PTE Academic Writing Sample Essay – Marriage Before Completing Studies


It is usually foolish to get married before completing your studies and getting established in a good job. Do you agree or disagree?

Complete the topic within 20 minutes. Write a 300 word essay.


We are living in the era of advanced technologies and in this competitive world, its not at all easy to build an excellent career. Marriage and career both are an important stage in today’s life. With an established career its easy to get settled after marriage and live happily. There are some people who are in favor of getting married in their early 20’s while some advocate about focusing on career first prior to marriage. Before presenting my opinion, I would like to present both sides of argument and then come to a conclusion.

The people favoring the idea of getting married before completing the studies supports it with the fact that getting married at the age of 20’s provides the opportunity to study and grow together. 20’s is an apt age to get settled and work together for a brighter future, towards development and success. You will get the whole lot support of your life partner in the studies and eventually help in building a good career.

A partner can lend a helping hand in meeting your responsibilities and duties. This way you can focus more on your studies and professional life. For example, you and your partner can help each other in the studies and early age provides you more time to know each other and build a better future.

In this competitive world, nothing comes easy. Anyone who wants to achieve success and a relaxed life would have to work hard in the right direction choosing the right path. These days students work hard to achieve good grades so to put a strong base to their professional life. Being successful in career one can live a happy married life.

A whole lot of responsibilities and duties are awaiting to accept after marriage and there is no denial in the fact that life partner and then kids require your time, attention, love and care. While studying and developing career, it would be difficult to provide proper time and attention to the family.


In conclusion, marrying before completing studies and securing a good job give rise to lot of problems including financial, leading to poor standard of living. So it is better to think about getting settled, marriage and having kids after settling down professionally.

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  • Recently, marriage before finishing study has sparked an ongoing controversy, which inevitably leads to a moot question “is marriage before settling down a foolish idea?”. Whereas it is a widely held view that getting married before graduation or getting a job is not a good choice, I will discuss controversial aspects of that throughout this essay.
    From the marital life standpoint, emotional issues are bound up inextricably with early marriage, which indicates they lead to both stressful lifestyle and marital breakdown. As a well-known example, a longitudinal study conducted by eminent scientists in 2014 demonstrates the relationship between personal attitude and emotional maturity as well as an exponential increase in responsibility. Their academic criticism was impressive. Researchers, nevertheless, paid heed to personal traits, married life, and marital deprivation alike. Consequently, my empirical evidence presented thus far supports the contention that the likelihood of having successful marriage is correlated positively with not only emotional supports but also adapting to family life.
    Within the realm of life charges, without the slightest doubt, financial problems attribute to low-paid job, in that it would come down to living costs, household expenditure, and primary needs. A salient example of such attribution is tuition fees, which is a cause for concern since it was mistaken to take economic burden for granted. Had there been a paradigm shift earlier, scholars might have had the opportunity to pinpoint joblessness problems. Likewise, hardly had they confined their attention to secured job, affording, and even divorce rates. Besides, this criterion is an indispensable part of modern lifestyle. Hence, it is reasonable to infer the pivotal role of financial difficulties in divorce rate.
    Within the realm of education and work, without the slightest doubt, educational achievements attribute to full-time study, in that it would come down to focusing on academics, allocating time, and achieving good grades. A salient example of such attribution is finding job, which is a cause for concern since it was mistaken to take arduous work for granted. Had there been a paradigm shift earlier, scholars might have had the opportunity to pinpoint professional life problems. Likewise, hardly had they confined their attention to educational failure, low-income families, and even separation. Besides, this criterion is an indispensable part of modern lifestyle. Hence, it is reasonable to infer the pivotal role of prosperous job to avoid marriage breakdown.
    To conclude, as for myself, as the saying goes “all’s well that ends well,” after analyzing what elaborated above, I entirely agree that marriage before graduation and settling down is not a good idea. However, with the benefit of hindsight, we conceive the more we research, the further we discover. Meanwhile, the local authorities are recommended to enforce some strict legislation, and individuals are hoped to heighten their intellect.

  • Indubitably, there is an emerging trend throughout the world where youngsters find themselves trapped in cut through competition and do not get time for personal achievements like marriage. While it is possible to claim that people can get married before completing education or attaining success in their professional lives, my view is that the benefits considerably outweigh the disadvantages. This essay will discuss why people should delay marriage for the time they complete their studies and achieve some success in their lives.
    Invariably, myriad people believe that one should get married only if he has completed his academics and achieved desired success in his profession. The most compelling reasons of reckoning this fact is that an important social responsibility like marriage can be handled successfully if person is financially secure and mentally ready or stable. According to ‘Times Magazine’ report in year 2017, as many as 30 percent of youngsters in India are willingly or unwillingly trapped in married life before completing their education and attaining professional goals and then ended up miserably. In other words, it is required to be financially stable and educated before one feel ready to take bigger responsibilities like marriage and children.
    On the other hand, people with parochial attitude have completely different views on this matter. It is often argued that a delayed marriage can result many problems later in life, raised many eyebrows. To cite an example, people whose marriages are delayed for any reason may feel socially isolated and mentally disturbed in absence of his or her soul partner.
    This essay has concluded that despite of some minor downsides, early marriages can result problems in life if education and professional stability is compromised. In my opinion, one should get into marital bond only if he is educated and stable in professional life.

  • Marriage is a very important decision of your life and you have to aware of that in what time it is suitable to take this decision. Some school of thoughts believes that it is a completely a nonsense act to get married before completing your studies and without a well-established job. This essay will elaborate that why it is necessary to finish your studies and start a good career before getting married.
    Firstly, marriage is not a contract that we can change term and conditions when we want, it is a full responsibility of your life and you have to fulfil this properly. So it is essential that to take this responsibility you have to complete your first one and that is your education because it is very difficult to deal with so many things at the same time. That’s why getting married after achieving your goals in the study is a better idea.

    Secondly, to fulfil the responsibilities of marriage you need a good job as well because you have to care your family and without proper sources, you can’t make them a good citizen and can’t give them all the facilities of this world. For example, if you married during the studies how you can afford the expense of your family and if you start part time job you concentration on education will reduce and you can’t get your desired results in your studies which affect your future job as well.
    This essay narrated that why it is necessary to complete your education and get a good handsome job before getting married and how it affects your whole life. IN my opinion, it is better to achieve your goals in one field and then start the other one with full confidence.

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