PTE Academic Listening (Summarize Spoken Text-2) – Practice Sample

Summarize Spoken Text – You will hear a short report. Write a summary for a fellow student who was not present. You should write 50-70 words.

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PTE Academic Listening: Summarize Spoken Text

  • Listen to the audio and summarize it in your own words #1

Note: This transcript is given for your reference purpose only. It will not be given in PTE Academic examination.


Most medical people despised the press, holding attitudes not totally unfamiliar today. Reporters tended to be suckers for every quack, half-quack, over-eager scientist, or naive country doctor who thought he had a serum to cure tuberculosis, a herbal remedy for cancer, or a new surgical procedure to rejuvenate the aged.

When the newspapers were not wasting space on undeserving medical stories, they were over-playing legitimate news, getting their facts wrong, and generally making a nuisance of themselves interfering in the lives and practices of busy professionals.

Doctors’ deep suspicion of what they read in the newspapers and even in the less-carefully edited of the medical journals, helps to explain some of the early skepticism about insulin in countries like Britain: Oh, the Americans are always curing everything; this week it’s diabetes.

Even in Canada and the United States it was some months before there was enough confirmation of the unlikely news from Toronto to convince wire services and the more skeptical doctors and editors that insulin was, indeed, the real thing.


Insulin as a treatment for diabetes was not widely accepted for many months because doctors had become skeptical about the legitimacy of medical discoveries as reported in newspapers and by some less professional medical journals.
  • Listen to the audio and summarize it in your own words #2

Note: This transcript is given for your reference purpose only. It will not be given in PTE Academic examination.


Today, children love playing video games. In fact, children would sometimes skip meals and family outings just to spend time in front of the computers playing these games.

The dangers of such games are many. For one, when children spend hours in front of the computer screens, nothing else matters. They lose interest in their studies. What becomes a priority, is their game. They become addicted to the games and will become agitated if they do not get their daily “fix”.

Moreover, when children spend so much time alone in their little virtual world, they have no interest in socializing with other children. This will lead to antisocial behavior.

These games are expensive too. An original copy of the Counter Strike game children these days are so fond of, can easily cost a hundred dollars at least. Nevertheless, they are willing to spend their entire allowance on just one game.

But all is not lost. There are many things parents can do to tackle this problem.


Video games can bring about a lot of ill effects. Children who play too much video games tend to lose interest in their studies when the games become a priority to them. Moreover, the games can be addictive. Children become antisocial because they hardly mix with people. In addition, children tend to spend too much money on these expensive games.

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  • Because of the habit of playing video games, the children often skip their meals. Furthermore, there are three dangers associated with playing games. First, losing interest in the studies and becoming addicted to the games. Second, living in the virtual world with no socializing with other children, and that leads to anti-social behaviour. Lastly, spending the daily allowance to purchase the games.

  • Hi Author, Please review

    Columnist from press always tries to fill in the space by providing the exaggerated details on the topic they have heard from doctors. It was recorded that a serum can cure tuberculosis prepared through herbs. Doctors from their busy professional schedule will not read complete article that they have been interviewed on. For instance, reading an article, British thinks that through insulin America cures many diseases and in turn Canada made statement that insulin in deed cures many diseases which is not actually true.


  • The lecture is about excessive use of computer video game among children at nowadays and video game has too much disadvantages. Firstly, the game is very expensive, students are spending most of their time in it and they lose their full focus in studies and spend most of time alone , therefore children became antisocial.

  • 1) The speaker argues that although insulin is the best remedy to control the diabetes, but many countries are not ready to accept the fact due to negligence. Moreover, any medical news, which was published either from Canada or the US always have a upper hand in the medical field.

    2) The speaker explains how children spending their valuable time in front of computer video games and what could be consequences. They tend to skip meal, loose interests in studies and moreover, they don’t get socialized with other children. Even though video games are expensive but still they spend their entire allowances to buy it. There must be a way to handle this situation by parents.

  • According to lecture, the menace of video games is such that, children skip meals and family outings spending much time on online games. She picks some special points, such as the longer focus on computer screens brings down children’s interest in the study, and similarly, social isolation develops anti-social behavior in them. They also fail to learn economic values of money playing costlier games.

  • Lecture 2#

    Nowadays, children are spending many hours on video games. The first priority becomes playing even if he or she lost the meal. There are many dangers regarding this issue. Firstly, children will lose the interest towards the study. Also, spending many hours on virtual games causes antisocial personality. Parents should do many efforts to prevent these serious consequences to happen.

  • The speaker talked about the renovating in the medical field and how doctors behave toward this issue. In fact, most medical doctors holding attitude towards the new issues in the medical field. Some doctors read the medical journals while others are quack. Behaving in the medical field without confirmation is a fatal mistake.

  • Medical professionals are often sceptical about the news published by the press and have despised it since it has been propagating factious news to fill their empty spaces in the newspapers, propagating baseless facts while overplaying with the reality has become a practice, furthermore publicly announcing the cure for dire and chronic diseases is being found in affluent nations led to deep suspicious in the medical world.

    Authour, could you please review my summary and suggest me if this way of presentation will help, when one is unable to get hold of actual and accurate terms mentioned in the lecture.

    • There are no issues with grammar.

      This is a good way if you don’t get the lecture but you may lose marks for content.

  • The speaker was discussing about children’s activity of playing computer games for more time than required. They even skip their meals for playing their computer games. According to speaker, such activity has many harmful effects. For example, losing their interest in studies and became game addicted. The speaker suggested that apart from that, parents can perform their role in their children’s life to help them out from this.

  • Speaker explains, the interest of children in video game reaches at a level that most of the time they miss their meals. Video games are dangerous in many ways for children as they will lose interest in studies, socializing with other and will waste their money on expensive video games CDs. Nevertheless, parents can still do a lot by proper planning.

  • The speaker was discussing adverse effect of video games on children. She talked about how children are becoming addicted to the video games and losing interest in the study. As a result, children spend less time in the socialisation and eventually become anti-social. She suggested that Videos games are so expensive, so instead of spending whole pocket money on those games children can do other activities.

  • Children these days enjoy games so much that they get addicted to it which results in their skipping meals and neglecting any other matters. The other dangers include decreasing interest in studies, agitated behaviour, spending time alone, anti-social behaviour and spending their allowances on expensive games. Nevertheless, there are ways that parents can tackle these problems.

    Author please review. Thanks a lot.

  • #2 Today children are more into video games and can skip meals easily to play them, they give more priority to these games then studies or any other thing they even stopped interacting and playing with other children which leads to their antisocial behavior which demands measures taken by parents to stop their children.

  • 1. Medical professionals do not feel comfortable interacting with Media. They feel that reporters use half information and reveal something that is misleading, like there are news of that naive doctors rejuvenate AIDS, they spread wrong news such as America has cures for diabetes. They also hassle doctors and busy medical professionals.
    2. Nowadays children are getting addicted to playing video games and spend long hours. They tend to skip meals and do not go for family outings, due to which they are getting agitated and have not interest in socializing. These games are expensive; however, they do not mind spending their entire allowances in buying this. The parents are responsible and can tackle this situation.

  • SST 1- Medical people including doctors and scientist do not like news reporters, because they write illegitimate news and present wrong facts. For example, naive doctor rejuvenate AIDS. Reporters hassle busy medical professionals. So therefore, doctors will not believe what they read on the news. Another example, is American always cure diabetes.
    SST 2- Today, children become addicted to video games. They spend more time playing on the computer screen . They even escape meals and lack of interaction to others. As a result, this can lead to anti-social behaviour . Moreover, some of them spend all their allowance to buy video games, even though they are expensive. Parents should solve this problem.

  • Children addiction to video games has become a very common these days, sitting long hours in front of computer screens will lead may dangerous problems like losing interest in studies, cannot come out from their own virtual world, develops anti-social behavior and more spent on buying the costly games. Parents need to be cautious and should guide children before it becomes addition.

  • PARAGRAPH 2 : Children are playing video games using Computer. These games are danger for them and they are spending hours and hours in front of computer screen and losing their interest in studies. They are spending lot of times in their virtual world rather then social world. Even games are expensive and they are spending more money to buy games like counter Strike and spend their entire allowance into it.

  • Children’s addiction to video games leads to skipping meals and family outings. It leads to dangerous repercussions like video games becomes foremost priority, losing interest in other activities, getting agitated when confronted, give rise to habit of being alone thus promoting antisocial behavior and spending entire allowance to purchase costly games. Parents need to take required steps and educate the children about the aftermaths of this addiction.

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