PTE Academic Listening Test 7 – Fill In The Blanks – Practice Sample

Fill in the blanks – In this type of questions, you will hear a recording and after listening, type missing words in each gap. This item type will test your listening and writing skills.

PTE Academic Listening – Fill In The Blanks

25. Listen the following audio and type missing words in each blank.

An American Depository Receipt (henceforth ADR) represents ownership in foreign shares that trade in US markets. The investment design allows for buying the foreign companies without the _______ of engaging in FOREX transactions or dealing with stock exchanges in other countries. Although investors may ________ internationally by purchasing mutual fund shares including exchange-traded funds, the ADR still allows for the picking and _________ of individual firms over others. Also, having the foreign firm’s stock _______ in the US makes investing in an ADR as easy as investing in a US firm.

hassles, diversify, choosing, listed


26. Listen the following audio and type missing words in each blank.

The idea of the maternal as a historically and socially _________ process is a relatively recent theme in feminist art and thought, ________ in politically engaged work in the 1960s and ’70s. In the United States, this topic was a major focus of Adrienne Rich’s poetic and activist challenge to traditional _______ of motherhood. Her “motherhood as experience” and “motherhood as enforced identity and as political institution,” continue to _______ among feminists today.

constructed, emerging, notions, resonate


27. Listen the following audio and type missing words in each blank.

The tonadas trinitarias are an Afro-Cuban musical _______ native to Trinidad de Cuba, a town on Cuba’s south-central coast. They represent a _______ product of guajiro and Bantu-derived musical practices, originating among members of Trinidad’s Cabildo de San Antonio de Congos Reales in the late nineteenth century. Now confined to the local _______ stage as tourist entertainment, in their original form they were performed by neighborhood groups of singers and drummers during _______ transits through the town’s streets.

manifestation, transcultural, folkloric, nocturnal


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