PTE Academic Listening Test 3 – Fill In The Blanks – Practice Sample

Listening: Fill in the blanks – In this type of questions, you will hear a recording and after listening, type missing words in each gap. This item type will test your listening and writing skills.

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PTE Academic Listening – Fill In The Blanks

12. Listen the following audio and type missing words in each blank.

While tariffs provided the ______ governments with much revenue, they restricted trade and movement between the colonies. Tariffs increased the cost of goods and made it hard for manufacturers based outside a colony to compete with local producers. Trade restrictions also ______ travelers; the train journey between Melbourne and Sydney was delayed at the border in Albury while customs officials searched passengers’ luggage. Free traders were among the most vocal supporters of the federation, ______ that it would strengthen the economy by abolishing tariffs and creating a single market.

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colonial, inconvenience, arguing.

13. Listen the following audio and type missing words in each blank.

The first histories of Eureka were those made by _______  both officially, in the parliamentary inquiries and commissions, and as private authors. Of the latter, the most remarkable is Raffaello Carboni’s The Eureka Stockade (1855), which offers a ______ and eccentric history by a participant. Later nineteenth-century historians of the event include Henry Gyles Turner. In the liberal version of Australian ______, Eureka was a central part of the story of how the Australian people became citizens through the achievement of representative and responsible government. H.V. Evatt argued that ‘Australian democracy was born at Eureka’, and Geoffrey Serle in his The Golden Age (1963) _____ the description of Eureka as a ‘fight for freedom’ and a ‘democratic protest against the arbitrary government’.

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contemporaries, vivid, history, endorsed.

14. Listen the following audio and type missing words in each blank.

The miners at Eureka struck out against British imperial authority, _____ to defend the flag of the Southern Cross as a _____ Australian symbol, and hinted at the possibility that Australia might _______ need to become independent of Britain. Radical nationalist historians – such as R.S. Ross in Eureka: Freedom’s Fight of ’54 (1914), Robin Gollan in his ______ and Working Class Politics (1960, 1967), and to some extent Manning Clark in A History of Australia (vol.4, 1978) – have produced more heroic versions of Eureka, seeing it as one of the first _______ statements of Australian nationalism, and as perhaps the first great event in the _______ of the labour movement. An important strand of this ________  has stressed the Irish presence at Eureka – a theme in C.H. Currey’s 1954 The Irish at Eureka and in John Molony’s 1984 narrative account, Eureka. Literary writing from the 1880s tended also to reproduce a ______ and heroic account of Eureka.

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swore, distinctively, reluctantly, radical, important, emergence, interpretation, nostalgic.

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  • 12. colonial, inconvenience, arguing.
    13. contemporaries, vivid, history, endorsed.
    14. swore, distinctively, reluctantly, radical, important, emergence, interpretation, nostalgic.

  • colonial inconvenience arguing

    contemporaries vivid history endorse

    swore distinctively reluctantly radical important emergence interpretation nostalgic

  • 12. Colonial, inconvenience, arguing.
    13.Contemporaries, waver, history, endures.
    14. Swore, distinctively, reluctantly, radicals, important, emergence, interpretation, nostalgic.

  • 12. -,inconvenience,arguing
    13. contemporary,evidence,history,endeavors
    14. swore, distinct, relay, radical, importance, emergence, interpretation,-
    will plz send me the correct answers

  • 1. colonial, inconvenienced, arguing
    2. contemporaries, vivid, history, endorsed
    3. swore, distinctive, radical, important, emergence, interpretation, nostalgic

  • 14.Swore,distinctively,reluctantly,radical,important,emergence,interpretation,nostalgic.

    Added the first and last fill,also corrected the spelling of radical.

  • 12.colony,inconvenience,arguing.

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