PTE Academic Reading and Writing: Fill in the blanks Sample Practice

Fill in the blanks – A text appears on screen with several gaps. Fill in each gap from list of options given below.

Reading and Writing: Fill in the blanks 

Fill in each gap from list of options given below.

This is a recipe that would have been 1) ___________ to all Britons living and working in the Imperial Raj. Indeed the 2) ___________ of Indian cooks, British tastes and exotic foods have made a lasting 3) ________ on British cuisine right down to the present day.

1   a) familiar         b) recognized     c) renowned        d) noted

2   a) merger          b) unite              c) combination     d) coalition

3   a) impression    b) perception     c) verdict              d) opinion

New, strange and exciting ingredients would be used to 4) ___________ and recreate familiar, edible and nutritious meals befitting the 5) __________ class that they had become. Lack of refrigeration, a hot and humid climate and unfamiliar cooking facilities would all 6) _____ to make cooking an even more 7) ___________ prospect than it already would have been. However, the results of these intrepid culinary explorers could often be an interesting 8) ___________ of East meets West.

4    a) attempt       b) try                  c) seek             d) trial

5    a) general       b) widespread    c) ruling          d) dominate

6    a) colluded      b) accessory      c) conspire      d) plan

7    a) exhausted    b) mysterious    c) enigmatic    d) difficult

8    a) add              b) combine        c) addition      d) mix


1 (a)    2 (c)    3 (a)    4 (b)    5 (c)    6 (c)    7 (d)    8 (d)

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