PTE Academic Listening Test 14 – Fill In The Blanks – Practice Sample

Fill in the blanks – In this type of questions, you will hear a recording and after listening, type missing words in each gap. This item type will test your listening and writing skills.

PTE Academic Listening – Fill In The Blanks

46. Listen the following audio and type missing words in each blank.

Henricsson presented another system to extract suburban roofs from aerial images by combining two-dimensional edge information together with ___________ and chromatic attributes. Edges are extracted in the images and aggregated to form __________ contour line segments. For each contour, attributes are computed-based on the _________, color, proximity, and orientation, and saved for the next step. Contour segments then are matched using their _________. Segments in three dimension are grouped and merged according to an initial set of plane hypotheses.

photometric, coherent, luminance, attributes


47. Listen the following audio and type missing words in each blank.

The Battle of the Eureka Stockade, by which the rebellion is popularly known, was fought between miners and the Colonial forces of Australia on 3 December 1854 at Eureka Lead and named for the stockade structure ________ by miners during the conflict. The rebellion lasted for less than half an hour and resulted in the deaths of at least 27 people, the majority of whom were rebels. The event was the _________ of a period of civil disobedience in the Ballarat region during the Victorian gold rush with miners _________ to the expense of a miner’s licence.

erected, culmination, objecting


48. Listen the following audio and type missing words in each blank.

The scientific consensus is that the Earth’s climate system is __________ warming, and that it is extremely likely that this warming is predominantly caused by humans. It is likely that this mainly arises from increased _________ of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, such as from deforestation and the burning of fossil fuels, partially offset by human caused increases in __________; natural changes had little effect. National and international science academies and scientific societies have __________ current scientific opinion on global warming.

unequivocally, concentrations, aerosols, assessed

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