PTE Academic Reading – Re-order Paragraphs Practice Sample 11

Reorder Paragraphs  – In re-order paragraphs, you are required to arrange to restore the original order of the text. The answers are given at the end.

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PTE Academic Reading Re-order Paragraphs

1. Re-order / Rearrange the sentence in such a way that make sense.

[A]. The Civil Aviation Ministry should learn from history and stop meddling with the cycle of creative destruction and with the forces of a free market.
[B]. But the Centre should not be playing knight in shining armor, particularly at a time when public sector banks have enough bad debt on their hands.
[C]. It may be recalled that no good came out of banks being forced to convert a chunk of their loans to the now defunct Kingfisher Airlines into equity, and that too at a stiff premium on the market price.
[D]. If SpiceJet goes belly up, the market will find a way of restoring equilibrium, which could happen sooner rather than later with other airlines set to take to the Indian skies.
[E]. It is by no means certain at this juncture that SpiceJet will go the Kingfisher way; it may well earn a fresh lease of life if the funding that it is trying to cobble together materializes.



2. Re-order / Rearrange the sentence in such a way that make sense.

[A]. Its cargo consisted of 38 sacks of spices and Magellan himself had been hacked to pieces on the beach of Mactan in the Philippines
[B]. So contrary to popular belief it was the crew of the Victoria who were the first men to have sailed around the globe.
[C]. In September 1522 Victoria, the sole survivor of the Armada, limped into the Spanish port Sanlucar, manned by a skeleton crew of 15, so weak they could not talk
[D]. In September 1519 the Armada de Molucca of five ships and 250 sailors has set out from San Lucar de Barrameda under the command of Fernando de Magellan
[E]. It was to sail to the spice islands of the Malayan Archipelago where they were to exchange an assortment of bells, mirrors, and scissors for cinnamon and cloves.



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    • DEACB is correct. ‘DC’ as a pair does not make sense.

      D is the best opening sentence & best fit. Sentence ‘D’ talks about Armada de Molucca started its voyage from San Lucar de Barrameda. Taking the explanation further, sentence ‘E’ talks about where it was heading to. Last few words of sentence ‘E’ tells you about it was carrying then sentence ‘A takes the discussion further.

      ‘B’ concludes its perfectly, so DEACB is correct.

      • shouldnt it be DECAB.
        A says it consists of 38 bags of spices as cargo which they got from malayan peninsula and then Magellan was hacked in Phillipines which describe the state of the sailor.

      • Hi Author,

        I think DECAB makes better sense than DEACB.

        A – Talks about “hacking of Magallen” which should come only after C – the Victoria ship with only 15 sailors reaching back to port.

  • how is the marking if i partially correct.
    Will all the marks deducted or score some in re-order paragraphs

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