PTE Academic Writing: Summarize Written Text – Practice Sample 6

Summarize Written Text – Read the passage below and summarize it using one sentence (between 5 and 75 words). Type your response in the box at the bottom of the screen. Your response will be judged on the quality of your writing and on how well your response presents the key points in the passage.

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PTE Writing – Summarize Written Text

1. Read the given text and summarize it in your words.

It is obvious from the visible garbage around us that solid wastes are not being managed properly. However, housing colonies are the most disorganized sector as far as garbage is concerned. As a result, the legal garbage dumps are overflowing and the number of illegal garbage dumps in the by-lanes, parks and roadside is on the increase in most colonies of Delhi, and for that matter in all Indian cities.

At present five percent of Delhi‟s land mass is being choked by the garbage. This five percent has become a wasteland, its utility is steadily declining and soil quality is deteriorating. Besides being eyesores, these garbage dumps pose health and environment hazard for the ten million people who live in Delhi. They are the breeding grounds for the germs of infectious diseases like plague, tuberculosis, dysentery, diarrhoea, eye-infections and numerous skin ailments.

Scientific management of garbage thus is one of the most important services that need to be regularized in all residential colonies. After exploring all viable solutions to this problem, I have successfully launched an indigenous scheme „Cleaning Brigade‟ in many colonies of Delhi. The Cleaning Brigades are managing solid wastes for at least 25 thousand Delhites. A year and a half back the first cleaning brigade was launched during the Asiad. Since then it has been constantly expanding.

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Solid waste pose a big threat to people’s health and environment so there is a strong need for its proper and scientific management.

2. Read the given text and summarize it in your words.

“All work and no play make Jack a dull boy,” says a proverb. This dictum has become true only if we know that what play means. The dictum incorporates every kind of entertainment along with playing in its meaning. Playing is immensely helpful. It builds our reflexes, stamina, strength and energy. It builds a spirit of sportsmanship and a sense of comradeship in us. It also increases our intelligence and memory because we inhale more oxygen while playing.

Coming to entertainment, we must first establish as to what constitutes entertainment? Most students I have spoken to watch films or television, go to discos or listen to violent, deafening music because they want to be entertained. When I ask them why they don‟t read something truly worthwhile, they say it bores them. I wonder why the stupid and the insane entertain them and the profound bores them? I wish someone would probe the very basis of our existence. Most of us glamorize laziness. We seek religion mainly because it is a license to be lazy and not to think. We accumulate people for all sorts of causes in order to fill the emptiness of our minds. Fathers retire at 60 and stop working in offices at 35. Mothers are choked with domestic work. They may be both do no more than three hours of creative work but they expect their child to work for twelve. They have perhaps forgotten that best impetus for a child is inspiration through personal example.

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  • most of garbages are disorganized by housing colonies and most colonies of Delhi .5% land mass in Delhi occupied by garbages and causing infectious diseases. Delhi launched Scheme called “cleaning brigade” and 25 thousand Delhiites have participated.

    Author plz check it is it correct?

  • Inappropriate handling of Garbage coupled with a shortage of dump yards has posed a big threat to the environment and a continuous risk of spreading of the epidemic is looming large on the people of Delhi, so far cleaning brigade has offered help in waste disposal but there is a need to find a permanent and scientific solution to this.

  • Garbage has become substantial problem with 5% of Delhi’s landmass being choked, thereby, deteriorating soil quality and threat to environment and health and hence, Delhi is in need of proper scientific management to get over it.

  • Garbage management is very poor in most of the Indian cities especially Delhi which is polluting soil and spreading diseases; however scientific management of garbage has yielding positive results.

    @Author pls review my summary.

    • Weak adjective: poor
      The intensifier ‘very’ modifies the weak adjective ‘poor’. Consider replacing the phrase with a strong adjective in order to sharpen your writing. Use words like – abysmal, inferior

    • Athough, the solid waste management has increased in the Indian cities and about five percent of Delhi’s city is choked by garbage because the illegal dumping of garbage is on the increase thereby leading to health and environmental danger to the human health but a scheme called the cleaning brigade was launched to mitigate the hazardous act in Delhi.

      • Although, a proverb says that “all walk and no play makes jack a dull boy” and most people are unaware of the deep meaning of the word play but people feel that entertainment is about watching television or movies and it is sinister to see the profound bores people and insane and stupid entertain people.

        • word play → wordplay
          The word ‘word play’ seems to be miswritten. Consider replacing it.

          – Jack should have its first letter capital

          4 out of 5

  • Garbage wastes have become a menace in the city of Delhi and posing a serious health risk and environmental a hazard for Delhites, this lead to the formation of cleaning brigade to help fix the city’s garbage problem.

    • Garbage wastes have become a menace in the city of Delhi and posing a serious health risk and environmental hazard for Delhites, this lead to the formation of cleaning brigade to help fix the city’s garbage problem.

      Entertainment as a form of play has become a means for people to be lazy and spend time on things that have to benefit to them, while neglecting other forms of playing that are actually helpful.

      • Entertainment as a form of playing has become a means for people to be lazy and spend time on things that have no benefit to them while neglecting other forms of playing that are actually helpful.

  • Garbage management is a substantial problem in Delhi which occupies a large proportion of Delhi’s land and has become a platform for germs and infectious diseases, therefore, Cleaning Brigade is the best possible scientific management solution for garbage management.

  • After exploring all viable solutions to this disorganized solid wastes managment in Delhi’s housing colonies, Scientific management of garbage scheme called ”Cleaning Brigade” has be successfully launched which are managing solid wastes for at least 25 thousand Delhites.

  • #1 Improper management of garbage disposal has been the concerning issue of housing colonies in Delhi, as around 5% of Delhi’s land area has been jammed by garbage affecting the soil quality, harming the environment and causing perilous diseases to the overall population; moreover, the only solution to this problem is scientific management of garbage called cleaning brigade launched in Delhi; managing the solid wastes of most of the residents.

    Dear Author, please let me know if this is correct

  • #1 (please review)

    Cleaning brigade was the effective solution as the scientific garbage management system in delhi, India where millions of people were exposed to dangerous diseases like
    plague, tuberculosis, dysentery, diarrhea, eye-infections and numerous skin ailments.

    • The paragraph is not about Cleaning brigade, it is about solid waste. The main focus should be on solid waste.

      Rewrite the summary please

  • Pls review
    The author talks about a scheme called the Cleaning Brigade which he launched in Delhi to solve garbage problems using scientific management methods to help stop problems created by the improper management of waste like pollution, spreading diseases and lowering of the soil’s fertility.

    • You have most points, word count is also ok. But you are repeating connectors like to solve, to help- try to avoid repetition. Rest pretty good.

  • Today’s generation entertainment is movies, music, discos etc. and they have forgotten playing sports and this change in attitude they have adapted is from the older generation.

  • Today’s generation entertainment is movies, music, discos etc. and they have forgotten playing sports and this change in attitude they have adapted is from the older generation

  • Improper handling of the garbage causing the huma and environmental problems majorly in housing colonies of indian cities ,moreover a Scientific solution should be in place for controling this Garbage.

  • Cleaning Brigade over the years have been successfully managing the solid waste around Delhi which is a major concern due to breeding of infectious diseases and responsible for comprised 5% wasteland.

  • In Delhi, garbage is not properly being managed because of that five percent of Delhi land mass is being choked by the garbage, for this successfully launched scheme cleaning brigade in one colony a year and half ago, which is now constantly expanding.

  • Garbage dumps overflowing with solid waste in Indian cities, namely Delhi, where 5% land is totally unusable and became main source of spreading diseases therefore author started “Cleaning Brigade”, a scientific program that has been cleaning Delhi successfully.

  • All work and no play makes students dull, so they should be playful, parents should encourage them by setting an example.

  • Recently, the Cleaning Brigade has become a great alternative for the poor management of solid wastes in the housing colonies of Delhi, properly disposing the overflowed garbage dumps, and preventing diseases such as dysentery and diarrhea.

  • Parents are the living guide for there children. So parents should participate and encourage there children also in playing games and sports apart from there regular work as they increase our intelligence, immunity and keep us strong and healthy.

  • People are resorting to wrong means of being entertained instead of physical activities which is leading to disturbance in work life balance and increasing physical ailments such as anxiety, laziness, depression etc.

  • Maximum number of people are entertainment by television, listen to violent, discos. They are bored by read something truly, People are not wanted to work long term in job, also people are filed relax, stamina, strength and energy by played game.

  • 1. The emerging issue of waste disposal is seen in many Indian cities, specifically Delhi, which invites various health and environmental hazard for the local residents, therefore a scheme called ‘Cleaning Brigade’ is devised and is now giving positive results.

    2. Parents are the true guiders who can inspire their child in deciding the real entertainment options, such as playing sports that helps to build reflexes, stamina and great intelligence, otherwise children may pursue non-worthy entertainment which has no benefit to them.

  • Housing colonies in most Indian cities lead to overflows and illegal dump of garbage and solid wastes, and at least 5% of wastelands which pose health risks (e.g., tuberculosis, eye-infection, diarrhea, and so on) and environmental pollution to ten million Indians; therefore, a program “Cleaning Brigade” is launched, first in the Asiad, to successfully control waste from 25 thousand households and now becomes widespread constantly in other cities.

  • The value of the proverb ” All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” needs to be understood well, playing improves reflexes, stamina, strength, energy and also builds sportsmanship spirit in addition it also increases intelligence and memory , also understanding the entertainment is important, some students consider watching films and listening music is entertainment, parents do not do more than 3 hours of creative work but expect their children to work for 12 hours, they do not realize that children get inspired by personal examples.

  • The solid waste are not managed properly and is visible around us, the main reason for this are housing colonies due to which legal garbage dumps are overflowing and illegal garbage dumps are present on the road sides of Delhi and all cities in India, resulting in 5 % of the land choked by garbage which is deteriorating the soil quality and has a negative effect on environment and millions of people, to remediate this problem scientific management of garbage should be regularized by launching schemes like cleaning badge in Delhi colonies covering 25 thousand deities.

  • A study shows that proper and scientific management of solid waste is necessary in Delhi because of its adverse effect on people’s health and the environment.

    @Author is this fine

  • 1. Cleaning Brigade is a scientific way to manage garbage properly from housing colonies, as these garbage dumps pose health and environment hazard for the ten million people in Delhi, mainly to the people residing in housing colonies.
    2. Family example is the best impetus for a child, by probing them to understand the value of playing over entertainment in their life, as playing helps them to build their reflexes, stamina, strength and energy.

  • For good health and intelligence, motivate children through personal life events so that work and enjoyment goes in parallel.

  • Health and environment hazard can be overcome by Cleaning Brigade which manages solid garbage of housing colonies of Delhi

  • Expecting child to work all the times make them bore which leads them to pursue entertainment which has no benefits to them; however, instead of expecting work from their child all the time, parents should teach right choice of entertainment by their personal example.

  • Illegal dumping of garbage in public places has been increased in Delhi and due to this threat of the dangerous dieses has also gone up, however, scientific management of litters with use of brigade can be an instrumental way to cater garbage problem in Delhi.

  • Sports and entertainment enhance a child strength physically and mentally however that entertainment should be of correct type, parent should motivate a child to choose correct entertainment based on their personal example.

  • Although garbage problem is growing big and causes a lot of diseases yet it can be managed by scientific method “Cleaning Brigade” however that method needs to be regularise.

  • Students who work all the time are found to be boring, parents are the right persons to motivate a child through leading a life which inspires playing sports and proper entertainment which helps in building good health and improved intelligence

  • Scientific management of garbage in Delhi by “Cleaning Brigade” scheme has helped a lot to reduce garbage which were being dumped on roads and by lanes, and effectively reducing germs, causing health hazards and infectious disease.

    Entertainment is most needed in students these days and playing helps them to build reflexes,stamina,energy and they should leave thier boring lazy method of watching televsion or films to ease thier minds for a true sportsmanship.

  • The most effective inspiration would come through a personal example, though children interests match their parents hobbits whatever it was either reading valuable books or just wasting their time through fruitless activities

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