PTE Academic Writing Sample Essay – How Law & Society Affects The Behaviour Of A Person


Some people say that law affects the behaviour of a person. But some believe society plays an important role to build a good behaviour rather than the law. Give your opinion?

Complete the topic within 20 minutes. Write a 300 word essay.


Some people say that law affects the behavior of a person. But some believe society plays an important role to build a good behavior rather than the law. In this article I am going to lay my opinion after analyzing the both sides.

Some people are of the view that there are many ways through which laws affect economic, social and physical conditions that, in turn, affect the behavior of a person. In our day to day life, we as a citizen of a country are supposed to follow its laws which are meant for our betterment. Following the law in our daily life induces it in people’s habit which in turn affect behavior of a person.

For example: Driving a car is accompanied by the rules that are defined in a state’s law. To avoid punishment or fine, it becomes a person’s habit to fasten seat belt or follow speed limit or stop when traffic light signal is red. The fear of punishment stop people from going against the law.

However, some experts are of the opinion that society plays an important role in shaping up a person’s behavior rather than the law. From media to peer, society can have both good and ill influence on a person. The unspoken social norms not only changes the behavior but attitude of the follower. For example: the latest fashion or slang words spread more readily in a peer or if a group decides what policies of the government to support then every member follows.

Often the value or education we get as a teen from schools or colleges affects the kind of person we are today and that shapes up our personality as a whole. It also influences the society as a whole. There is no denial that every individual has its own unique personality and thoughts, but we have seen that they are shaped by the society we live in and culture we follow.

At the end I want to conclude that both law and society can have negative and positive influence on a person. As we grow we become more aware of the legal issues and society’s laws. As a person is well aware about the risk of getting into illegal activities so he/she might think twice before engaging in such things like drug use. Society alone can not induce good behavior but the effect of both factors influences changes in attitudes or behavior.

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