PTE Academic Writing Sample Essay – What Is The Influence Of Region On Person’s Success?



Many people are of opinion that region plays a prime factor in a person’s success. In my opinion success not only depends on the environment or the native place to which the person belongs but it is also dependent upon the effort one puts in to achieve the success. In this article, I will further explain my view with valid examples.

Often one’s native place lacks basic facilities but a person acquires leadership qualities and determination to become a successful person in one’s life from his native place only. The behavior of family members, neighbors, friends, classmates, roommates or teachers defines the overall personality and trait of a person. The people with which you spend your entire childhood plays an important role in achieving your dreams but to learn new things and acquire essential skills that are required to bag good opportunities one needs to move out his native place.

However, it is not only native environment that plays the important role in individual success. After an individual move out from his native place, he learns new things & meets new people. Meeting new people expand one’s horizon and perspective that helps the person to think beyond one’s abilities and work towards their dreams. For example – Barack Obama, 44th President of the United States achieved all his success after leaving his native place. New places helped him learn new skills and opened “an ocean of opportunities”.

To conclude, the only native environment may not be behind an individual’s success. There are a lot of other factors that take an individual towards success.

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  • Societies and regions are really important for any person of a community because in a developed region you have more chances than in a developing region. Some schools of thoughts believe that regions play an important role in the success of a person while other groups of people argued that it depends on the capabilities of a person. This essay will elaborate that how the region affects the lives of people in the way of their progress and what is the role of that region from where he belongs?
    Firstly, yes, the native region has the deep effect on the personality of a person because he learnt so many things at the early age of his life. For example, his behaviour with other, his way of communication, a way of working, even the way of living style all depend on his native region but you can develop yourself according to the society where you want to survive.
    Secondly, the developed region where you have every type of facilities and chances to prove your self and your knowledge in front of others is better than to live in a developing region. For the success of life, you need to change your environment and surrounding to learn new thing to compete with the fast-moving world. Region for a successful person is definitely important in every perspective.
    This essay argued that how a native and developed region influence on an accomplished person. In my opinion, region matters in the success of a man no matter how much he has the abilities and capabilities.

  • It is believed that a successful person is influenced by the place where he or she lived in childhood. I think it contributes to a person’s life to get success. I have seen many people in my country whose life is really influenced by nature where they grew up.
    Every person is connected with nature where they are living. Especially the personality is being shaped by a combination of the nurture and nature with a major role in nature, the dictionary of psychology. For example, one of my senior brothers was born in a rural area of Nepal, where he had to run for nearly five miles per day to go to the school. He must have to work for at least 4 hours a day to have a food into the mouth during morning and night. From that critical condition, he learned to do hard work and later he became a field marshal at Nepal Army.

    Furthermore, that place and the environment or undeveloped place where he grew up and had to run by foot ups and downs to a hill taught him a big lesson and he did very well in his life from nothing to everything for his family. Now he realized about the pain of his legs when he had to climb a hill and bought motor rods in his village.
    In conclusion, it is said to be that the place where a person has grown up or born, it plays a vital role in his or her entire life to get success in every steps. Because, every place has its unique feature which drives a person towards success.

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