PTE Academic Listening (Summarize Spoken Text-1) – Practice Sample

Summarize Spoken Text – You will hear a short report. Write a summary for a fellow student who was not present. You should write 50-70 words.

We have given sample response for your convenience. Don’t forget to share your own summary with our readers through comments.

You have 10 minutes to finish this task. Your response will be judged on the quality of your writing and on how well your response presents the key points presented in the report.

PTE Academic Listening: Summarize Spoken Text

  • Listen to the audio and summarize it in your own words #1

Note: This transcript is given for your reference purpose only. It will not be given in PTE Academic examination.


In the last 50 years there has been no apparent increase in personal happiness in Western nations, despite steadily growing economies. In both Europe and the USA surveys have found no greater level of happiness since the 1950s, which seems strange since wealthier people generally claim to be happier than poorer people.

In America, for example, more than a third of the richest group said they were ‘very happy’, while only half this number of the poorest made the same claim. Although it would be logical to expect that rising national wealth would lead to greater national happiness, this has not happened. Individually, more money does seem to increase happiness, but when everyone gets richer, no one appears to feel better.

Economists have recently paid more attention to studying happiness, instead of the more traditional GDP per person. One suggestion has been that people rapidly get used to improvements, and therefore devalue them. Central heating is a good example: whereas 30 years ago it was a luxury item, today it is standard in nearly every home.


The speaker argues that although Western economies have expanded since the 1950’s, there has been no parallel growth in happiness. Surveys indicate that rich people generally say they are happier than poor people, but it appears that although individuals may become happier society as a whole does not. One possible answer is that people soon become accustomed to improvements and so do not appreciate them.
  • Listen to the audio and summarize it in your own words #2

Note: This transcript is given for your reference purpose only. It will not be given in PTE Academic examination.


South Korea is planning to move its capital from Seoul to a new site in the middle of the country. Although Seoul has been the capital since the fourteenth century, the city of over 20 million is now very crowded, and also close to the hostile armies of North Korea. The new capital is planned to cost $45 billion, with construction finishing by 2012.

There is, however, strong opposition to the project, since similar schemes in other countries have taken far longer and cost much more than originally planned. Australia, for example, took over 70 years to finish building Canberra, while Nigeria has never completed its planned new capital, Abuja.

Both Brazil and Malaysia have found that the building of new capitals (Brasilia and Putrajaya) can sharply increase the national burden of debt. Even if the government does eventually move to the new capital, it is unlikely that South Korea’s main businesses will follow it, so Seoul will probably continue to be the country’s principal city.


It is planned to move South Korea’s capital from Seoul to a central site by 2012, at a cost of $45 billion. Although Seoul is crowded and too near the border, critics claim that this scheme will be too expensive and take too long. Businesses are unlikely to move away from Seoul when the government does. Other countries have experienced severe problems with capital relocation.

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  • south korea is planning to build its new city in the central parts of the country.this move is important in mitigating over population and possible foreign treats , but it is bound to be affected by huge costs, longer time frames and some businesses that might not move from the old city.

  • The speaker lays emphasis on personal happiness in Western nations, growing economies. Both Europe and the USA survey found no level of happiness. Since 1950 , it seems to be wealthier.
    In America, more one third people says they were happy .It would be logical for increases happiness but when everyone should be richest and no one should be poor .Economist has rapidly more attention for studying happiness compare to traditional GDP per person .

  • The author tells that South Korea is planning to move its capital from Seoul to some other place in central Korea because of huge population and its proximity to hostile North Korea. There is a strong opposition against this policy as such plans in other countries have resulted in large debts and gross delays. Moreover, businesses in Seoul might not migrate to the new capital and Seoul may still act as the business capital.

  • The given lecture describes the information about the personal happiness of the people.First of all, the speaker emphasizes on happiness of both rich people and poor people.Moreover,he stresses on happiness of poor people untill they will rich,but rich people dont get happiness with the wealth that they have.In a nutshell,happiness does not comes from the wealth.

    • The speaker was discussing the plan of building a new capital for South Korea.firstly,he mentioned that it will cost 45 billion dollars with a construction finishing in 2012.he then talked about similar projects for many countries. moreover, he said that main business of South Korea will followed in the new capital . finally he suggested that relocation would take too much money and time.

  • The speaker was discussing South Korea’s plan to built a new capital. Firstly, the speaker mentioned the reasons for building the new capital. He then explained the opposition to the new project. Later, he gave an example of similar projects around the world. In addition, the speaker talked about its impact on the national economy. However, the speaker has expressed that the main business will continue its operations from Seoul.

    @ Author pls review

  • The topic is about the south korea capital relocation and planning to move their capital from seoul to central city ,at a cost of $45 billion .Because of seoul is very crowded and too near border also it has been observe that capital moving cost is much higher than estimated cost, although many countries have faced problems with capital relocation, thus seoul will probably to continue with the country’s principal city.

  • The topic is about there is no apparent increase in personal happiness in Western nations, despite steadily growing economies. In the United States, 3/4th of the rich people generally claimed that they were very happy, while half of the poorer ones also claimed the same. It seems more money does not increase the happiness.

  • The South Korea is trying to build up a new capital city same as Seoul and invested $45 billion and manpower to accomplish this by 2012. However, the new city would take many decades to become a capital city of South Korea because there were many countries tried the same approach, which includes Australia, Malaysia and Brazil and it it took long time to achieve it.

  • South Korea has planned to move their capital city to middle part of the country as its heavily crowded & also due to threat from North Korean armies. Critics has been opposing this due to the exorbitant expense of 45 Billion Dollar which can take long time & also it’s unlikely that Business in Seoul city will be moved to new capital city. Other countries also faced lot of issues due to capital relocation.

  • According to lecture planned movement of South Korea’s capital from Seoul to middle of the country with an estimated cost of 40 billion dollars, which is planned complete by 2012, has a strong opposition. Because similar projects from Australia, Nigeria and Malaysia faced drastic increase in cost from the planned original estimation. As well, the Seoul may remain principal city as existing businesses may not move out.

    • The general impression about wealthier is happiest, seems wrong as rise in national wealth index in last fifty years has no affect on the index of national happiness in USA. Admission by only one third of the richest being happy, against half of them still feeling not happy, means recent research by economists are on happiness rather than GDP. Also Luxury has been more affordable now than past times.

      • The general impression about wealthier is happiest, seems wrong as rise in national wealth index in last fifty years has no affect on the index of national happiness in USA. Many rich people are admitting they are not happy. Economists focus of research has changed from GDP to study on happiness, suggesting luxury is no more means of happiness, as it is more affordable now than past times.

  • Lecture 2 #

    The lecture claims that South Korea intends to move the capital city from Seoul to another renovated city in the middle of the country. In addition, it is expected to finish the projects in 2012 with cost about 45 billion dollar. The argue point here is that many countries spent decades to build capital cities with much higher costs. Clearly, there is a mistake in estimating the project expenses and the finishing time.

  • (1st lecture)
    The given lecture highlights the general financial side of people and their feelings towards it. Over the past 50 years almost 1950’s, rich people claim that they found the happiness in their lives. On the other hand, poor people tend to oppose this claim arguing that poor people happier. Things are changing anyway, one clear example is the water heater, in the past years it was only for luxury. Nowadays, it became necessary in all homes almost.

  • Second Para:

    The speaker argues that though South Korea is planning to shift its capital city from the overcrowded city of Seoul to a new city, it is will be difficult task since there is a strong opposition. Citing examples of other countries, the opposition claims that it takes a lot of time and money expensive to shift the capital with businesses unlikely to move to the new capital.

    Author please review. Thanks a lot.

    • – Article missing (it will be a difficult)
      – “money expensive to shift the capital” does not make any sense

  • The speaker tells that South Korea is planning to move its capital in the middle of the country as its current capital is close to North Korea. But this decision is condemn by the people because of the multiple reasons. Firstly, it will cost around 45 Billion dollars. Secondly, very unlikely business will follow this movement. Thirdly, it has been seen that such decision has not given fruitful results in other countries.

    • The given lecture highlights the after effects from the history events about swapping the capital city with another one. According to the speaker, South Korea’s decision of moving their capital is criticised by many people. To back their thought, many examples have been quoted including that of Australia. The lecture finally concludes that the established trade owners may not agree to shift their business location.

  • 1st paragraph
    Despite the fact that economy is doing pretty well, people does not seem to be as happy which is in contrast to the claim that rich people are more delighted and happy. In earlier times, the rich people used to stay more happy than poor people but now since economy is rising everyone can afford the luxury items and central heating is an example of it.

  • The speaker talks about the inner happiness of individual which as per survey is not common anymore. In earlier times people were used to be more happy with their facilities. More money might make people happy but it would not make any difference if everyone will rich and central in houses is one example of it.

  • #1
    The lecture tries to highlight the situation of falling level in the Western world as compared to 5 decades ago situation. Although GDP of the USA has increased many folds but people are not happy as compare to the earlier time. Economists are studying this behaviour and have suggested that people get very used to amenities e.g the Central heating system and won’t value them much a few years later.

    Shifting capital of South Korea from Seoul to somewhere amidst of the country is facing strong opposition. It is viewed that shifting capital will require the investment of 45B USD. Also, other countries who have shifted found this transition very problematic and time taking. Even though if capital shifts to some new place it is unlikely that the main business units in Seoul will shift their operations to new capital.

  • Much emphasis was placed on personal happiness. Rich people are happier than poor people. Something evident that was mentioned in the lecture was about national wealth raised but still, people were not happy according to ratio. the narrator gave an example of a central heating system which was a luxury item, but now it is common to everyone.

  • 2nd Paragraph –
    South Korea is planning to move it’s capital from Seoul to some new site. Seoul is very crowded having around 20 millions of population. This movement will cost around 45 million dollar and so there are various strong oppositions against this movement. Various other countries have also tried this. For example Australia took 70 years to build it’s capital.

  • The passage talks about personal happiness with respect to money. In western nations despite of rise in economic growth there hasn’t been any increase in personal happiness. Earlier rich people claimed to be more happier than poor people. Increase in national wealth doesn’t increase the happiness. For example central heater which was considered a luxury item in old days, can be seen in almost all places now a days.

    @Author Request a review please.

    • Your sentence lack punctuation. For this install ‘Grammarly’ extension, it will help you with punctuation.

      You have almost included every key detail but you have to work on your structure.

  • Lecture #2
    South Korea longs to swap its capital city because Seoul is too crowded and it is near to North Korea. The government wants to build a new city in the central area of the country. Some other countries like Australia, Brisiel and Malesia had experience this change with difficulties whereas Nigeria was not able to finish its project. It seems that after changing, the principle city will remain Seoul.

  • Lecture #1
    Since 1950’s, an American survey revealed a third of rich people felt happiness whereas a half of poorest people said they are happy. Economist researched about the role of money in happiness and found that money has not play a crucial role in happiness. In fact, people get used to improvement and after a while they devalue them. One example is central heating which was luxury a couple of years ago.

  • SST 1- Despite of increasing economies in Western World, people are not happy personally, in the last 50 years. There was a survey in Europe and USA that nothing can level the happiness in 1950. Poor people were more happier than rich one. Because once people get used to certain things they will not value them.

    SST 2- South Korea is planning to move the capital city of Seoul to a new site. Because it is overcrowded and very close to North Korea. However, the plan changed because it would cost more than the budget. The original budget was $45 billion. So, Seoul remained South Korea’s capital city.

  • Second Para : South Korea is planning to move its capital from Seoul to the new site in the middle of country because it is over crowded. Construction of the new site will be completed by 2012 and would cost 45 Billion Dollar. Many opposes this plan.In past many countries tried the same and it didn’t work for few ex.Nigeria.Though capital will move for South Korea but Seoul will remain the main city.

  • Hi,

    Could you please add this Summarize Spoken Text – Debt on farmers is increasing due to high use of pesticides……

    This has came into my PTE exam

  • 2nd Paragraph : South Korea is plan to move capital from seoul to new capital middle of the country because it’s over crowded and country plan to move by 2012 with new construction the cost of $45 billion. Other countries also faced lot of problems while moving capital.

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