are came into existence ,initially local dwellers are opposed but later they observed it sis non-renewable source of energy and can produce by wind turbines benefits in Denmark.

  • In the ancient days dowry , given in many forms, was a tradition followed to support newly married couple or any untoward incident and this is still continued though not common as it used to be in this traditional times.

  • Environment conservation incurs the urge to switch electricity generation from traditional means that causes pollution to cleaner, environment friendlier than nuclear power, the wind power which have successfully serving wind farms in Delabole-Cornwall since 1990s.

  • Despite turbines would be noisy and might interfere with television signals, generate power using the wind is best alternative rather than to using coal or oil-fueled plants not only because these both option are danger but wind power is clean and renewable.

  • In many traditional cultures, dowry is considered as a usual part of the wedding ceremony, as it helps newly married couple set up their own home or could be supportive property in difficult situations of life; however the importance of dowry is diminishing in many cultures, and some still follow this tradition.

  • Wind power is non-polluting, renewable, and an efficient mode of natural power which is being used to drive machines for various purposes for centuries, and now being used to generate electricity with its very few drawbacks, and therefore wind turbines have become prevalent in many countries around the world.

  • Wind is a clean and renewable source compared to fossil and nuclear fuels which are inefficient, non environment friendly, dangerous and are non renewable and it can be efficiently used to generate power that had been proved when first wind farm was commissioned in Britain despite its opposition from local lobby and government .

  • Dowry is a common tradition followed by people from ancient times for
    different aspects and also governed by specific rules but the latest wedding cultures losing the traditional marriage culture but still some countries around the world following traditional marriage culture like dowry.

    please correct me if I am wrong.

  • Generating electricity from the wind is environment-friendly with less cost while burning coal or oil fueled plants to generate electricity will pollute the environment and where nuclear is a danger for accidents, this wind farm set up by Britan in the 19th century in many negative situations but proved it is environmentally friendly and no disturbance for general lives.

  • Dowry was common in ancient world to support newlyweds couples but in traditional marriage mostly it is disappearing.

  • In 19 century, Britain setup wind farm to generate electricity after convincing with local residents and local government who thought that turbines might be noisy and disturb television signals.

  • The Britain was in the vanguard of research into wind power and forayed into its first wind farm in 1991, by demonstrating Denmark’s working wind farms, as the cleanest and renewable source of energy.

  • Please correct…
    Dowery was common and governed by specific rules around the world in ancient time at wedding function , today loosing ground cause of traditional wedding less popular ,but still in some Hindues and African society .

  • Pleaase correct my summary..
    In Britain ,electricity generation using coal and fossil fuel coal, oil are polluting enviornment while renewable source like wind , nuclear are more efficent and clean but used less caused of cheap north oil and pro necular loby and Chernobyl & Three Mile Island accident.

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