PTE Academic Speaking Test 7 – Read Aloud – Practice Sample

Read Aloud Practice Test –  The test takers are required to read a short text aloud, using correct pronunciation and intonation.

Not sure how to do it properly? Check the Sample Audio for Read Aloud below.

PTE Speaking Read Aloud Practice Test

  1. Read this text aloud as naturally and clearly as possible.

Security was extra tight around Windsor with marksmen on rooftops, officers mingling in the crowd and police with sniffer dogs patrolling the route. However, the only public disturbance was a streaker who broke away from the crowd and was quickly apprehended by police. After the walkabout the new Royal couple returned to Windsor Castle for a service of blessing led by the Archbishop of Canterbury.



2. Read this text aloud as naturally and clearly as possible.

How would you feel about spending months on the road travelling solo from the UK to China, by bike? For British cyclist Pete Jones, camping rough and cycling long distances through inhospitable terrain are second nature. Mr Jones is currently undertaking a mammoth trip across the Eurasian continent from Britain to China.



3. Read this text aloud as naturally and clearly as possible.

The first signs of anaemia are feeling tired all the time without any identifiable reason i.e. you are not recovering from an illness. You will also suffer from heart palpitations as your heart works harder to pump the extra oxygen-carrying blood needed around your body. If you are suffering from severe anaemia, you could also experience chest pains – known as angina – headaches and leg pains.


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