PTE Academic Speaking – Answer Short Question Practice Sample

Answer Short Question – Please give a simple and short answer. Often just one or a few words is enough. You will given 10 seconds to record your answer.

We have compiled most recent and important answer short questions. Hope it will help others.

PTE Academic Speaking Answer Short Question

  1. Who specializes in the study of psychological effect of words? – Psycholinguist
  2. Who specializes in the study of earth and its composition? – Geologist
  3. What emergency service is usually called when someone is in trouble at sea? – Coastguard
  4. The medical graduate serving as a apprentice in a hospital taking medical training is an? – Intern
  5. What crime has someone stealing items from a shop commited? – Shop Lifting
  6. Treatment of diseases by drugs whose effect on the bosy is the opposite of the disease. – Allopathy
  7. The doctor who specializes in the treatment of children’s deseases ? – Pediatrician
  8. What is piece of paper with official information written on it? – Document
  9. What do we call the last game in a sporting competition, which decide the champion?- Finals
  10. What is a series of events that happen in your mind while you are sleeping? – Dream
  11. What do you call the number of people living in a specific area? – Population
  12. What is the most important document you would have to show if you wanted to hire a car?Drivers Licence
  13. What is a violent conflict between two or more countries? – War
  14. What is it called when two or more people are speaking to each other? – Conversation
  15. What is a that person belongs to an organization called? – Member
  16. What piece of equipment shows a person what direction they are traveling? – Compass
  17. What piece of equipment would you use for floating on the sea? – Aquaplane
  18. What organ controls your speech, feelings, body movement and thoughts? – Brain
  19. Who is a person that makes bread, cakes and pastries? – Baker
  20. What do we call a picture that a doctor takes to see inside your body? – X-ray
  21. What is the name of a system of government in which the people elect their leaders? – Democracy
  22. What kind of punishment is less severe, an imprisonment or community service ? – Community service
  23. Where would you most likely go to buy some flour; a bakery, a florist or a supermarket? – Supermarket
  24. In the animal kingdom, the purpose of camouflage to attract a mate, to find food or to hide? – to hide 
  25. What do we call it when the Moon completely blocks out the light from the Sun? – Solar Eclipse
  26. What do you call an apartment that is below ground level? – Basement apartment
  27. What word describes moving a program or other material from a website to your computer?- Downloading
  28. What piece of equipment would you use to go diving in the sea, an aqualung or an aquaplane? – Aqualung
  29. A disease or accident which ends in death? – Fatal
  30. A person who does not believe in the existence of god. – Atheist
  31. Animals that eat flesh. – Carnivorous
  32. A tank where fish or water plants are kept. – Aquarium
  33. Person who believes in the existence of God – Theist
  34. Two children born at same time ? – Twins
  35. That which is subject to death ? – Mortal
  36. An assembly of listeners: – Audience
  37. A person who is unable to pay his debts – Insolvent
  38. A person coming to a foreign land to settle there – Immigrant
  39. Building in which dead bodies are kept for a time – Mortuary
  40. A person who wishes to throw his establishment – Anarchist

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