PTE Academic Speaking Read Aloud Practice Test 4 – Sample Exercises

Read Aloud Practice Test – A text appears on the screen, you are required to read the text aloud as naturally and clearly as possible.

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PTE Speaking Read Aloud Practice Test


Many of the immigrants to America in colonial days were capitalists themselves, in a small or a large way, and paid their own passage. What proportion of the colonists were able to finance their voyage across the sea is a matter of pure conjecture. Undoubtedly a very considerable number could do so, for we can trace the family fortunes of many early settlers.



By the beginning of the Woodland period, climatic conditions had reached an approximation of the modern climate. The Woodland period is marked by the manufacture of ceramic vessels, construction of mounds, an unequal distribution of exotic raw materials and finished goods, and horticultural activity. In the Arkansas River Valley region, however, very little is known of Woodland period patterns of prehistoric life.



Eight hundred years before the plague epidemic known as the Black Death killed as many as 20 million people in Western Europe, a similar scourge decimated the population of the Byzantine Empire. The Justinian plague—named for Emperor Justinian I, who himself was struck with the disease, but survived—broke out between A.D. 541 and 544.



The final details were worked out between British and French diplomats in Europe, an ocean apart from the actual battlefields. In February 1763, The Treaty of Paris made the northern portion of New France (including Canada and some additional lands to the south and west) officially a British colony. Ultimately, Canada would be transferred over to the British without much protest.


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  • hi
    your material is really helpful
    I am facing problem in my pronunciation,would you suggest me how to improve it
    I got 56 in speaking with 36 in pronunciation

    • Thanks. Try to speak natural and at your own pace. Record your voice & listen to yourself. Watch videos on Youtube & try to learn from them.

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