PTE Academic Listening (Summarize Spoken Text-3) – Practice Sample

Summarize Spoken Text – You will hear a short report. Write a summary in 50-70 words.

Your response will be judged on the quality of your writing and on how well your response presents the key points presented in the report.

PTE Listening: Summarize Spoken Text

  • Listen to the audio and summarize it in your own words #1


Note: This transcript is given for your reference purpose only. It will not be given in PTE Academic examination.


Government health officials and doctors don’t like to talk about it. The major reason meth (methamphetamine) hooks people is that it increases their s*x drive and performance—for a short while, anyway.Click here to read full transcript

It is even more powerful than cocaine in this respect. Dr. Mary Holley of Alabama interviewed meth addicts. Both men and women said the effect on s*x was the number one reason they used the illegal drug. After about six months, meth addicts can’t have s*x unless they’re high, and after a while longer, they’re unable to have s*x at all.

At first, meth fires up the dopamine system in the brain. After a while, it burns it out. Once that happens, the person no longer functions s*xually. Besides causing brain damage, meth has other nasty effects. Paranoia is common. Some meth addicts hallucinate. Others become violent. Users who inject meth risk contracting HIV and hepatitis C, a life-threatening liver disease. Those who share needles are also at risk for other s*xually transmitted diseases. Meth users’ hair and teeth eventually fall out. The nation’s prisons are filled with former meth users whose teeth are crumbling. The prisons cannot afford the dental treatment for them.


The main reason people get hooked on meth (methamphetamine) is that it boosts their s*x drive and performance, but only temporarily. After about half a year, meth users can only have s*x when they’re high, and later on, they can’t have s*x at all. In addition, meth causes brain damage and has other terrible effects.


  • Listen to the audio and summarize it in your own words #2

TRANSCRIPT : Everything is going electronic and toys are no exception. Old fashioned playthings – like balls and building blocks are fast being replaced by gizmos that zoom around the room at the push of the buttonClick here to read full transcript

. Such toys provide instant entertainment, but contribute little to the child‟s psychological and physical development. A child building a tower with a basic set of blocks is having fun- he claps and laughs when the tower stands – but he is also developing some vital skills.

He learns to focus his attention, improves his hand and eye coordination and learns to visualize a goal. When the tower tumbles, he learns to approach the task in a different way.
Toys which allow unstructured play encourage imagination and creativity. Child psychologists feel that the high-tech novelties that we buy for children actually rob them of opportunities of mental and physical development. Many of the skills we use as adults were developed during playtime with the help of basic toys. Therefore, psychologists suggest saving some space for toys that work on kid power.

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  • Speaker was discussing on the topic of skills development of children while playing with the toys.
    She mentioned old fashioned toys replaced by new electronic toys like Gizmoz.
    She discussed playing with toys, it develops psychological and physical skills.
    She discussed playing with toys, develops eye co-ordination, some vital skills as well as mental skills.
    She highlighted psychologist suggest keeping some space for toys at home for kids.

  • Toys can be a source of physical, mental and psychological development for children.For instance, when kid dismantle a tower made of blocks ,this not only improves their imagination and creativity but also has a beneficial effect on their eye coordination .However, electronic toys are deprived of these benefits.

  • Topic 2:
    The speaker was discussing about the effect of evolving electronic toys. Firstly, she mentioned that physical toys might be replaced by gzomes. Later, she talked about how those electronic toys would affect physical and psychological development. Moreover, she described about enhancing children vital skills and concentration using physical toys. Finally, she suggested that children imagination, creativity, and development eventually improve by using non-electronic toys.

  • The talk delineates the side-effects of illegal drugs, which are used by men and women to increase sex duration. Specifically, people intake these drugs for the short-term fun without knowing its consequences. In an interview, a researcher outlined that, these drugs not only have bad effects on brain functioning but also cause deadly diseases such as HIV, liver, and other sexually transmitted diseases.

    The talk delineates the benefits of old fashion toys, which are replaced by electronic toys. Specifically, old fashion toys such as building blocks not only help children to develop their psychological skills but also enhance their physical abilities. Moreover, these games help kids to focus and visualise their goals and approach their tasks in different ways. It also developed their skills of creativity and imagination. The speaker suggested that parents should save some space for these games at home.

  • 1st topic:
    The speaker was discussing about the effect of meth. She said that it is a drug more powerful than cocaine. She informed that for a short time, meth increases sex drive as if fires the dopamine level in the brain. She also interviewed meth users and talked about the long-term negative effect of using the drug which includes brain damage, paranoia, and hair and teeth fallout.

    2nd topic:
    The speaker discussed about the effect of high tech toys to the kids of this generation. She informed that though electronic toys provide better entertainment, they also contribute to the lack of mental and physical development of children. She suggested that there should always be a room for traditional toys that help improve focus and vital skills of children.

    Please advise if this is ok or if any improvement can be done

  • The speaker was discussing drugs and sex. Firstly, he talked about government doctors does not talk about drugs used for sex, these are more powerful than cocaine. He described consequences of these drugs are no sex at all, it causes brain damage. He mentioned it causes problems like paranoia and also causes lever problems due to use of needles. Lastly, he pointed out prison are full due to dental problems.

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  • Nowadays, everything became electronic and toys are not an exception. These electronic toys give instant entertainment to children however these rob to learn new skills and physical development from children. In earlier days children used to play with building blocks so they improve attention, eye contact, creativity, and imagination. So Psychologists suggest giving the basic toys to children could improve kid power.

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  • The speaker was discussing about meth addicts and the consequent problems. She mentioned that doctors are also not talking about it however it is dangerous than cocaine. She also talked about meth drug is mainly using for improving their sex ability whereas after a while it leads to brain damage and they can’t sex at all. Finally she suggested that Meth drug will causes HIV and some dental issues.

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      causes → cause

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  • According to lecture, the threat of meth is substantial. It is more powerful than cocaine for sexual desires. According to experiments done on adults, people reported a gradual decrease in sexual arouses within six months and completely lost interest in sex later. It is also believed to damage brain, infuse paranoids in people, bring violent behavior in them. It also aggravates HIV and hepatitis in men. Admittedly damages the teeth.

    • According to lecture the effects of electronics replacing children’s games are many. The basic toy games such as balls and building blocks help in child’s overall development. Example building blocks enhance the visual skills and child’s visual ability to aim their goals improves. Childhood activities influence adults’ mental and physical development. So children must be encouraged to play basic toy games than electronics games.

  • Dear Author, Plz review

    Nowadays, everything is turning into electronics from the basic toys to high-end building equipments; the psychologist feels this will have a negative impact on the child’s growth, affecting the hand, eye coordination and thus we should avoid getting the gadgets that could spoil their future.

  • This lecture highlights the adverse impacts of electronics toys in affecting the overall development of children. According to the research at the push of a button electronic toy entertains a child temporarily although they do not foster learning skills, brain development, hand and eyesight coordination, minimizing the alternative learning approaches. Finally, robbing them of physical and mental development, Kids power, abilities need to be saved as per experts’ opinion.

    Authour, please provide your feedback!!

  • Speaker explains about meth, a drug used for s*x. Government health officials prohibit people to use this medicine as these drugs are more dangerous than cocaine. Initially a person enjoy s*x life for six months and then he becomes unable to do s*x. Furthermore, many diseases like brain damage and paranoia can affect him. His teeth and hairs may fall out.

    Speaker explains the negativity of electronic toys over manual ones. Electronic toys has rob kid’s creativity and development as he is just pushing the button to move a car or so. While his mental development and mind creativity increases when he/she plays with toys like building blocks.

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      – Third line (Intially should be accompanied by a comma)
      – Replace enjoy with ‘enjoys’

      2. replace ‘has’ with ‘have’
      Rest everything is OK.

  • The speaker was discussing meth drug adverse effect. She talked about people are using meth drug to increase their s*xual power. However, as a negative result after 6 months their s*x power gets drastically reduced and eventually they lose their s*x ability. Meth drug effects on mind and cause for for brain damage. Who inject directly this drug can suffer with HIV and Hepatitis B disease.

  • Government health officials and Doctors are worried about the current scenario of Meth usage. On interviewing Meth users, the medical representatives reported that Meth usage causes a rise in the s*x drive and performance for a short period. Other dangers include brain damage, Paranoia, Violent behaviour, positive HIV and Hepatitis C. Also, the users who share needles are at a risk of S*xually Transmitted Diseases and Teeth Crumpling.

    These days, electronic toys have become popular among children. Though they provide instant entertainment, they fail to contribute to the child’s psychological development. The old fashioned toys like the building blocks improve a child’s cognitive abilities and creativity in addition to providing entertainment. Hence, psychologists suggest that in early growing years, the child should be subject to toys that increase their brain development.

    Author please review. Thanks a lot.

  • #2 Now a days as electronic toys are used more by the children they are a good source of entertainment but does not contribute more in physical and psychological development of them, old fashioned toys like blocks helps to develop and enhance their brain activities, brain and movement co-ordination and healthy development of a child.

  • This is about impact of electronic toys on children psychology. psychologist urges the fact normal building blocks as an example will improve vital skills, different strategies and imaginary power, that will help children in their psychological improvement, but electronic toys are taking those opportunities. hence psychologists recommends non-electronic toys what work on them to improve children abilities.

  • Nowadays everything is on electronics so as toys. They provide instantaneous entertainment. However at past toys such as building blocks developed more skills. It made the avenue to approach problems in different way, enhanced the imagination and creativity. However electronic toys reduce such skills. Therefore it is suggested that kids should be offered with toys which run on kid power.

  • Old fashion toys are better than electronics. Electronic toys only add little development on kids in mental and physical development compared to old fashion toys. Basic toys has more benefits including entertainment, build creativity ,skills and develop goals. Psychologist stated, playing basic toys in early life help during adulthood. Also, it is important for the parents to find toys that give kid’ s power.

  • Methamphetamine users attracted to this illegal drug to increase s*xual drive and performance . Dr. Mary Holley of Alabama interviewed men and women methamphetamine addicts their number reasons of using this drug is to enhance s*xual performance. As a result, drug addicts may get brain damage, paranoia and hallucination. It can also cause s*xually transmitted disease, HIV and hepatitis when they share needles. Also users can lose their hair and teeth.

  • Electronic toys have replaced the older toys these days and provide instant entertainment which contributes very little to the psychologic and mental development of kids.Non-electronic toys provide opportunities for learning whereas new technological toys hardly lead to any physical or mental development. Psychologists suggest the use of some non-electronic toys for the development of mental processes.

  • • The major reason people get attracted towards meth (methamphetamine) is that it boosts their s*x drive and performance, but only temporarily. After six months they can s*x when they are high and after some longer they are unable to s*x. It causes brain damage and has some other terrible effects.
    • Everything is going electronic including toys. Old fashioned toys are now replaced by advancement of push button. It improves vital skills of the children with head and eye concentration. Children become imaginative and creative. And psychologist suggests to have some place for toys in everyone’s home for kid power.

  • Everything is going Electronics these days with no exception children toys. Basic toys has been replaced by electronic toys which moves around when buttons are pressed. Psychologists claimed that electronic toys contribute little to improve children’s intelligence for instance when a child build with a toy blocks when it tumbles,he or she creatively rebuild. High technology toys has rubbed children of their basic toys.

    • Everything is going Electronics these days with no exception children toys. Basic toys have been replaced by electronic toys which moves around when buttons are pressed. Psychologists claimed that electronic toys contribute little to improve children’s intelligence for instance when a child builds with toy blocks when it tumbles,he or she creatively rebuild. High technology toys has rubbed children of their basic toys.

  • Government health officials do not like to talk about the adverse effect of use meth, because it increases sex drive and performance for a while .It more powerful than some illegal drugs such as cocaine. It, makes the users paranoia , others becomes violent and they can easily be infected by hepatitis c or HIV. National prisons are filled with users of Meth, the prisons cannot afford the cost of medical treatment for the inmates.

  • In recent days, manual toys like building blocks or balls etc. are being replaced with electronic toys. However, playing with conventional toys impact not only on the mental & physical health but also has a vital role in psychological development of children and increase the abilities like focusing, eye contact, eye & hand coordination etc. So the psychologists have concluded that children should also play with manual toys.

  • This is a short and explicit summary which encapsulates the benefits of basic toys such as building blocks versus electronic toys. The lecturer explains that building blocks help to develop vital skills in children such as problem solving skills and creativity whereas, these opportunities are robbed with the use of electronic toys. Therefore, psychologists recommend that children should spend some time these toys.

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