PTE Academic Reading – Re-order Paragraphs Practice Sample 12

Reorder Paragraphs  – In re-order paragraphs, you are required to restore the original order of the text. This item type assesses reading skills. It requires test takers to be familiar with the organization and cohesion of academic texts and arrange text boxes in a single correct order.

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PTE Academic Reading Re-order Paragraphs

1. Re-order / Rearrange the sentence in such a way that make sense.

[A]. However, the real challenge today is in unlearning which is much harder.
[B]. But the new world of business behaves differently from the world in which we grew up.
[C]. Learning is important for both people and organizations.
[D]. Each of us has’ mental model’ that we vet used over the years to make sense.


CADB. Clearly there 2 pairs ‘CA’ & ‘DB’

2. Re-order / Rearrange the sentence in such a way that make sense.

[A]. In fact, during the 1966-67 season in New York, theater-goers could have seen ’Barefoot in the park’;’ The odd Couple’;’ Sweet Charity’ and ‘The Star-Spangled Girl’, which were all running simultaneously.
[B]. His first play for Broadway was ‘Come Blow Your Horn’, which had a limited success and encouraged him to write his first real smash Broadway hit, ‘Barefoot in the Park’.
[C]. With the advent of television, he progressed to shows like The Ed Sulli van programme and, in particular, two and a half years with the highly successful Bilko series which is still showing throughout the world.
[D]. Neil Simon, who is, without a doubt, America’s Leading comedy writer, started his career when only sixteen years old, writing with his brother Daniel, scripts for radio.


DCBA. The paragraph is about Neil Simon & sentence ‘D’ is the best opening sentence.  The character did something for radio, then progressed for Television, that is why I have placed ‘C’ after ‘D’. ‘BA’ is a pair concluding with his achievements in part A

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  • Hi There,

    According to me D B A C seems to be correct answer because D introduces a person and his career then B talks about his first play next A describes the actual situation of shows which were all running simultaneously last C sentence tells about his improvement and success.

    Please correct me if my answer is incorrect.


  • Q2 does not make any sense if you do not know Europe’s geography. I think I’ve seen that question before on this website.

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