Pearson English Test 4 – Listening (Highlight Incorrect Words)

Pearson English Test (PTE Academic) Highlight Incorrect Words – You will hear a recording. Some words in the transcription differ form what the speaker(s) said. Find out incorrect words.

This is an item type that integrates listening and reading skills, and requires you to listen for and point out the differences between a recording and a transcription.

Pearson English Test: Highlight Incorrect Words

  • Listen to the recording and highlight incorrect words #1

Mortars with crushed brick particles were used for construction of historic buildings. These ancient masonry structures proved to be more durable especially in cynic regions. The purpose of this work was to analyse the masonry bed-joint subjected to cheer loading. In particular, the attention was paid to crack localization, when the joint is reimbursed by crushed brick particles of different quality. A 2D nonlinear cyanide element analysis utilizing an anisotropic damage model was used for the analysts and the calculations were performed using the OOFEM software. The results indicate that the crushed brick particles of lower quality than the surrounding matrix can contribute to a bigger totality of the joints and suppress the localization of damage into a single major crack.

INCORRECT WORDS: cynic, cheer, reimbursed, cyanide, analysts, totality


  • Listen to the recording and highlight incorrect words #2

Entrepreneurs in technology start-ups face the challenge of developing their technology next to the development of customers. Reliant topic regarding this problem are the commercial capabilities and presentations of the new technology ventures. Analysis of 68 technology start-ups and spin-offs showed a beneficial confluence of having commercial capabilities within the founding team on the business performance. This benefit is even higher when the start-ups are focused on their competitors. How the accused market information regarding the customer or competitor is processed within the start-up team affects the business performance as well. This shows that processing commercial capabilities as start-up founders is crucial for start-up success and revival, where these capabilities enable the organization to process competitor information correctly.

INCORRECT WORDS: Reliant, presentations, confluence, accused, processing, revival


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