PTE Academic Writing Sample Essay – Should Top Level Authorities Take Suggestions From Employees?


Company Top level Authorities should or should not take employees suggestions or ideas to take any decisions. Discuss

Complete the topic within 20 minutes. Write a 200-300 word essay.


In today’s era, every company is facing cut throat competition among its peers. Due to that reason some experts are of the opinion that in this highly competitive market, management and employees should work together to make a successful and profitable company. In order to achieve it, top level authorities should always take suggestions or ideas from employees while others experts think that they should take decision on their own. In this essay I will cover both sides of the contentions and after analyzing both sides will give a reasonable conclusion.

The employees play a vital role in achieving company’s goals and objectives. It is the employees who are in constant touch with clients so they can better understand the needs and wants of clients. They can be of great use while forming better client friendly policies and this way can improve business productivity.

The experience of a person should be considered a significant factor. A person working in a particular area from a long time can provide a better insight to the management. The engagement of employees also give positive vibes to the employees and inspires them to work for the prosperous future of the company.

The experts backing the other side see personal benefit as the major flaw. If employees are considered while forming policies or taking important decision then they might misuse the power for their personal benefit. This will not only hamper company’s growth but also diminish the business profits. It is the duty of top level management to come up with innovative and new ideas and take policies related decisions themselves. The experts are of the opinion that giving the power to everyone would lead to chaos.


At the end I am of the view that top level management and employees should work together as company success is not serendipitous incident. The contribution by both groups is vital for success and profitability of company. Employees cannot be neglected while taking any important decision so there should be some program to include them in the decision-making and make them feel part of the company.

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