PTE Academic Summarize Written Text Practice Questions

Summarize Written Text In One Sentence – Read the passage below and summarize it using 1 sentence (between 5 and 75 words). Type your response in the box at the bottom of the screen. Your response will be judged on the quality of your writing and on how well your response presents the key points in the passage.

PTE Practice Questions – Summarize Written Text 

  • Read and summarize written text in your words.

The shipping container is one of the mainstays of international trade. The globalised modern economy depends on the rapid and efficient movement of goods that containerisation allows. In many ways it was the advent of the container that allowed this globalised economy to develop.

Invented during World War two as an efficient method of moving equipment to the front lines, there are now at any one time up to 15 million containers being used to transport goods on land and sea or waiting to be filled at factories and ports. They are vital in the supply chain and have allowed the added efficiency of “just in time” inventory management, where companies no longer keep large warehouses of stock or parts, but rely on the ability to quickly order what they want from their suppliers. It is estimated that since the 1980s the ratio of inventory to GDP in American business’ has fallen from 25% to 15%. Altogether total business inventory in the US is estimated at $1.5 trillion, without “just in time” management methods this might be as much as $2.5 trillion.

This means that companies rely more and more on the prompt delivery of parts from their suppliers to fulfill orders. This is particularly true of industries such as computer manufacture, which no longer make all the parts of the products that bear their names, but instead out source, often to suppliers half way around the world. American computer manufacturers are, for example, increasingly dependent on Asian microchip manufacturers in countries such as Taiwan and Thailand.


PTE Academic Writing – Summarize Written Text Practice Sample #5

PTE Academic Writing – Summarize Written Text Practice Sample #6

  • Read and summarize written text in your words.

Times are fraught, and overstretched executives are constantly on the lookout for a way to clear their minds so they can work in a calmer, more effective, and more responsive way. Cultivating a special state of consciousness called ‘mindfulness’ – an intense awareness of the here and now – is proving attractive to a growing number of senior managers, both in the US and here.

Mindfulness is achieved by meditation techniques, often involving sitting on a cushion, eyes closed, concentrating on the inflow and outflow of your breath. Or you might spend 10 minutes studying, sniffing, tasting and finally eating a piece of fruit. That might make it sound like a remnant of the hippy-dippy, navel-gazing 1960s and 1970s, but the evidence for mindfulness’s effectiveness is good enough to have impressed hard-nosed companies such as Google (which has invited mindfulness gurus to speak at the Googleplex), General Mills, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Deutsche Bank, Procter & Gamble, AstraZeneca, Apple, Credit Suisse, KPMG, Innocent, Reuters and many more.

According to Don McCormick, assistant professor of management at California State University and a dedicated meditator, it ‘can help individuals to manage workplace stress, perform tasks more effectively, enhance self-awareness and self-regulation, experience work as more meaningful, improve workplace relationships, increase ethical behaviour, and make perception more accurate’. It is said to pay dividends for leaders and managers, by improving the quality of their listening and communicating.

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  • Mindfulness’s effectiveness impressed many leading companies as this meditation technique helps in clearing mind’s of an overstretched person.

  • Global economy depends on shipping containers which plays vital role in International trade to deliver goods at prompt time.

  • Shipping Container playing a major role in developing country economy ,and at present we can transport 15 million containers at a time:but in 1980’s American GDP has declined 10 percent,and later companies started supplying goods to other places:for instance computer manufacturing organizations supplies microchips to Taiwan ,Thailand.

    Mindfulness is achieved through meditation,one can experience while eating ,studying,doing yoga,moreover even larger organizations were using same method,as it helps us to reduce work stress, increase self-awareness,:hence,we can also maintain a proper relationships

  • An effective way to build self-awareness, manage stress, allows to improve work ethics and self-regulations is prevailing in various corporate workplaces across the world today, also increases productivity, in termed as “Mindfulness”

  • Meditation technique that helps executives refresh their minds in order to perform and communicate in workplaces effectively ended up improving productivity commonly termed as ‘mindfulness’ is able to convince corporate giants as explained by scholars.

  • “Just in time” enable companies in US to stop stocking goods in huge quantity that reduces the extra inventory cost while keeping and ordering only the required quantity which has been made possible by World War invention, Containerization.

  • Shipping containers is a just in time invention which plays a crucial role in promoting international trade by transporting goods and supplies across the world on land and water and this improves the global economy

  • To established and run business at international level , shipping container is vital to transport goods from one country to other.

  • The shipping containers used for goods movement through water and road, with its prompt delivery efficiency “Just in time” is one of the main reasons in developing the global economy in the supply-chain management system.

  • The globalized modern economy heavily depends on the faster and quick movement of goods and containerization have successfully made this possible, almost as high as 15 million containers are waiting to be filled at factories and ports have helped Just in time inventory management which means that companies are now relying more and outsourcing their manufacturing work globally enabling companies diversify their business.

  • Mindfulness a simple and east meditation technique has been found very beneficial way to manage workplace stress, perform tasks more effectively, enhance self-awareness and self-regulation, experience work as more meaningful, improve workplace relationships, increase ethical behavior, and make perception more accurate and this evidence resulted into corporates to invite mindfulness guru to speak at their organization and benefit from the positive effects of mindfulness.

  • The containers first time invented during World war two have improved the supply chain system with an option of “just in time” inventory management that is now being adopted by companies to reduce warehouse stock cost.

  • Mindfulness is attained by meditation which helps managers to work calmer, more effective and responsible way, especially, this is a good way to impress big companies including Goggle, General Mills, Deutsche Bank, Procter & Gamble, AstraZeneca, and Apple.

  • After the invention of shipping container during world war two, it is easy to move goods from one place to other for various industries, thus, the modern economy mainly depends on the shipping containers.

  • Successful leaders and executives are using mindfulness meditation techniques to manage their work more effectively without any stress and maintain good ethics & integrity in workplace.

  • The method ‘Just-in time’ inventory management reduce the cost of companies business inventory but at the same time they have to rely on suppliers for quicker and prompt delivery.

  • Various companies have increased the productivity of their employees by the concept of Mindfulness,which is achieved through the simple techniques of meditation.

  • The usage of Shipping container for the delivery of goods has a significant impact on the business model of supply chain of various industries, by providing them an economical way of transferring the products rapidly.

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