PTE Academic Listening Test 17 – Fill In The Blanks – Practice Sample

Fill in the blanks – In this type of questions, you will hear a recording and after listening, type missing words in each gap. This item type will test your listening and writing skills.

PTE Academic Listening – Fill In The Blanks

55. Listen the following audio and type missing words in each blank.

Menopause is characterized by greatly diminished levels of a group of ________ reproductive hormones called estrogens. Estrogens travel through the bloodstream and exert widespread ___________ effects on organ growth and development. Approximately 25 percent of postmenopausal women take supplemental estrogens to ___________ unpleasant symptoms of menopause, a practice called hormone replacement therapy. For example, HRT decreases the risk of ___________ disease and osteoporosis but may increase the risk of cancer.

steroid, physiological, alleviate, cardiovascular


56. Listen the following audio and type missing words in each blank.

The World Health Organization has been working with ministries of health and other stakeholders of Pacific island countries to build climate ___________ health systems. Although a disease-specific approach is useful initially, in the long run a comprehensive ___________ programme is required. As recommended by WHO, this programme should address (i) health governance and policies ___________ climate risks; (ii) health information, integrated surveillance and climate early warning systems; and (iii) preventive and ___________ services.

resilient, intersectoral, tackling, curative


57. Listen the following audio and type missing words in each blank.

Radon is a naturally occurring, colorless, odorless, and tasteless ___________ gas derived from the decay of thorium and uranium, which are common elements found in rock and soil. Radon gas becomes ___________ in houses and other buildings by seeping into cracks in foundations or basements or by entering through ___________ pumps or other drainage systems. Though most people have heard of radon, very few test their homes for the radioactive gas. One study reported that 82% of ___________ had heard of radon but only 15% had tested for radon.

radioactive, entrapped, sump, respondents


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