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Value added by travel in Education. Is travel a necessary component of education or not? Will scholar sitting at home have more knowledge?


Travel to study is overrated; we have brilliant scholars who studied locally. Is travel required for higher studies?

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Value Added By Travel In Education

Value Added By Travel In Education

Model Answer

Education is one’s persona to complete his or her personal development. In a similar note, traveling internationally to pursue higher studies is an excellent opportunity for many aspiring individuals. However, some think this is just an exaggerated idea. This essay will examine the points on both sides of the argument then draw a logical conclusion.

On the one hand, studying abroad as much is required for many students. It provides the individual a lot of opportunities and experiences in life. One great example is those overseas students who developed the sense of independence from their parents because of being far from them. Moreover, the person is also exposed to various cultural diversities which enables him or her to adapt sufficiently to a new environment. It also provides the individual to widen his or her learning capabilities about life and chosen career. Furthermore, students who gained international qualifications are more preferred by the various employers which means they are prone to many job opportunities. Therefore, the international study provides more advantages to the future of the individual who pursues this idea.

On the other hand, those who are against on traveling to study have different perspectives. First, various universities abroad cost ten times the cost of the local college. Due to this, students are required to do some part-time works to help their parents in supporting their chosen field. In Australia, for instance, most of the international students have to work as well as a part-time worker in some cafes, so that they can support the expensive cost of living in the said country. Therefore, studying abroad is too expensive for both parents and students.

This essay discussed the views of traveling to study and those who are against with it. In my opinion, I believed that the idea of pursuing international higher studies contributes to the person’s individual growth in personal, social and economic terms. Moreover, it also adds to the own experiences and practical skills of the various individuals.

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Model Answer 2:

In today’s ever-changing world, of advanced technologies, education forms a much-needed base for overall development of a human being including his personal, social and economic development. So traveling to another country for higher education is justified? I will analyze both sides before concluding at the end.

The people against the idea of travel to study supports their view of the fact that international studies are much more costlier than studying at home country. Also, students living away from parents often develop homesickness. Some students opt for part-time jobs to bear the burden of their parents and to meet their daily needs which in turn increases the load on them. Rather than focusing on learning, they get to struggle hard for their expenses. Parents are not sure if their children are studying or getting in some negative company which can change their mind.

On the other hand, some people are of the view that international studies widen the scope of learning & enhance skills & abilities. Studying in the different country provide students the opportunity to learn and adapt other’s culture. This way they adapt to different environment readily, and it helps them in the later stage of life.

Further adding an international qualification adds weight-age to student’s resume which opens up many job opportunities for them. For instance, a student’s resume with an MBA degree from a recognized international institution gets priority among the peers. Employers too are preferring graduates with international experience.

In the end, I am of the opinion that traveling for higher education is a must these days. It surely has some disadvantage, but we can’t overlook the merits of foreign qualification. International studies widen people’s perspective and help them with better career opportunities. Travel is an essential element of higher studies which in turn is an outstanding combination to succeed in this globalized planet.

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  • There is no doubt that travel abroad for education is an argument issue. Many brilliant scholars have studied locally while others have intended to complete their studies in another country. In my opinion, it is better to study in another country far from your home so as to improve your skills .
    For people outside their homeland, there is a chance to get higher experience and raise their acknowledge. Candidates could learn with different techniques and deal with various kinds of thinking . In addition, some professions could not find their specializations expet in another country especially in poor countries so they are enforced to to travel to complete their studies and improve their skills. These jobs like scientists, artists and even some doctors are seeking for source to grasp experience and knowledge from.
    Furthermore, travelling abroad for study enables people to share cultures which will affect the behaviour and the standard of individual skills. Learning from people having different customs and traditions may help those scholars to grow up and become more wise. Indeed, this will increase their ability to shoulder their responsibilities in the future. Acquisition of new informations and experitise deserves to suffer for it.
    To sum up, travelling abroad to improve skills and enhance the knowledge is the perfect decission to decide in your youth.

    Please I need your opinion. Thanks so much for your help.

  • Travelling plays an important part in education in the contemporary society. Some people believe that travel can add more value to the education, while some others argue that the scholars who sit at home has more knowledge. I am inclined to believe that travel in education adds values to the education. The following passage will discuss my views.
    Firstly, when people travel ,they get more and more experience about people and places. For instance, if we travel to India, we can get to know the culture and about the exuberant people of India. In addition, it will also reduce our animus towards any culture that we are experiencing. The knowledge that one learned in alma matter is increased by the influence of travelling.
    Secondly, when people travel they can compare the information’s obtained by the text book and the experience of real life travel and take a logically decision on how to derive at a proper knowledge. For example, in a survey conducted US suggest that more than 50 percent of the people who have travelled worldwide have found that there is difference between what they read on book and what they actually experienced when they travelled. However, opponents of travelling are of the view that scholar who sit and home and read books have more knowledge, since books can cover variety of subjects and can give profound knowledge.
    Finally, the forgoing discussion’s propounds the view that travelling is a essential part of the education as it imparts the knowledge that the books cannot provide.

  • Nowadays more people want to go overseas to do higher studies because this brings some benefits. Some people claim that it is not necessary due to exist good places to study locally. In my opinion, there are more advantages to study abroad than locally.

    To begin with, the best universities in the world are located in USA and England according with some rankings. Therefore, if you study in universities which are in the first positions, you will have better opportunities. It will be easy to find an excellent job with a good wage, just because you have a post graduate from a recognized university. Moreover, it will be a plus in the competitive market, you will have something unique, and even more if you took your master or PH in other language which is not your mother tongue.

    Moreover, it is known that if you study in a good university you will gain better knowledge. The professors there have a great expertise in their area. Students through the studies that they have chosen, gain incredible skills and knowledge. These universities worry to prepare well their students.

    In conclusion, in my opinion studying abroad bring significant advantages in the competitive market, due to study in recognized universities is easy to find a job in a good enterprise and you will be well prepared with knowledge and skills

    Please can you give an opinion about my essay, thanks in advance 🙂

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