PTE Academic Reading and Writing: Fill In The Blanks Sample Practice Test 1

Reading and Writing: Fill in the blanks – A text appears on screen with several gaps. This item type integrates reading and writing skills, and requires test takers to use contextual and grammatical cues to complete a reading text by identifying a single correct answer for each blank.

Answers are given at the end

Fill in the blanks Practice Exercise

Fill in each gap from list of options given below.

Every year thousands of people travel to Britain in order to improve their standard of English. For many, however, this can be a (1) ……. experience due to the fact that it involves (2) ……. a strange school, staying in sometimes unpleasant accommodation and living in an unfamiliar culture.

(1) a) sore b) aching c) sick d) painful

(2) a) attending b) going c) studying d) learning

One (3) ……. to these problems is the Home-stay method. With this, students are each assigned a teacher (4) ……. to their language requirements and interests. As well as giving individual tuition, the teacher (5) …….. the student with information about what activities are available locally and (6) ….… them on trips.

(3) a) requirement b) answer c) argument d) reaction

(4) a) expecting b) matching c) suited d) prepared

(5) a) advises b) provides c) offers d) suggests

(6) a) goes b) takes c) brings d) carries

Students get between ten and twenty hours of tuition a week and are also expected to (7) …… in the family’s daily activities. The students speak English at all times and therefore learn how to use the language in everyday (8) ….. Home-stay programs usually (9) …… for up to four weeks. Although costs are higher than of regular language schools, students can feel (10) …… that they will be receiving top-class language teaching in a safe and pleasant environment.

(7) a) do b) join c) attach d) connect

(8) a) positions b) chances c) situations d) occasions

(9) a) pass b) stay c) remain d) last

(10) a) confident b) reliable c) self-assured d) satisfactory


1. painful 2. attending 3. answer 4. suited 5. suggests 6. takes 7. join 8. situations 9. last 10. confident

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  • Thanks for the content. Please provide the question and answers for “PTE Academic Reading and Writing: Fill In The Blanks ” of the recent exam.

  • Have already gone through the explanation you gave for not using ‘provides’, still couldn’t understand.

    You say “We use provide where one person is furnishing or supplying something. For eg – The Web site provides information about local activities.”

    In the passage also the teachers are supplying the information to children. Then, why not ‘provides’? And also why and how ‘suggests’ of all ?

    Author please explain

    • We use provide where one person is furnishing or supplying something. For eg – The Web site provides information about local activities.

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