PTE Academic Writing: Summarize Written Text – Practice Sample 3

Summarize Written Text – Read the passage below and summarize it using one sentence (between 5 and 75 words). You will get 10 minutes to finish the task and the candidate’s performance will be judged on the quality of his writing skills

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PTE Writing – Summarize Written Text

1. Read the given text and summarize it in your words.

Television has been changing the way people live for thirty years. It influences nearly every aspect of modern life. Whereas television could be used as an educational tool for children, programs with little or no educational value are shown more often.

Experts are concerned about the view of the world that youngsters are learning from television. Parents, schools, and churches have traditionally been the social models and teachers for children. However, because television influences children’s attitudes and behavior, its role in society is becoming increasingly more powerful – it is much more than a simple recreational activity. The medium “has changed childhood more than any other social innovation in the history of the world,” declares child psychologist Robert M. Liebert.

Exposure to excessive violence is another influence of television. According to several studies, televised violence may cause children to become more aggressive. Also, because so much violence is seen by children on television, they become more used to it as the only solution to difficult situations. Children who watch a great deal of violence on television may become apathetic toward actual aggression. One study has shown that, compared to a control group, fifth-graders who watched an aggressive television broadcast were slower to ask for adult help when a fight broke out among younger children. This decreased sensitivity to human suffering is frightening, says psychologist Ronald S. Drabman.

Instructors at Horace Mann nursery school in New York noticed definite improvements in pupils’ attitudes and behavior, including a decrease in their fighting, after the instructors asked parents to limit the youngsters’ viewing to one hour daily. Educational experts also believe that parents could help by discussing both the good and bad aspects of television with their children and by helping them to select beneficial programs.

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Although television is a powerful tool for providing knowledge to people of all age groups, children are the vulnerable element of television as their behaviour are greatly impacted by television, however, experts found that limiting watching televisions could control children’s aggressive nature to some extent.

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  • Although Television is a powerful tool for imparting knowledge to people of all age groups, it has an immense impact on children’s behaviour, and according to studies, reducing the television watching to one hour could control the aggressive nature in children.

  • Television is the new role model for the children as excessive violence viewing changes their attitude and behavior as it makes children immune to actual aggression yet the simple solution is to limit their viewing to one hour daily and to discuss the good and bad aspects of the same.

    • Although, according to research, the influence of viewing the Television does more harm that good to children and it has made them more aggressive because they are exposed to a great deal of violence watching Television

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  • Studies have shown that the influence of television on the society mostly on youngsters is alarmingly high, though programs are sometimes educational, the percentage of non-educational program that have negative effects on children is so high, that it begs for control on the amount of time children are allowed to spend watching Television.

  • Television has been changing the way people live where it has influence to children’s attitudes, behavior and open them to excessive violence, although parents can avoid those influences by discussing both the good and bad aspects of television with their children and helping them to select beneficial programs.

  • Television influences nearly every aspect of modern life, mostly children’s get influenced because much violence is seen by children on television which is changing their way of dealing in difficult situations as they become more used to it as the only solution to difficult situations, however, improvements observed in children’s attitudes and behavior, including a decrease in their fighting after the instructors asked parents to limit the youngsters’ viewing to one hour daily.

  • As TV has entrenched deep down inside the lives of human being it has caused it’s major damage to the children by exposing them to violent content, less educational material which ultimately has resulted in alteration of their social behaviour like becoming more aggressive, less apathetic towards the real aggressive situation, as per study parents help can help in preventing such adverse effects from TV.

  • Television is a prominent aspect of modern life, and can be used as an education tool for children, however, it also leads to excessive violence, but parents could help by discussing both the good and bad aspects of television.

  • Various studies are done by the psychologists about the impact of television on children by describing the positive and negative aspects which, states that Television has been a great social innovation and watching violence in television makes children aggressive but it also says that parents should suggest children choose good aspects of television rather
    than bad.

  • Now days, television is influencing children’s attitude and behaviour more than any other innovation, so experts are discussing the role of parents to limit the viewing by youngsters and helping them to select informational programs.

  • Now a days ,televeisions are paying the crucial role in every aspect of modern life of childerns by influencing their attitudes and behaviour, and its the responsablity of the parents to discuss both the good and bad ascepts of the television with their childern for choosing the beneficial programs .

  • Rather an Educational tool for children or recreational activity, Television today influence the childhood greatly and violence being aired turning them aggressive whereas limited hours of access and certain programs would improve the situation.

  • Television programs have been used for teaching source for many areas which content may contain some factors of brutality that may drive young kids to a battle, as a result to that, a nursery school could help young kids who affected by brutal programs.

  • TV has great influence on children , extended hours of violence exposure makes children more aggressive, control of quality and quantity of TV watching caused improves in child’s behavior

  • Educational experts advocate that parents ought to understand that TV is a highly influential tool, it is therefore essential for them to enlighten their children on the effects of television and also restrict the TV time to maximum of one hour everyday in order to experience visible improvements in the child’s behavior, attitude and emotional health.

  • Television which is actually a good tool to educate Children has currently been misused by letting children watch unwanted programs overtime which in tern results in change of behavior of the children by making them more aggressive.

  • television is main source of entertainment to children in present days which not teach good as like schools and churches but which is motivated one by its good programmes

  • In olden times parents,teachers and churches used to be role model for children however in today’s world television has become an important medium which influences children ,hence parents guidance is needed to keep a check on negative exposure of television.

  • Television plays a vital role in everyone’s life,however it is said that television has a negative impact on children’s attitude and behavior and a major contributed of violence among children.

  • Excessive television activity results in powerful impacts on youngsters and children thereby making some more aggressive and violent on which experts suggest reducing time duration for it could help.

  • According to experts, our children are watching a great deal of violence in TV broadcasts, which is changing their view of our society and making them aggressive; these experts also believe that it can be controlled by changing the children’s viewing habits with the help of their parents.

  • There is a substantial amount of influence of Television on children nowadays, even studies has suggested that children watching more televised violence may cause children to become more aggressive however educational experts believe that restricting watching TV to one hour per day will improve their attitude and behavior.

  • Television being an integral part int the society, influences children’s attitude and behaviour. According to Experts parents should guide their children to watch beneficial programs.

  • Exposure to excessive violence on television has influenced children’s attitudes and behavior negatively; therefore, parents must discuss its good and bad effects with children and help them choose beneficial programs.

  • Research shows that excessive use of television has negative impact on children behavior; parents should help children to select beneficial programs and minimize the time of viewing TV to its best.

  • According to some psychologist, television has been an instrumental for inculcating children’s attitude, behavior and education compared to any other modes of communication, however, it is equally treat to the society when it comes to viewing violence, but with proper guidance and control by their parents can help children to select beneficial programs to overcome this threat.

  • Television helps kids in education, but its influence on Children’s attitude and behavior in the society is more powerful and has adverse effect such as aggressiveness and violence, as per study conducted by researchers and parents need to guide them while watching.

  • Nowadays televisions are not merely a recreational medium. It has greatly impacted the mental and social development of a child. Most of the programs shown on television are of less or no educational value. Therefore, parents should monitor the time and content their child watches on a TV, also they should educate their children about the good and bad aspects of television.

  • Excessive violence on television rather than educational programs, for children, shown more often these days, hence turning them more aggressive but improvements observed when television viewing activity reduced to an hour a day, also conveying the ill-effects can help children in selecting educational programs.

  • Televisions can have a bad impact on the pupils so they should be allowed to watch TV no more than a hour daily and should also be helped to select specific useful programs.

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